Small Game (rabbit, duck, Etc.) Hunting Guide for Beginners

Small game hunting guide for beginners ( 1)

Have you ever done hunting? If no, then I think you should start. There are many reasons why I think you should start hunting. First of all, it's thrilling. It also offers you the scope of wildlife observing and intimating with the environment. I prefer hunting out of all outdoor activities because of the skills like reading signs etc.

It’s more than merely killing animals. Don’t forget; Humans are also a part of the food chain. Shooting rabbits, squirrels or hogs, you are just balancing the ecosystem.

If now, you are planning to start, then I suggest you to start with small game hunting. There are some basic tenants of hunting regardless small or big game. As a novice, they may seem intimidating to you. Starting with small game hunting would be less daunting and easy to catch up as well.

Small game hunting refers to killing squirrel, duck, rabbit, pheasant, grouse, dove, coot. It requires some fast actions and results in an impressive table fare!

So, let’s take a glance at some small games like rabbit and duck hunting guide and tips for beginners.

Basic things needed for hunting

A hunting license

You can purchase one from license vendors, Fish and Game Offices or online. A license is enough for hunting small games like rabbit, quail, choker, or partridge. But if you go for hunting turkeys that are very popular among beginners, you’ll require a separate tag. You can buy it from the same place you purchase your license.

Again, you can also participate in “Hunting Passport” programs in Idaho. They provide hunting license at a discount which will be valid for one whole calendar year. But you must hunt with an experienced one who already possesses a valid hunting license.

A Federal Migratory Game Bird Validation will add to the bird hunting opportunity. The condition is, you must be at least 16 or older.

Again, purchasing a federal waterfowl stamp will allow you many waterfowls hunting.

Hunter education is required for those whose birth is on or after 1st Jan 1975. You can go through online courses or classroom instruction.


Small games are different from big games in many respect. Hunting weapon is one of them. Following weapons are usually used for small game hunting.

  • Cold Steel Big Bore Blowguns
  • The Wrist-Rocket
  • Hunting Slings
  • The Sling bow
  • Magnus Broadhead Arrowheads
Small game hunting guide for beginners - Shotgun and hunting vest (

  Shotgun and hunting vest                                                                                                                                                                

I saw Most of the beginners choosing bow or gun. Whatever you choose, make sure, you choose the right one. For example, if you choose a gun, then the following would be best for small game hunting.

Rimfire rifle

It’s told that hunting gun collection is incomplete without a Rimfire rifle. It’s great at hunting grouse, squirrels, and rabbit. They are lightweight and inexpensive at the same time. Bullets are also cheap and have a longer range.

Many greatRimfirerifles are available in the market. Ruger 10/22

Marlin Model 60, are two examples. Some popular Rimfire cartridges are below.

  • .22 Long Rifle
  • .22 Magnum and
  • .17 HMR


Shotguns work excellent especially on moving animals like running squirrels or flushing birds. 12, 16, and 20 gauge, .410 bore shotgun, all come into their own.

.22 LR Pistol 

The main advantage of .22LR pistol is that it gives a hunter flexibility where a shotgun or rifle fails. Ruger Mark III pistol is my personal favorite. You can look for more on the market.

The arrow used for small game hunting is called flu-flu arrow. The only difference with archery arrows is that it has a much larger fletching. But they are of the same size of your other arrows. So you don’t worry about whether it’ll adjust your bow or not.

Other gears

Like big game hunting, you don’t need a tree stand. But apart from your license and weapon, you will certainly need the other things.

Where to hunt?

When it comes the question, where to hunt, public and private land are the two options.

Most of the Wildlife Management Areas are open to hunting. WMAs are good choices for starting hunting. It’s free of charges. Only if pheasants are stocked there, you have to own a WMA permit first. Public lands like Bureau of Land Management, Forests Service, are also good options.

You can also hunt on private lands. But in that case, you have to seek for the landowners’ permission first. Fish And Game manages private lands through Access Yes! Program. It pays the landowners to allow the access of public for hunting and fishing.

Rabbit hunting tips and guide for beginners

Rabbit hunting guide for beginner 1 (

Rabbit hunting has always been a fun and action packed game. A squirrel is sitting steady for a shot whereas a rabbit is running most of the time with a full blast! 

Read this article  for detail step by step rabbit hunting aspects with effective tips and tricks :  A rabbit hunting guide for beginners

Duck hunting tips and guide for beginners

Duck hunting guide for beginners (

Duck hunting is enormously popular among hunters all over the world.  Hunters in USA isn't any different. They love duck hunting for the adventures. And, for the heavenly meats, obviously!

Read "Duck hunting guide for beginners" for detail step by step duck hunting aspects with effective tips and tricks.

Squirrel hunting guide for beginners

Squirrel hunting guide for beginners (

Like rabbit hunting, squirrel is another very popular and common hunting game in USA, especially for beginners. Most hunters love to take their kids to hunt squirrels. It's a great opportunity to spend a thrilling family time and also preparing the youngsters for big game hunting. Although, many hunters underestimate squirrel hunting, it actually tremendously challenging. 

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Pheasants hunting tips and guide for beginners

Hunting guide for beginner - Pheasants hunting (

Read this "Pheasants hunting guide for beginners" for different aspects of Pheasant hunting with effective step by step hunting tactics.

Grouse hunting tips and guide for beginners

Grouse hunting guide for beginners (

Grouse are found mainly in prairies, tundra, and temperate rainforests. Its species are beautiful and at the same time taste like chicken. Most often you’ll find them roosting in trees or hiding in the brush. So you have to cover a lot of ground through thick bushes. It's equally important to pause and look around carefully. Otherwise, you may pass them without knowing that it has hunkered down and is hiding just beside you.

Read this "Grouse hunting guide for beginners" for different aspects of Grouse hunting with effective step by step hunting tactics.

Final verdict 

There are other small-game hunting those I mentioned at the beginning. The five I described here, I find them to be helpful and versatile for a first timer. When you are skilled in hunting them, you’ll certainly be able to hunt the reminders too. Articles like rabbit hunting guide for beginners will provide you with more strategies.

Small game hunting provides an opportunity to practice some important hunting skills. Again, you’ll be able to encounter more with the animals. As soon as you manage all the things needed for small-game, you’ll be ready to hit the woods.

I wish you luck for your very first hit!

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