10 Best Predator Decoy for Hunting Coyote Reviewed | Find Out the Best Coyote Decoy of 2021!

Best predator decoy for hunting coyote

When’s the last time you went hunting? You look at your gun as it hangs on your wall and feels the unfortunate tragedy because you didn’t hunt in a while.

You scratch your head and you say to yourself, ‘Why don’t I get to hunt ONE SINGLE COYOTE?’

Let me tell you what you’ve been missing Genius! A coyote decoy.

You’ve seen the movies where they use women spies to get all the information from men? Well, it’s because men are attracted to women. People use women as decoys.

Similarly, you need to use a decoy to lure a coyote inside your hunting zone.

Decided to purchase a coyote decoy already? Well, the market is full of junk, so you’ll need my help to get the best decoy for coyote hunting successfully.

Therefore read this best predator decoy reviews and choose one from them so that you never had to return home without hunting.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Coyote/Predator Decoy

The bad days when you are finding coyotes for hours and hours and at the end of the day go home bare-handed is gone now. Now introduce yourself with new coyote hunting techniques and tools such as a coyote decoy that makes hunting easier. When you use these types of decoys, It will make coyote come closer so that you can hunt them. So, we suggest that with decoys whenever you go hunting locked and loaded your gun and ready to shoot.

Our top 3

Are you in a rush? If you’re running out of time and you want to buy a coyote decoy right away without jumping to the reviews, you can simply take a look at the comparison table below.

Here I’ve mentioned which one is the range of your budget. Also, you’ll get to know the mid-range product and the best one according to my opinion.

So, check it out and choose the decoys that match your demands.

Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy

  • Budget-friendly yet durable
  • Extremely realistic
  • Great for attracting coyotes

Mojo Outdoors Critter Predator decoy

  • Unique features
  • Great functionality
  • All in one type of product
  • Easy to carry

Best Coyote/Predator decoy Reviews

When it comes to the outdoor industry, little can do survive in the business. They come and go with the changing seasons. Yet, the leader in the outdoor equipment business survived, grown and prospered from simple beginnings. Here we provide 5 suggestions for you to choose the best decoys out of it. All of them are one of them that win that place of leader and loved by many other hunters.

Foxpro is a well-known name in predator decoy field. This USA brand produces different types of high-quality decoy calls, decoys and other accessories.

This decoy is a unique design predator decoy with remote control and decoy call. This decoy appears very realistic to predators so that they easily attracted to it. It has a whisper quiet motor that means any unusual noise from the decoy that could scare away predators. Besides, it has Jacked Up Chaotic Motion for great action and realism.

It has three 3 high-quality FOXPRO sounds including Bay Bee Cottontail (L54), vole squeaks (R07), and Woodpecker (B09). The Mylar cone speaker’s quality is excellent. But the maximum volume it can reach is kind of low.

Foxpro Jack Daddy decoy is USA made which ensures quality product. This decoy is compatible with other Foxpro decoy calls. So, if you already own a foxpro decoy call then you can use it with this decoy. Also, this decoy is fully self-competent as it has its own call and remote. With this remote you on/off the decoy call remotely.

This decoy comes with a compact package containing a stake and a woodpecker topper with a remote control. Everything in one smart package so it’s easily transportable.   

Pros and Cons of FOXPRO Jack Daddy American Made Predator Decoy :


  • It has remote control with it
  • It has three decoy calls incorporated in it
  • High quality speaker
  • Whisper quite motor makes realistic movement in the woodpecker topper
  • Compatible with other Foxpro decoy calls
  • Easily transportable


  • Volume of the decoy calls doesn’t get very high

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

It’s a predator decoy with decoy call. Also, it has its own remote control. You can incorporate it with your Foxpro decoy call. You might thing, if this product as its own call then why will you need other decoy calls. Actually, this decoy’s decoy call isn’t suitable for long distant calls as its volume doesn’t go that high. So, if the coyote isn’t close around then you will need to use other decoy calls. If it attracts and come closer then you can stop the long distant decoy call and use this decoy’s call. So that it will become more realistic.

The MOJO now become one of the best retail and internet brands in the outdoor accessories world. It makes a new innovation to call predators using unique decoys and MOJO outdoor critter is one of them.

If you are going to hump or hike anywhere, then, don't forget your Mojo critter as they are small and very lightweight. Carry them easily and don’t worry about any back pain.

They arrange the appearance of a furry squirrel or rabbit, moving here and there. They organize a live-action scene along with high visibility and attractive targets.

The body is staked with a furry jacket and indistinguishable from an actual animal. The batteries, gears and electrical thing that make the decoy move is housed in the main body.

The most important thing is to draw the attention of predators and this decor does that in amazing ways. They also get a whip with two tails which basically spun in a circle.

To call predators closer, the cyclic action it arranges is really fantastic. The entire purpose of this decoy is to show evidence that there is a wounded animal nearby.

If one tail fails to manage them come closer, another one will surely do. Though the system may look simple, it works very effectively.

 The purpose of this decoy is not only to attract the coyote but also to distract them from you. They move slowly to get all focused by the moving target of you. This allows you to hunt without it ever seeing you.

Pros and Cons of FOXPRO Jack Daddy American Made Predator Decoy :


  • The body is staked with a furry jacket to look like a real animal
  • It is also capable to distract coyote from seeing you
  • They arrange the appearance of a moving furry squirrel or rabbit
  • To call predators closer, the cyclic action it arranges is fantastic


  • The spinning gear is not strong enough to deal with heavy wind

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

MOJO Outdoor Critter is one of the most effective decoys that proven to hunt many animals. It is everything that you really want in a coyote decoy.

3 of 10 Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy

The first time when you see it, you may say to yourself that, “is it a tail of squirrel?”. Well, if you take a close look at it, you’ll know that it’s just a coyote decoy. Let’s take a look at what makes it stand out.

The sit and spin have three main parts. It comes with a metal that sticks the body of the decoy. The body encased the drive motor and the four double-batteries required for operating the decoy.

It has a spring wire that rotates and whips the decoy top in a circular motion when turned on the decoy. The wire is attached to the main body of the decoy which houses a super quiet drive motor.

With a synthetic fur critter on top, attached to the spring wire, it easily caught by the eyes of the approaching predator.

You can set the speed by simply twisting the knob as it has adjustable speed settings. So, you can faster or slower the speed, as the situation demands.

Most predator hunters want to travel as light as possible. This is the reason why it is easily assembled and taken apart, this delivers it added portability by decreasing the length and increasing its compactness.

When fully disassembled, it easily fits into many carry bags and backpacks. This combination of simplicity, speed control, and compact design along with quiet motor noise and great movement makes it one of the most desirable decoys.

Pros and Cons of Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy:


  • This impressive decoy comes with a durable and stable body that can stand in any windy situation.
  • They don’t make any noise while spinning as it includes a super quiet drive motor.
  • You can control the speed of spinning by twisting knobs.
  • These coyote decoys are compact and lightweight. So, easy to carry.


  • The long stake has a short hole for mounting.
  • This decoy runs out of energy soon.

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

Primos is one of the reputed branding giants that gained fame for making hunting accessories. This best-rated decoy is loved by people as it does its job perfectly for what it actually meant for. This moving coyote decoy is the best predator decoy for coyote hunting. So, you can go for it.

Hunters, who went to hunting, and never want to come back home without a coyote, needs this decoy. This is one of the most unique coyote decoys that have 3 in one setting combining an electric decoy with a small speaker that acts as a call.

The first thing that may be popping in your mind is, and then it’s going to be heavy, right? Luckily, it’s not, it’s compact and light-weight as well.

They are designed with light materials for an easy hike in and out without carrying heavy or bulky decoy. However, if you think that lightweight means it’s not durable, then you are not right. It is highly-built and made for lasts longer.

After this all, yet it doesn’t require more power and the battery life remains great. Since it’s mechanical sound-free, it’s more realistic and easier to attract coyotes so that they come closer.

You can easily operate them with ICOtec GC350, GC500, and all ICOtec GEN2 Calls. The best thing about this caller is that you can push the alternate button and it will activate this decoy as well as stop it.

Some models might require multiple complex steps, but not this model. Setting it up is quite a breeze and easy. They are created highly visible so that they can capture the attention of coyotes from afar.

Those features are not all it has; there is something more that will surprise you. This decoy features two WOW fur, more like healthy rabbits or chicken. Two targets at the top end of this decoy can deliver you two coyotes together instead of one.

It runs 5 seconds then pauses for 3 seconds and so on, which makes this look more reliable. Moreover, you can set the speed of the spinning of this decoy.

So, you will hunt during the day but not at night? Thinking that, is it really possible to hunt at dark as well? Yes, thanks to its LED night lights for topper illumination. That will even attract the predator from far anytime.

Pros and Cons of Icotec PD400 Predator Decoy :


  • It runs 5 seconds then pauses for 3 seconds to prove that it’s a real animal.
  • The LED night light helps to hunt even at night and attracts coyotes.
  • This decoy features two WOW fur, more like healthy rabbits or chicken.
  • You can easily operate them with ICOtec GC350, GC500, and all ICOtec GEN2 Calls.


  • It hums and whines while moving.

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

This decoy comes with LED night lights for topper illumination, quite motor, speed dial, attractive fur and everything that fortunate hunting requires.

It’s another excellent decoys from Foxpro. This decoy works best when it’s incorporated with Foxpro shockwave decoy call.

FoxJack 3 is also remotely controllable. However, this decoy doesn’t come with a remote. You can use Foxpro Shockwave remote's aux button to control it. With this remote control you can remotely stop and start its action. But the thing is you should own Shockwave decoy call to make this decoy most convenient for predator hunting.

FoxJack 3 doesn’t have any speaker in it. Which means it’s not a decoy call, just a solid decoy.

Apart from this, Foxpro FoxJack 3 has all the qualities similar to Jack Daddy decoy. It has a whisper quite motor with realistic movement. This decoy also comes with a bird like topper like the Jack Daddy decoy.

Pros and Cons of FOXPRO FoxJack 3 American Made Predator Decoy :


  • It creates realist movements
  • Very effective for attracting coyotes
  • No extra sounds from motor
  • Easy to install


  • You need to get the Foxpro Shockwave to get the maximum benefit from it

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

With a decoy call you can only attract a coyote somewhere near you. If a coyote attracts to your decoy call than it will come near (around 100 yard maybe) the call but will stays there for a movement. So, at this point you will need an effective decoy to bring in an exact location where you will have a clear shoot. 

Mojo Critter 2 from MOJO intends to fulfill the purpose of increasing productivity and versatility while hunting. You will love its built-in tripod for sturdy balance during operation. Even in a strong wind, they are capable to stand on the ground.

Considering that, it might have to face any tough weather; it is designed with long-lasting materials. The realistic flaring crazed critter with full fur makes it more realistic that can easily draw the attention of the coyote.

For a traveler, a lightweight bag is a must. Bearing that in mind, It is made super portable that goes right in your bag and you could pick it up and do multiple tasks easily without any problems.

Once a predator observes the movement of the spinning top, they lock on and don't become loose easily. It helps to prevent them from watching you and doing successful hunting.

It also gets a Drop-In battery holder at one side to keep them safe. Additionally, when not in use, for convenient carriage, it includes a clip to hold both legs and topper.

If you don't like the critter it has, no problem, they arrange standard peg for you, to extend the pole.

The critter moves at an irregular pattern and takes a few moment breaks and then starts again. Behind this movement, an interesting fact is hidden; do you know what it is?

Well, it actually mimics the way rabbits traditionally move. This is why they are really good at calling coyote and attracting them.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about its visibility that if it’s just can be seen with the light. The top-notch technology that the MOJO use makes this decoy more noticeable. On top of that, the realistic prey-type immediately attracts predators.

Pros and Cons of MOJO Outdoors Critter 2 Predator Decoy:


  • They perfectly fulfill the purpose of increasing productivity and versatility while hunting
  • It mimics the way rabbits traditionally move to attract coyotes
  • A Drop-In battery holder at one side is adjusted for easy store
  • It is designed with long-lasting materials to survive in any weather


  • No batteries included with this decoy

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

This MOJO product stands out with high-quality and features rather in a compact size. It has provided the decoy with such equipment that cannot be unsuccessful.

Lucky Duck is a famous name in decoy industry.  This brand is very popular among the hunters for its excellent quality decoy calls and decoys.

Luck Duck Kind Critter Predator Decoy isn’t a complex thing. The design is pretty simple – a decoy on a tripod with a tail like topper. That’s it. The topper is attached to the decoy box with a stake. This stake moves when you start the motor inside the decoy box which creates a random movement in the topper. So, from far away it looks like a life animal movement. The mechanism is very simple but effective. The erratic movement of the tail like topper really deceive predators – guaranteed!

The motor runs on 4 AA battery. As the only task of the batteries is moving the stake which doesn’t need much energy. So, one set of 4 AA batteries lasts almost 25 hours.

This plastic made decoy has 3.5 mm port to connect with most of the usual electronic decoy callers’ remotes. It has two speed settings.

Pros and Cons of The Lucky Duck King Critter Predator Decoy:


  • It can withstand extreme weather condition
  • Has two speed settings
  • It has tripod to set in any rough terrain
  • One set of batteries last for a long time
  • Simple and easy to easy
  • Compatible with most decoy callers’ remotes
  • Light weight


  • Motor makes some noise
  • Its plastic body isn’t very sturdy 

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

It’s a very simple decoy system serves its hunting purpose effectively. Very user friendly. Low battery expenditure makes it one of the best predator decoys for hunting coyotes.

This decoy is a different type of predator decoy. Unlike other members of this list it’s not a motorized decoy which can move or can be controlled remotely. The design is extremely simple – a cloth made bag with a wire inside it and a real picture of cottontail rabbit attached one side of the bag. From few yards distance it almost looks like a real rabbit. 

As it doesn’t include any electric call or motor it doesn’t require any batteries. It’s originally 17 inches long and 9 inches wide. But, for easy transportation you can easily fold it to 10" X 5" and hold it with a rubber band or something. Very easy to carry.

It has a stake in its bottom to hold it upright. With a manual distress rabbit call you can easily make fool of coyotes.

Pros and Cons of MOJO Outdoors Critter 2 Predator Decoy:


  • Simplest design without any machinery
  • Doesn’t require any battery
  • Easy to carry and use 
  • Low cost


  • Has no movement
  • Not waterproof

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

If you want to have a simple low cost and easy to carry predator decoy then you can buy this. It’s very effective in the field without having any tech. After the buy you won’t need to spend money for it and no worries about running out batteries or any sort of mechanical troubles. It’s an awesome rabbit decoy for hunting coyote.

best coyote decoy reviews

Before your fellow watches it suddenly and tries to run, tell them, it’s not the real one. Just a plastic coyote deocy. However, if you want to have some fun, wait until they figure out.

The manufacturers very professionally, use the skills of a renowned sculptor Charlie Norton, to make a realistic look even on a hard body.

An interesting thing about tail is, it gets steel rod on it to ensure it bends. You can bend them up and down or, also, can adjust them between two feet or aside.

Other than that, the tails are fully decorated with faux fur and this idea ends up with a tail that can easily pass as real. Since it moves in the wind, the coyote thinks them actual.

If you notice it carefully, you can see, it's like a velvety kind of texture on him. In order to make it more realistic, this texture linked with the adjustable leg is so eye-catching.

This bungee leg system also makes this decoy easy to transport. What makes it more amazing is, you can easily disassemble them so that you can end up with easy to carry pieces.

Another way of making the decoy look realistic is, you can make it seat down like it’s howling by removing the rear legs. You can adjust them in the passing, relax or down position, whatever you think will work better by removing both front and rear legs.

Those body languages with clever size, which is, not too big and intimidating, surely can be a great tool. It also includes a scent pad spike on the hind legs for better hunting.

Pros and Cons of Flambeau Outdoors 5985MS-1 Lone Howler Coyote Decoy:


  • Designed with realistic sculpture, like velvety texture on the body.
  • Body language is changeable by bending leg in any situation
  • You can easily disassemble them to carry in your bag
  • The tail is fully covered by a realistic faux tail


  • Couldn’t find any drawback

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

This decoy has something that you would need all the time for hunting coyotes including seductive body language and appealing looks.

Unlike the Flambeau master series decoy this one is a simple 2D decoy made with original picture of a coyote. But it has the same impact on hunting coyotes.

When you use a coyote call, it attracts them. But the problem is they won’t come out in the open place or won’t come to your desired point where you can have a clear shoot. When you use a decoy like Montana or Flambeau that do the work.

A well-made decoy like Montana deceives coyotes to think it a real one. So, they come closer to your decoy out of curiosity or to have a clear look.

Though Montana Decoy Kojo isn’t a sculpted 3-D decoy it’s still extremely convincing. Also, you can easily fold it small which makes it very convenient to carry. Besides it’s extremely light weight – 16 ounce including the pole.

Kojo decoy has pointy pole attached to each leg. These poles can insert soil easily allow you quick and easy setup with the decoy. Also, the joints are very sturdy like the whole decoy.

 Montana Cojo decoy is two-sided means it has real life-sized coyote picture in both side of the decoy.

Pros and Cons of MONTANA DECOY Predator Kojo:


  • It’s remarkably realistic
  • Transportation is very easy as it’s light weight and can be folded in small size
  • No battery is required
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Sturdy


  • It’s 2-D. So, it it’s not very convincible from all angle

Why should you buy this predator decoy?

If you want a real sized coyote decoy for such a small price which is also extremely effective in coyote hunting then – “why wouldn’t you buy this decoy?” Besides, you can fold it and carry it easily with you no matter how rough the terrain is!

Best decoy for coyote hunting

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coyote/Predator Decoy

Think that, what's your purpose of buying a coyote decoys? Attracting predator near you so that you can shoot them for the hunt, right? To achieve your goal, you need a target that they love and come closer.

In this case, what can be better than a healthy rabbit or squirrel or a friend among them? However, if your target doesn’t appeal to them, you have to go back home, barehanded.

Therefore, if you don’t want to end up having a bad day, check out this buying guide.

Realistic Looks

Nothing is more important than having a realistic look that will convince predators that the target is real. To do that, a healthy trail of an animal that loves to swallow works much better.

Also, a coyote same like them calling or howling is awesome to draw the attention of the predator. All the coyote decoys available on the market don’t give the touch of natural sculpture that can prove that it’s real. This is why they fail to attract their prey and go back home without any coyote.

So, you have to select the one that has velvety textures on the body in case of coyote body type toys or full of the furry faux tail for critter decoys.


Materials are something that you always need to consider buying any best product and coyote traps are also none other than them. Obviously, if you want to buy a decoy that lasts for long, you have to choose the one that has a strong body.

Generally, the string that holds furry tail has poor performance in most of the models for their weak objects. So, notice if they are good enough to hold the weight of the tail and move round perfectly.

It proves that a good performance of a decoy also depends on their material. Decoy made with bad stuff tends to make bad noise while spinning in a circular motion. Other than that, a bad effect that it fell to the decoy is that It cannot stand in the heavy windy weather.

So, imagine running after decoys that are running in the wind, that’s really awful, right? Yes, I can feel though, so don't forget to check them before buying.

Speed Dial

Altering the speed as the situation demands is another most important thing that you should keep in mind before choosing a decoy for hunting

After you turned the critter on, you have to notice that, how much distance the coyotes maintaining. As long as they are likely to spot it from a little far, it should be moving faster. Once they bound to come closer, it should be slower.

So, if your trap device doesn’t have to change the speed option, it will be tough to maintain the coyote that wants to come close to it.

Speed Dial

When it comes to using good coyote decoy, portability is always a crucial part. Ensure that the trap you are buying is easy to carry in any location without making your back pain.

If you figure out its weight and hold it for a while, you will understand that, whether this device will help you to carry or will give you a bad time. Depending on the design, it is possible to find the models of decoys that are easily removable to aid with the whole transportation process.


Q. Can I upgrade my MOJO decoy to magnetic wings? 

A. Yes, You can by buying a Baby/Gadwall Magnetic Wing Adapter for small body decoys or an MOJO Mallard Magnetic Wing Adapter for large body decoys.

Q. How far do I need to place my decoys from me?

For a perfect shot, placing it from 50 yards will be ideal.

Q. Are all the decoys can stand in the heavy wind?

A. No, the one with tripod works better.

Q. Are they can be used for attracting rabbits or squirrels?

 A. These decoys are designed to trigger predator’s hunting instinct. So, they wont work for other animals.


From the above the list of best coyote decoys, FOXPRO Jack Daddy Predator Decoy is the all-rounder that has all the qualities. It has a very realistic look with extra furry tail and quiet technology to keep the device silent while spinning. Also, it has remote control and it's own speaker. Besides, it comes with three decoy calls.

If you don't want to buy this or can not find it in the market then the best alternative of this decoy is Mojo Outdoors Critter Predator Call. Though it doesn't have any remote control or speaker, it's still one of the best coyote decoy out there. 

However, if you want the cheapest one, yet with high-end functionality, go for Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy. Don’t forget that, despite being the cheap one, it is marked as one of the best-rated decoys.

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