Best Way to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting in Extreme Cold Weather

The best way to keep feet warm while hunting

Moving around in the wild with cold feet is more serious than you can imagine. You need to be sharp and ready to take action instantly in the wild.

And if you’re out hunting in the snow or extreme cold environment, things might get a lot worse for you. You need to find out the best way to keep feet warm while hunting.

Let’s not be the guy to take a step back because of cold feet today.

Best Way to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting -Choose the Best for You

Moving through the creeks and muddy paths in the wild is without a doubt risky and tough. You need to stay dry at any cost or you will be at risk of facing the most common issue in the wild; hypothermia.

To save you from all the health issues, we’ve put together all the options to keep your feet warm in the coldest weather.

Keep your body warm

If you want to keep your feet warm them the first thing you should ensure is to keep your core warm. This is the primary thing that you should always remember.

Our body always tries to keep its core warm as the vital organs are located there. So, if the body loses its heat then it will try to steal necessary heat from the feet and other exterior organs.

Fabricated Socks

Socks are made of different types of materials or fabrics. And these materials bring out different characteristics of the socks.

Synthetic materials and merino wool are the materials that you need to look out for when you’re buying a pair of socks. Winter socks are made out of these materials to keep your feet warm in the cold.

The wool doesn’t let moisture or sweat set on the human body. In other words, the wool works like an insulator.

However, we would suggest you stay far away from cotton socks. Because cotton will absorb your sweat and keep your legs dipped like a wet sponge.

Electric Socks

Electric socks are the type of socks that comes with a battery pack and wires to keep you warm even in the shivering cold weather.

A great number of people have poor blood circulation in their bodies. Electric sock is the ideal option for them.

The battery-powered socks have built-in wires that generate the electricity to produce heat down your feet.

However, you need a certain type of boot to make these socks work. If you wear the sock with regular boots it might cause irritation down your leg.

Sock Liner

Sock liner is a great alternative to regular socks and electric socks. They appear the same as any other regular socks but with a few special features.

They are constructed for the perfect fit which helps you to get rid of any moisture. They are quite thin and lightweight.

Synthetic and wool are the most common materials that you can find among the sock liners. Sock liners allow slight warm air near your skin which keeps the feet warm.


Socks are not enough if it’s freezing outside. To keep your feet warm and healthy, you need the perfect pair of boots which will be insulated enough.

An ideal hunting boot should be waterproof, have good traction, and obviously insulated.

We would suggest you to always grab a boot one size larger than your actual size. This will allow your socks to have enough breathing space. The selection of your boot entirely depends on your requirement.

However, before you grab a pair from the market check out the most basic features that you need to go on your hunt.

Boot Pads- Insulated

Insulated boot pads are a must if you’re out hunting in the freezing cold. It disables the conduction process and keeps the heat intact in your feet.

The mechanism of the boot pad is similar to when the people used to stay warm using sheepskin.

Even the pads are often made out of sheepskin. Moreover, boot pads are quite a budget-friendly solution to cold feet.

Keep Your Head Covered

If the socks and boots are not enough to keep your feet warm, the last thing you can do is keep your head covered and warm.

You see, whatever we touch or feel, our brain controls most of the feelings. If you keep your head covered, even the uncovered part of your body will feel a bit relaxed.

The center circulatory system does this magic.

Best Way to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting

Keep your feet warm while hunting in freezing temperature

More Tips

Poor blood circulation is one of the major reasons of unusual cold feet. During hunting in extreme cold if you sit for a longer period without moving your feet and toes then you’ll get cold faster because of poor blood circulation. So, while hunting doesn’t forget to exercise your toes and legs regularly every 30 minutes.


That will be all that we could suggest you to survive in the toughest weather and stay warm.
We mentioned all the possible ways for a hunter to keep himself warm. Now you have to be the judge of the best way to keep feet warm while hunting.

Always be concerned about your health. Because if you are healthy, you’ll live to hunt another day.


Why do my feet get cold when hunting?

When you hunt in extreme cold weather wearing heavy boots, your feet get cold mostly because of the lack of circulation of blood through your feet.

Does wearing 2 pairs of socks keep your feet warmer?

Normally it doesn’t help much as your feet become more tightly stuck inside your boots causes less blood circulation. However, if boots can comfortably then using 2 pairs of sock, one thin inner moisture-wicking socks with a thick woolen sock, will help you to keep your feet dry and warm.

Why is my body warm but feet cold?

In extreme cold weather if our body looses necessary heat from the core part of our body, where the major organs located, then it tries to restore the minimum temperature from exterior organs i.e. legs, hands etc. That’s why out feet become colder than our body.

Is it better to wear thin or thick socks?

Normally, thin socks are more comfortable as it can absorb moisture easily to keep your feet dry. Also, thin socks dry faster than thick socks. However, in case of extreme coldness, a thick woolen socks would be more suitable if your boot allows comfortable space. 

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