Deer Hunting After Rain: Tips And Tricks

Deer Hunting After Rain: Tips And Tricks

You’ve just worn your hunting shoes to go deer hunting. Shoot! It starts raining cats and dogs.

But here’s the catch. Rainy days can actually be your ally.

To turn things in your favour, you need to know Deer Hunting After Rain: Tips and Tricks.

Deer come out to feed and freshen their scrapes right after a heavy rain. As a hunter, this is a great time to bring out your guns. Start moving in the rain and choose a good hunting spot beforehand. Moreover, pick the right gear and set up your camp.

In this post, we’re gonna cover all of the above mentioned topics in detail. So without further ado, let’s load up your arsenal with these following tips 

How Does Deer Hunting After Rain Help?

Many may tell you that hunting during a rain is a great decision.

Since the sound of the rain blankets the entire forest, deer are less skittish. Moreover, they lose their most powerful defense: their hearing. 

In addition, rain washes away blood trails. This makes it hard to track your deer if your shot grazed it.

All in all, hunting after a rain is your best bet. To many hunter, the first couple of hours after rain are considered as the most favorable time for hunting deer.

Deer aren’t active during a heavy outpour. Rather, you have a greater chance to spot one just after a heavy rain. Plus, the ground is still wet so you’re granted silent movement.

In addition, a wet forest floor after a rain will make dragging your hunt back home way easier. In other words, it’s a win win situation.

Pointers To Keep In Mind

Now that we’ve given you a good reason to not pack up your bags, let’s gloss over some hacks so that you have a successful hunt.

Tip 1 of 5: Move While It Rains

Now, don’t get all cynical. I know, we’ve told you differently. But hear us out.

Deer move immediately after a downpour to fill their bellies and refresh their scrapes. If you wait for the rain to finish, you’ll likely reach your hunting spot after your horned friend.

So don’t be afraid to get wet.

Long story short, you must already be in your hunting spot while it’s pouring. So prepare to get uncomfortable, it’ll be worth the effort.

Tip 2 of 5: Choose The Right Spot

Choosing a hotspot is crucial if you want to sight your prey. Your ideal location should be someplace hidden, comfortable. It should also grant you a good view of any approaching deer.

If you’re a seasoned hunter, you must know your forest pretty well.

Put into use all the deer trails, scrapes and feeding areas that you know of. Streams are also a great spot. Once you’ve decided your ideal location, we can move to the next step.

Tip 3 of 5: Set Up Your Camp

Since we’ve told you to move to your spot during it rains, you need a secure base to wait until it finishes pouring. Your best bet? A ground blind.

Here’s the thing-

Ground blinds will help you stay hidden from any deer and also make sure that you’re all warm and dry. Talk about a good deal!

However, if you’re claustrophobic or ground blinds aren't your thing, you can opt for a tree stand. With a tree stand, you’ll have a much better view and aim of your deer.

Tip 4 of 5: Choose Your Gear Wisely

When you’re planning on hunting after it rains, you definitely need to put some thought into it. Make sure you check the following-


If you’re serious about hunting, invest in a pair of waterproof hunting gear. A good hunting jacket with big pockets will keep you and your essentials, safe and dry.


With rain comes low visibility and fog. When you’re heading out in the cold, you need to ensure that your sight isn’t compromised.

Optics for fog proof binoculars and scopes. In case you don’t find one in your price range, use an anti-fog spray on them.

Hunting boots

When you plan to face heavy rains, it might get chilly. So we recommend investing in a pair of thick insulated rubber boots. Go for quality boots rather than price as your boot will last quite some time.

Things to carry

Less is more. Forget about your electronic gears and any kind of heavy cooking gear. Instead, opt for a sharp knife, a bottle of water, and a good hat other than your weapon.

If you still plan on bringing something extra, make sure it’s protected from the water.

Tip 5 of 5: Shoot only when you’re sure

Although this is a general hunting tip, it stands true even after rain. Fire only if you're sure that it will hit your target. Aim behind the shoulder, right in the middle of your buck for one shot kill. Misfiring will make the deer alert and your effort will go down the drain.

Also if you’re hunting in light drizzle or fog, avoid shooting from far away unless you’re an expert. This is not the time to be a risk taker, buddy.

Deer Hunting After Rain

Deer Hunting After Rain

Some Extra Things to Keep in Mind

Now that we’ve covered all the pros of hunting after a shower and the things you’ll have to keep in mind. Are you still a little skeptical? Then read on some additional tips.

The Best Time To Hunt

If it’s raining for a few days, a good time to hunt is early morning or just before dusk. These are the times that deer are most active. 

Moreover, if you plan to move from one hunting spot to another, the best time to do so is during noon. This is the time when deer are most inactive. Thus you won’t be in a risk of frightening any deer away.

What To Avoid

Here are some pointers before you go-

  • Although hunting after rain may seem adventurous, safety first. Make sure that the trail you’re going to follow is safe and not too slippery. That way you can avoid potential accidents.
  • If the weather is especially sour, then perhaps it is wiser to pack for the day. Don’t push through wind and hail, the deer can wait.
  • If you’re hunting solo, make sure somebody knows your hunting spot. Just in case you get stuck due to bad weather.


That’s all from us. We hope this article gave you an on-field view on deer hunting after rain. Hunting in bad weather is no joke, but it’ll definitely set you apart from other hunters.

Basically it’s the next level thing.

Have you tried hunting in the rain yet? Did we miss anything that you find important?

Let us know all about it in the comments below. Until then, happy hunting!

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