How to Flood a Field for Duck Hunting- Hunting Hotspot

How to Flood a Field for Duck Hunting- Hunting Hotspot

Duck hunting can be quite an intimidating hunting sport if you are new to hunting in general. But it’s never too late to learn. 

Today we are offering to help you with the most common question that duck hunters seek answer to- “ How to flood a field for duck hunting?” 

Without a second of delay, let’s get you ready for the field-

How to Flood a Field for Duck Hunting- DIY Pond

There’s nothing more pleasing for a duck hunter than a field full of ducks. But it requires a lot of effort, planning, and patience to build that type of field.

We assure you that what we are about to share, is going to have a great impact on your duck hunting as soon as you implement them.

Build the Perfect Refuge

The perfect refuge means a place where you can feel safe and stay peacefully. For a duck, it means a place with unlimited food where they can safely rest.

As a hunter, hunting the ducks is not the only course of action that completes the hunting. We have to be very patient and make a perfect plan to develop the perfect refuge.

Here are a few things that you should follow if you want the best out of duck hunting season and also build the perfect refuge.

No Man Zone

The ducks should understand the refuge as an actual refuge. There should be no shortage of food and visitor limitations around the land.

The flying travelers are most likely to feel danger if there are people roaming or hunting near the refuge you created for them. The number of ducks is most likely to decrease in that case.

We would suggest that you limit the number of people too if you hunt with your friends.

Limit Hunting Hours

Hunting for a long day won’t bring out anything good for you. Limit your hunting hours to an hour or two.

We would suggest you go hunting at sunrise and spend an hour. This way you can leave the ducks for the rest of the day to enjoy the food around the land. 

Buffet for the Prey

Ducks fly to different places in search of food. And it’s obvious that they will love a place with an extreme amount of food sources.

However, the size of your hunting property plays an important role in this case. Because you need to plan the right buffet plan for the ducks according to the size of the property.

Even the smallest properties can become an amazing hotspot if you have the proper plan and implementation.

Always look out for low spots that are covered and filled with water often around the year. When the dry season arrives, you can start the vegetation for the ducks.

If the property already has vegetation, we need to be sure if it’s going to be enough for you or not.

Most of the time hunters have to deal with excessive weed and unwanted plants. If that’s the case for you, you might consider borrowing a brush hog. Do check the local restriction for brush hog before you borrow one. 

In the future, you can control the growth of plants using a handheld sprayer or a mounter sprayer on your ATV.

Cultivate the land and put in seeds like the Japanese millet which is considered as a magnet food for the blackbirds. Before the crops are ready for the ducks to devour, make sure that you keep animals off the field.

Extra Tips for the Buffet

We would love to share a few tips for making the “buffet” of ducks. You will notice the drastic change if you keep the tips in mind.

  • Helium balloons are a great way to keep the ducks away while cultivating.
  • Planting the crops right before a massive rainy week will benefit you with production. 
  • Consult a professional before you plant the seeds. There are several suggestions that you might receive for water control, cultivation, and more. 
  • In some cases, native vegetation can of use too. Before you remove all the excessive weeds and plants, make sure you do a thorough check. The land might be naturally ready.


If you want the best out of the fields, then you need to be very patient and put in hard work for it. However, one thing you should remember that ducks are hard to predict, and no one can certainly guess whether they would like a place or not. So, you can try, work hard, and hope for the best but can’t be certain that it’ll work on them.

That being said, if you still want to bring them on your own hotspot then it’s now even easier for you because you know all about how to flood a field for duck hunting. We wish that you have the best hunting season ever.

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