What Safety Precautions Should You Take When Hunting From A Boat?

Are you a hunter with a flair for trying new things? You may have heard of Boat Hunting: The lovechild of boating and hunting. Mixing these two can be super fun yet dangerous.

Accidents directly related to recreational boating is very common in USA. In 2019 over 600 people died and over 2500 people injured from boat accidents.

Thus comes the question- What safety precautions should you take when hunting from a boat?

Hunting from a boat is way different than from that on the ground, especially with the risk of capsizing. From choosing the right equipment to doing a weather check, there are many things to keep in mind. Similarly, bringing along a friend is equally important. Get your beauty sleep and avoid drinks so that you can create a backup plan if anything goes wrong.

If that sounds like too much to chew, fret not. This post has got you covered. To paint the picture better, keep reading.

1 of 6: The Starting Point

Before you think of going out on a boat hunt, there are some basic questions you must ask yourself.

  • Do you know how to swim?
  • Have you ever shot a gun before?
  • Have you ever ridden a boat before ?

If two or more of these answers are no, then it’s probably not a good idea for you to go boat hunting.

Now you might think that your life jacket will keep you safe. To some extent, yes it will. But in case of an emergency, it all boils down to your experience. The more you have faced difficult situations, the better equipped you’ll be at handling them.

Don’t get bummed out! You can still tag along with experienced hunters to learn.

2 of 6: Choose The Right Equipment

When you think of boat hunting, choosing the right equipment is essential. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the following pointers.

The Right Boat

Not all boats are made for hunting. If you have a sneaker boat, hard luck. These are more likely to capsize and fall over. On the other hand, flat-bottomed boats such as punts and canoes are your best friend.
So make sure you have a grip on your vessel’s characteristics, it’s mechanism, and prepare for the unexpected.

The Right Gear

Now it’s always important to dress for the occasion.

A life jacket is an absolute must. Even if you think you can beat a dolphin, wear a life jacket and keep it on AT ALL TIMES.

Other than that, wear light clothes so that it’s easier for you to move and swim. However, if you’re hunting in winter, choose materials that are both warm and light. That way you’ll stay both toasty and safe.

precaution for hunting from a boat

duck hunting from a boat

3 of 6: Look Out For Bad Weather

Weather is definitely a deal breaker when it comes to boat hunting. Before heading out into the waters, remember: Boat hunting may be very dangerous in stormy or windy weather.

Unless you want to feature in a Titanic remake and drown due to an iceberg,

Always look up the weather forecast of the time from tv and radio programs. Moreover, bring a small VHF or battery-powered radio to check the forecast on the go.

Incase you face bad weather or a thunderstorm, head for the shores as soon as possible.

A pro tip:
Count the seconds between the lightning and thunderclap, then divide the result by five to figure out the miles away from the approaching storm.
Now, doesn’t that make you feel like a pirate?

4 of 6: Two Is Better Than One

Hunting alone can get super boring! Bring along a friend so that you have a good time. If you don’t have anyone, your furry friend is always up for adventures. Make sure they’re trained beforehand.

Moreover, make sure a trusted person knows your float plan. Do include your route, people on the boat and the boat’s registration number.

Also mention the time by which you’ll be back. This way, help will come to you when you need it.

5 of 6: Load Smartly and maintain your composure

Less is more my friend. Keep your boat’s weight limit in mind and don’t overload it. The best way is to make a list of the things you’ll absolutely need and stick to it.

Whatever you pack, ensure the weight is evenly distributed on the boat.
Moreover, don’t get reckless while on the boat. Never take your shot standing up anchoring the vessel. Also, take a comfortable steady position before you pull the trigger.

Since hunting boats aren't very large in size, take extra care so as to not capsize it.

6 of 6: Here Are Some Bonus Gems

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep

We get it, you’re giddy with excitement! But remember, you’ll get the best out of your day by staying alert. So hit the hay early to stay in your top shape.

But here’s the catch. Don’t drink coffee to stay awake! Nothing is worse than having a caffeine crash in the middle of the day. Instead, bring along some healthy snacks to stay in top shape.

2. Avoid Alcohol Or Drugs 

Just don’t do it. Remember how we told you, you need to stay super alert? Your reaction gets slower when you’re under any influence.

Moreover, you lose body heat quickly when you’re drunk. This results in a higher risk of drowning or hypothermia when you fall into the water.

Thus, do not drink while hunting or before hunting. When you come home all safe and sound, you can have a small party with your friends or family, then.

3. Have A Backup Plan

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Prepare for the worst. Discuss with your buddies the emergency plan beforehand.

What should you do if you face bad weather? Who do you contact for help, and how? Plan out everything. It never hurts to be too careful!

Bottom Line

That’s all from us.

We hope you paid attention. Keep these few pointers in mind, and we’re sure you’re gonna have a blast, safely. Are you clear about “what safety precautions should you take when hunting from a boat?’’ 

Did we miss out your favorite hunting tip? Tell us all about it and ask us your queries in the comments below. Until then, happy hunting!

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