How to become a master hunter – Qualities of a Great Hunter

How to become a master hunter

Master hunters, most of the times come out victorious with the animals as a trophy. But you may fail there. You may think where exactly lies the difference? Both of you have the same desire and equal technical abilities! It seems luck is betraying you. But of course, it’s not luck!

Then again, what is it?

It’s said that killer hunters have a fire in their belly! If you also have that fire, then you’ll certainly do what’s required to become a hunting master. Hearing the word “killer,” the first thing that comes to mind is “aggression.” But trust me, it never defines a successful hunter. Rather, “love” is the thing that governs over all other qualities needed for hunting.

Hunting is thrilling and no less than an adventure. But it isn’t a Hollywood thriller movie either where showing your attitude will be enough. Neither there will be any background sound to enthuse you. It’s your killer instinct and skills that’ll work on the spot.

Therefore, stop blaming the fate. Look for the qualities you fail to possess. Want to know what those are? Want to know you can become a master in hunting?


Practice, practice and practice!

Practice, practice and practice - become a master hunter, huntersweaponry

There’s no alternative to practicing. It won’t make you perfect (no one ever can be), but will surely improve your skills. Off-season practicing is the master reasons how a mere hunter becomes a master in it.

Target practicing is very important but not everything. You need to spend more time hiking in the woods, which will allow you to become more accustomed with the environment.

If you are a beginner then start with small games like squirrels or rabbits to become more familiar with moving targets. If you have the opportunity of shooting prairie dogs then go for it. It's an effective way of increasing accuracy. 

Focus on Hunting

Everybody who do hunting regular or occasional, have the focusing power, more or less. But the killer hunters have it on a different level. Once they fix their target, their brain, mind, and eyes get glued to the point. Hunting is one of those activities where concentration largely matters. If your mind is lost, there’s a great possibility that you’ll lose the game.

Be determined

Determination will rekindle your spirit every time you lose. It has an innate power to drive you to success. It’ll never let you down.

Determination and staying focused are the key characteristics of a master hunter -

Be responsible

Willing to take responsibility of your actions and also anything that happens to you is a great trait, which we most are lacking at. So, take responsibility if you want to become a great hunter. It’s more applicable for group hunting, especially when you're leading it. Don’t blame others for your mistake. Always be responsible for your actions. It’ll keep you more careful.

Be curious

Curiosity is another quality that every great hunter processes. It enables you to look for newer and newer strategies every day. This will result in being more efficient every day.

Be patient

It creates a big difference. Hunting involves a lot of preparation to take. You have to choose a place, find the location, track the animal, and set you gears up. It may even take a year to see a sign of your target. Without being patient, there’s nothing to do. Wait till the season comes. Don’t ever rush shooting. Wait for the right moment to come. Doing hurry while shooting is not what a killer hunter will do.

Be persistent

It creates the difference between the hunters who come out successful and those who couldn’t. In spite of being patience, many fail because of lack of persistence. There’s a slight difference between the two. Where patience is waiting for the chance, persistence is standing back after failure. Also, never giving up and not stopping believing yourself.

Always stay mindful

Being at present is one of the most wanted traits to achieve success in anything. Hunting is no exception. Always staying mindful during hunting will make you more observant, cautious and prompt. It will always give you an extra edge to become a really successful hunter.

Keen observation skill will also make you a better tracker. And, who doesn’t know how important this skill is to become a great hunter.

Take the action

Don’t misunderstand. Don’t mess up patience and taking action. Wait until taking action would be convenient. But don’t wait too long that situation again get out of your reach. Take action as soon as you feel the urge to take.

Sneak around and move stealthily 

Remember, you are in the animal’s home. They move there freely and therefore have to restrain your movement. Blending with the surrounding is the best way to escape the sight of animals. Wearing camouflage will serve this purpose. Also use bushes, trees, corn field, or better, ground blind as a hide.

If you have stealthily in movement, it’s an advantage. Walk calm and quiet so that you don’t attract their attention.

Act ethical 

You may surprise, killing animal itself is unethical, as many people use to think. So what’s the point of being ethical in killing? Or ethical killing refers to what? It refers to knowing where to shot an animal before you release the arrow or pull the trigger. Every animal has a sweet point shooting where will cause quick death and less suffering.

Above all, don’t take a shot crossing your skill level. If you are taking a head-shot, and it pierces the face instead, it would be pathetic. Missing a shot is better than losing the animal injured.

Remember, ethics lies at the top of every hunting traits.

Respect the animal you’re pursuing. It’ll serve you and your family with a delicious table fare. Don’t abuse it.

A bit animal like wildness is OK!

As you are in the wild, so animal like craziness will work well. What I am trying to say is that, if you are hunting animals, you have to understand them well. Otherwise, you can’t cope up with the environment.

Be over-sure about safety

What’s the point of gaining trophy, if it leaves you with a permanent injury? So ensure your safety first. Never compromise it. Have a plan and prepare according to that. Without managing all the safety gears, don’t rush for hunting.

Remember, you’re going for real-life shooting, not for shooting a film. The environment can turn against you at any time. You have to protect yourself. Read this article to know about the most common hunting accidents that can occur during hunting and how to avoid them. 

Avoid exaggeration 

Be honest with your action. There’s no shame telling that you missed a shot or hunt an average size buck where your friend just killed a bigger one. Face reality and try to improve yourself. Don’t make an over-exaggerated description placing you in a heroic position.

Will to teach someone what you know about hunting

Believe me; it’ll enhance your qualities. It’s like passing on a legacy. Sharing your knowledge won’t decrease it, rather will increase. So never hesitate to guide someone.

how to become a master hunter

Know your weapons

A master hunter knows his tools; he’s an expert of his weapons. He knows very well what he can do with it and what he can’t. He also knows how to take care of it. You should also become an expert of your weapon if you want to be like them. Just spending more time on target practice isn’t enough; you should also accustom with its mechanisms.

Taking care of your tools regularly is another habit that you should take very seriously. Here's a list of all the necessary hunting gears you might need for your hunting. 

Acquire sufficient knowledge about your target

It’s obvious! If you want to become a master hunter then you must have proper and detailed knowledge on the animal you want to hunt. Real hunting isn’t just baiting an animal and shooting it in the head. It’s not that simple.

Actually baiting an animal isn’t even easy. You need to know your target’s eating behavior, rutting behavior, how they moves, when they become more active, how they reacts to certain situations etc.

In short, you would want to be an expert on animal’s nature, if you desire to become a successful hunter.

Know the hunting rules and regulation well

No matter how good a sharps man you are, or how expert you are on hunting, you won’t do any good unless you abide by the hunting rules of a certain hunting place. Instead you might have to face a law suit.

So, be serious about the hunting regulations of your hunting place. It’s always a good idea to acquire adequate knowledge on the hunting rules and regulation of the place where you are planning to go for hunting.

Exercise regularly to become more agile and arduous

At first it may seems irrelevant, but remember all the great hunters are also a great athlete. To become a legendary hunter you need to have great health, stamina, strength and arduousness.

Imagine a fat unhealthy person in the woods for hunting – yes, he might hunt some easy games if he gets lucky, but it’s impossible for him to become a master hunter.

Take care or your health. Exercise regularly, get as fit as possible to become a fine hunter.

Read and know other’s hunters experiences

A real life experience can teach you more than anything. It would be great if you can learn everything from your own hunting experience. But, no one in this world can gather all sorts of experience by himself. It’s not possible, right?

So, to become a master in hunting you need to acquire as much knowledge as you can from other’s life experience. Reading books, listening to veteran hunters, visiting online forums or groups will help you to have the experiences that you may never be able to gain in your life.

Be Humble

Humility is the first condition of becoming a wise person. It’s also true for hunters. Humility will keep your mind always at a learner state. So, you will always keep you mind open to learn new tricks and become more and more skillful.

Final Verdict

Some people take hunting as recreational item and hunt so that they can go close to the environment. They are more like enjoying the beauty of nature than focusing on hunting. And there’s nothing wrong in it. But if you want to become a master hunter, you must have to take it seriously. Nurturing the above qualities will not only help you hunting but also in other prospects of life. 

Who knows, one day you might share your experience as a master hunter to us!

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