An Extended List of Hunting Gear: Essentials that You Shouldn’t Forget!

An Extended List of Hunting Gear

If you’re an experienced Hunter then you must already have a list of hunting gears. And, your list must be a complete list that includes even the little things you will take with you for your hunting. If you already have a list then this article will help you to make it more perfect. However, if you are new to hunting then this list will provide you all the necessary information to create a solid check list for you. 

Now, a hunting gear list generally forms in respect to personal preferences of a hunter. However, it normally includes some basic hunting stuff that all hunters carry with them in their hunting such as weapon, backpack, foods, water, optics, game calls etc.

List of gears may includes some other things depending on hunting scenario such as kind of hunting game, location, weather, time etc. For example if you are planning to hunt in cold weather you must include winter clothes i.e. gloves, jacket, boots etc in your list. Or, you must need a good quality night vision if you’re going for a nighttime hunting. Therefore, an extended list of hunting gears isn’t that simple to make. It requires proper planning and knowledge.

Why Developing a List of Hunting Gear is Important

Hunting gear list is crucial. If you already don’t have a list then you must create one now. Otherwise, you may miss some very urgent tools or gears which might even cost you more than just an unsuccessful hunting. 

Your own list of hunting gear will beneficial for you in many ways -

The checklist helps to stay organized. It will reduce your mental stress by removing disorder from your preparation. If you have a list then you won’t have to keep everything in your mind.

The truth is, you can’t take everything with you – carrying irrelevant tools or gears for your particular hunting expedition will make your journey a very uncomfortable one.  A well planned list not only ensures that you take all the necessary tools with you but also reduces your burden by excluding unnecessary stuff.

A good list can save time, money as well as effort. Developing a list may take a little time but save a huge. A good list can solve your budget issues.

Making a comprehensive list requires clear understanding of all the tasks that a successful hunting journey includes. So, it will force you to make an effective strategy for your hunting. It will make you well prepare for the upcoming adventure.

Finally, by using this, one hunter can finish his hunting properly as well as neatly.  

Happy hunting with all the hunting gears

A solid gear list makes your hunting journey stress-less

Hunting Gear List 

Different types of hunting may need different types of gear. So, the list will be different for the type of the hunting.

But there is some basic gear for all types of hunting. You may always need those gears for the hunting trips.

Here is a suggestion list for giving you some idea about the necessary components, how and why should select them.

1. Taking license or paperwork

Taking proper permission is the first and foremost step. It is important to show respect to the hunting laws and restrictions. It will help you to know that what should to do or not to do. Take hunting license papers with you at the time of hunting.

You know, different states have different hunting rules i.e. legal hunting times, legal hunting games etc. Therefore, you must check the associated laws and regulations of the state’s hunting department where you are planning to hunt.

In our website we have a resource page where we are including hunting rules and regulations of different states of USA.

2. Weapon and associated accessories

Without the weapon, you can’t hunt. Various types of animal hunting require different types of weapons.

The weapon also consists of many parts. Total weight of the weapon, suitable size, easy carrying facility, loading time are some factors which indicate the weapon's quality.

Depending on your license type you may need to carry either rifles or shotguns. You also need to remember their associated ammunition and accessories such as rifle sling, day scopes or thermal scopes, shooting sticks etc .

3. Bow hunting gears

If you are planning for bow hunting then you obviously need to take the bow of your choice. This could be a traditional bow, a high-quality compound bow or even a modern cross bow. You’ll also need to take your hunting arrows. 

Clothing for hunting

Bow hunting gears

Apart from this, your bow will need some other accessories like bow hunting gloves, stabilizer, bowstring stop, scopes, bow quiver etc. Remember to include all of them into your check list. So, you might need a special list for bow hunting gears. 

4. Backpacks

The backpack is one of the common as well as basic gear for hunting. When it comes to backpack, first think about your needs and comfort. Then you have to consider those facts, the actual the weight of the pack, the size of the pack, the shape of the backpack, using purposes, weight handle capacity, what kind of hunting will you do, weather facts as well as easy to use.

Best Hunting packs Reviewed (

Hunting backpack

You can pack out the meat of the game animal after finishing the hunting. A good backpack can serve greatly. So, don’t forget to put this on the list.

5. Normal clothing

For choosing normal clothing, it is ideal to select suitable as well as lightweight clothing.

Full shirt, full pant may protect your skin from the extreme sunlight, thorn, leech etc.  Boots, socks, hat, belt, gloves are the other normal clothing.

Take only required clothing. Extra clothing may become a burden for you.

6. Special clothing

Worm cloth, rain-protected cloth, footwear, leg gaiter, watch, sun-glass etc. are the special clothing. Those things protect from the special cases as well as give more comfort to the user.

In some certain cases, those clothing become the life-saving thing. It must have some weather protection capacities.

7. Scopes

Success of your hunting vastly depends on the quality of your rifle or shotgun scope. It’s very important for a long distance accurate shoot. If you want to kill your animal in one shot then don’t compromise with this gear.

8. Optics

Best hunting binoculars review (hunters with a Track Tekoa Binocular)

Hunting binocular

You cannot hunt without finding the game animal. Optics tools help you to find the animal. A good quality hunting binocular or night vision monocular, rangefinder, bino-adapter, tripod, camera etc. are the part of optics. Those tools help you most to find the desired animal. But this part may increase your purchase cost.

9. Decoys

In some cases animal decoys are used for luring animals to them. Especially in duck hunting and predator hunting, decoys are vastly used. A well designed and realistic decoy can make your hunting much easier and enjoyable. So, if you’re planning to use one then remember to put it in your list.

10. Calls

It’s very important for hunting most type of game animals. Calls are used for hunting elks, turkeys, predators, duck, squirrel and many other animals. Hence, don’t forget to add this item into your list.

11. Decoy Bag/ Sleds/ hunting sled

Decoy bags or decoy sleds are used for carrying decoys. While decoy bags are mostly used for carrying duck decoys, sleds are used for carrying large size decoys like coyote decoys. Sleds are mostly used during winter where earth is covered with snow. In addition to carrying decoys, hunting sleds are used as a gaming cart to carry your kill. If you are going to use one, include this too.

Hunting sled

Hunting sled

12. Compass and GPS

Sometimes, your hunting adventure will take you to some unknown and unfamiliar places. It could be into a deep jungle or may be into a mountain valley. So, you must always have a navigation tool  to get into your desired location and get out from there too. In modern era, a strong GPS device  is very popular among the hunters. It will help you to locate yourself on a digital satellite map. GPS is incredible handy, there's no doubt about it. However, you should always take a analog compass with you no matter if you have a GPS or not. This old analog device can become a life savior.  

13. Gears for nighttime hunting

Hunting at night is very adventurous. Specially, hunting hog at night is very popular among the hunters. However, night hunting requires some special gears like light, night vision binoculars or monocular, a high quality night vision scope for crossbow or rifle etc. Don’t forget them.

14. Tents

Most of the time of hunting, you have to stay at the game areas in the night. For staying there, you must need tents.


Tent (Teepee)

Tent creates a suitable situation for taking rest. The tent is different for the types of the using varieties. Take that tent which is suitable for the hunting location.

The tent size and weight are the other facts. If the tent has the easy folding system, it will helpful for carrying.

15. Tree stands

 A high quality tree stand is another very crucial thing if you are planning to hunt from a tree. So, don’t forget to add this item into your list. And, please don’t compromise with the quality of this item as your life depends on the quality of your tree stand.

Tree stand (extended list of hunting gears)

Tree stand (FWC photo: Tim Donovan)

16. Fire tools

Fire is an essential thing for us. We cannot live without it. It is almost impossible to pass a day without it. Taking some firing gadgets is necessary for a hunter.

If you use fire beside the camp, it will protect you from the unexpected beasts. You can use fire for cook foods. It will also make you warm at night or cold period of time.

But for using fire, you must follow some necessary safety steps because fire can be very dangerous if you’re careless.

17. Sleeping gear

Sleeping bag, ground cloth, sleeping hat, eye mask etc. are the sleeping gear. Sleeping is essential for human. You can’t run well without taking proper sleep.

After taking sound sleep, you can start your hunting day with freshness. At the time of hunting, take proper sleep to remain fresh and active.

18. Cooking tools

cooking tools : list of hunting gears

Cooking gears

For this reason of staying in the wild place, you may need to cook food to eat. This part will increase the weight of the tools that you have to carry. Cook pot, stove, fuel are some cooking gear.

19. Food and water

Without taking food, we cannot live or continue our work properly. For the reason of hunting, you need more calories than the normal day you pass. So, it is ideal to take high calorie and protein contained foods.

Water is life. Without drinking water, you cannot pass a single day. Water is also necessary for the other daily works. So, bring water bottles is an essential point on your hunting gear list. If you find a natural safe water source, you will get some advantages. Your hunting experience may become more enjoyable then.

20. Hunting sticks/ monopod/bipod

It’s an optional tool. Many hunters like to have one or more of them during their shooting. Shooting sticks has some usefulness other than proving support for your rifle – they can be used a walking or hiking stick as well.

21. Safety tools

Chances of an unfortunate accident during hunting isn't uncommon. Therefore, you shouldn't forget to put the safety tools on your gear list. GPS, knife, water purifier, headlamp, torch, water container, batteries, safety harness, satellite phone etc. are safety tools. These tools are very important for the hunter.

These tools will help the hunter at the emergency time as well as regular time also. Don’t forget to bring those tools. So, must put them on your list.

22. Ropes

The rope is one of the most used materials. It is very useful for many reasons. Building tents, tracking, carry out the hunted animals, riding high places etc. are the using space of rope.

For different types of use, we need different types of rope. Without using ropes, your work may become more difficult.

23. First aid kit

Disinfectant, butterfly strips, tape, and gauze, tweezers etc. are some first aid kit. Hunting process can bring some kind of injuries. For your safety is important to bring this kind of first aid kit.

24. Others

Few other things you can also take with you to your hunting such as, hunting action camera, sent killer etc. These aren't mandatory but might be necessary in some situations.  

Other than that, if you hunt with a dog then you must also include all the required things (dog food, dog vest, dog boots etc.) for you dog too. 

Some Tips for Developing a Hunting Gear List!

  • Take clear idea about the tools before put those on your list.
  • Always aware about the total cost of the gears. However, you mustn’t always go for the cheap products. Try to buy the best hunting products that will provide you the best value for your money.
  • Try to keep the list as short as possible.
  • Always go for lightweight and compact gears. It is ideal to avoid the large-sized as well as heavyweight tools because it is problematic to carry out.
  • Always try to use environment friendly gears and accessories in your hunting excursion.

Those tips may come out useful for your work.


Hunting is an ancient game. It’s very challenging and adventurous. However, it could become dangerous as it includes weapon and injured animals. So, you shouldn’t be careless about the preparation.

Developing a hunting list is not a difficult task at all. So, why don’t you try this? If your list works well, your hunting experience will become more safe and exciting.

You have to take proper preparation before starting hunting. Developing a list of hunting gear is a part of the preparation.

This type of action may improve your performance level as well as increase your success rate. Some problems may arise for the lake of needed gears.

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