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How to Flood a Field for Duck Hunting- Hunting Hotspot

By Dale Richardson / June 9, 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Duck hunting can be quite an intimidating hunting sport if you are new to hunting in general. But it’s never too late to learn. Today we are offering to help you with the most common question that duck hunters seek answer to- “ How to flood a field for duck hunting?” Without a second of […]


Find Out – What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm?

By Dale Richardson / May 28, 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Cleaning your firearm is the must step before any field trip of yours. Without proper cleaning, your favorite gun might get damaged and rusty.If you are just an amateur hunter, you might be wondering where to start the cleaning. Which brings us to the question, what is the first step in cleaning a […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

By Marvin Nelson / April 25, 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Running into the wild with heavyweight arms is certainly one of the most adventurous experiences ever. But at the same time, it can drain your energy in the longer run.As a solution to this, most of the hunters choose elevated standing positions. They spend hours and days at such a place.However, there are […]


Best Way to Wash and Store Hunting Clothes- Stay Fresh

By Dale Richardson / April 10, 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Dealing with your dirty hunting clothes after coming back from a long hunt can leave you clueless. Most hunters are not even aware that how much it matters to properly clean and store their clothes.However, we will be happy to guide you learn the best way to wash and store hunting clothes. It’s […]


How Should You Hold a Handgun for Maximum Accuracy? (7 Easy Steps)

By Marvin Nelson / March 31, 2021

Share0 Tweet0 Hold, aim and shoot. Well, shooting a handgun might sound that easy to you, but the reality is quite different.Holding a handgun is easy but getting the target with your shot is the toughest part. So, how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy?This is about more than getting a target, accuracy […]


How to Cut Deer Antler for Knife Handle- Explained in Depth

By Marvin Nelson / December 18, 2020

Share0 Tweet0 Deer antler is a beautiful crown of a deer. Antlers help them to defend themselves from any attack in the wildlife.So, if you’re an antique lover, we get your fascination for a deer antler knife handle. There’s no reason that can make you dislike a fascinating deer antler knife handle. Buying a knife with […]


Why Is a Recurve Bow Better than a Longbow? Explained in Depth

By Dale Richardson / November 11, 2020

Share0 Tweet0 Recurve bow and longbow are the two most competitive bows among all. It is very difficult to choose one bow from these two as they have quite the same amount of fans.As there are several types of archery, it’s quite important to figure out exactly which one you will be following. Target archery, […]

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