What should you do when wild boar attacks during hunting?

what to do when wild hog attacks (huntersweaponry.com)

Did you ever play the famous simulation game Age of Empire? If you did, then you must remember the crazy wild hogs that killed one or two of your innocent villagers when they try to hunt one with their ancient bows. This happened a lot, if you were not cautious.  What a bummer was that!

But, in real life human doesn’t get attacked by a hog often anymore. Actually, it is very, very unlikely incident for an innocent person, I mean, innocent to a wild boar!

However, it is not that impossible for a not that innocent person, a hunter. Like the simulated men in that game, hunter may get seriously injured while hunting a wild boar if they are not conscious. There are many incidents of serious injuries happens all over the world every year.

This is actually a simple matter; wild hogs do not have any appetite for human so they have no interest on them unless they are threatened by any. Even if they got intimidated by human being, most of the time they run away. However, unlucky things may happen when an unfortunate hunter faces a desperate hog.

What is wild boar actually means in USA

An angry charging hog can be a very dangerous animal for hunter. They are big (around 650 lb), fast (around 30 mph), unpredictable, strong, aggressive animal. Worst thing is this animal is pretty intelligent, took 4th place among all the animals.

They have tremendously strong jaws with razor sharp tusks with which they can, if they want, easily break almost anything.

Although, wild boar has very poor eye sight, their smelling sense is wonderfully strong. They can easily detect human presence from miles away.

In short, hunters should be very cautious while hunting a wild boar, as it is even considered to be more dangerous than hunting a bear! 

what to do when wild hog attack (huntersweaponry.com)

wild hog

In which cases a wild boar can attack you?

Good thing is wild boar normally doesn’t attack human being. So, If you are not a hunter and jut run into a wild boar while you are hiking, then be aware of not to provoke them in anyway. You should try to avoid any attitude that may seem aggressive to them.

In case of a wary mother boar (sow) with piglets, as soon as you detect them, retreat slowly. In most cases they won’t mind you. If unfortunately any sow takes you under her rudder then just walk away to the direction you come from, it won’t follow you.

Anyway, that being covered up, now we can focus on “hunter Vs wild hog” cases, which is our prime interest.

Statistics shows that, in most wild boar attack cases, the victim was actually the boar itself. As I have clear it out earlier, any hog, wild or civilized (!), is not interested to attack human beings if not they are provoked.

And, who else in this world, if not a hunter, would provoke a boar most? The statistics is justified in this way.

Hunters got attacked mostly when they try to corner a wild hog with his dogs or try to tie up a wild boar! A corned hog which is surrounded by dogs try to escape through a hunter if he is on its way standing adjacent. In those cases it may attack the hunter to get pass the barrier.

The hunter may try to shoot but it’s very unlikely to get enough time for even targeting a charging hog. In such scenario if the hunter remains his position may be injured badly.

Similar incidents can be happened if a hunter shoots or bows a wild boar and just managed to injure it instead of killing it. Like many apparently harmless big animal, wild boar can be tremendously dangerous when it is wounded.

What should you do when they charge?

The most common advice you will get from others will be to climb on a nearby tree out of a wild hog reach. For that, you will have to select a tree beforehand to climb up. This is a good advice indeed if you know beforehand where you are going to encounter a wild boar.

climb on a near by tree  - what to do when wild hog attacks

climb on a near by tree

But, most of the cases, when your targeted boar targets you, you may not have planned for that, you may not get a suitable tree to climb on or you may not be a fast climber.

In a situation like that, first thing you need to know is that, panic or standing still won’t help you much. Keeping your head cool if a wild boar or a wild anything charges you. This is the thumb rule.

Most of the time, wild boar starts with a fake attack, a pretending attack. It may start running towards you and stops after 3 to 4 feet. It’s just a test to know your reaction or an act to frighten you.

If it doesn’t stop approaching, then wait for the last moment and dodge the attack at the last moment like matador does with a chasing bull. Usually, if the boar missed you then it won’t try again. But, you shouldn’t wait for second attack. Try to escape to any type of obstacles i.e. go behind a tree or stone where it couldn’t reach you directly.

 Finally, one thing you should remember, hog isn’t a ferocious animal like a lion or tiger. So, it might be a dangerous animal but you can still face it with a pig sticker knife or even kicking it with the hill of your boot. Most likely it will discourage by it. 

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