Top 7 Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow Reviewed (Buying Guide- Updated)

Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow

It’s always hard to find the best night vision scope for crossbow. There’re many night vision scopes you can find for rifles but for crossbow, it’s another story. The good news is we have done an in-depth research to find out the best one for you. Here you’ll get a list of top 5 night vision scopes with detailed review. Besides, I will also give you a comprehensive buying guide to select the most suitable product in the last part of this piece. Enjoy!  

What an excellent experience it can be while we go for the hunt at night! You know, hunting is itself quite exciting and enjoyable. People always get lots of amusement in hunting expedition because of its thrilling nature. In this case, they need the right equipment to do so. Here, one thing we should consider if hunting takes place at night. You know, the darkness can be a hurdle to see the objects.

But, visual clarity is mandatory for hunting. Without a clear vision, hunting can't be successful.  On the other hand, to focus your weapon on the target accurately is essential. 

 In the hunting expedition, patience, focus, skill, and timely shots are quite necessary. Your equipment can be crucial in this regard. A night vision scope will help you to shot your target accurately even in pure darkness. 

For an accurate crossbow shot , measurement of the distance and time is also crucial. With the help of a modern night vision scope, you can remove this type of hurdle very easily, as many of these advanced optics include range finder and/or ballistic calculator. That is why; we are here wanting to help you. Through this article, you will get to know the details of the market's best night vision scope for crossbows.

Here we are going to provide you a list of top 7 with detailed review. Later in this article, we've added a comprehensive BUYING GUIDE for you. And, finally just before our ULTIMATE SUGGESTION,  you'll find a prolonged FAQ section- I hope you'll find it very helpful.    

Top 7 Best Night Vision Scope for Crossbow

Finding the best night vision scope is not an easy task. You know, because of the enormous demand various manufacturers have come forward to producing and delivering the different night vision to the users. That is why; it may be confusing for you to decide which one is perfect for you. In this regard, we have gone through hard work on researching to bring a list of best products with details. In the following sections, you will get the details of those night vision scopes of the crossbow.

   NV  Scope

Key features

Our rating

1 ATN X-Sight 4K Pro

  • Provides clear view in complete darkness
  • Accurate crossbow reticle included
  • Streams and records videos 
  • Millions of vivid colors
  • Accurate ballistic calculator
  • Accurate long range shot
  • Smart Range Finder
  • 18+ hrs of battery life
  • Automatically start recording videos


2 ATN X-Sight LTV

  • QHD+ Sensor ensures high quality image at night
  • Ultra light and slim design
  • Over 10 hours battery life
  • HD screen
    Video recording option in 720p quality
  • Fast and easier sight-in with One Shot Zero
  • Comfortable 3" eye relief
  • Easily mountable on crossbow
  • User-friendly interface


3 Sightmark Photon XT

  • Higher magnification
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight (1.4 lbs)
  • Strong LED IR illuminator
  • Adjustable image brightness
  • Video output
  • Two crossbow reticle options for different speed


4 Sightmark Wraith

  • Day/Night mode
  • HD sensor 
  • High resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p HD
  • 8x digital zoom
  • HD photo or video recording
  • 10 reticle options and
  • 200 yards range with built-in IR


5 Night Owl

  • Suitable for both day and night
  • User-friendly
  • High quality images in the dark
  • Lightweight
  • Weather registant


6 ATN X-Sight II HD

  • Provides HD resolution image in both night and day 
  • Multi-color images in day light
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Smart Range Finder
  • Records 1080 p video 
  • 3-14 Magnification


4 Firefield NVRS

  • Strong IR illuminator
  • Can provide high quality image in the dark
  • Lightweight and durable titanium body
  • Adjustable to brightness 
  • Quick detach mount


1 of 7 ATN X-Sight 4K Pro - Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Review

Our pick

ATN Corporation X-Sight 4K PRO with Ultra HD Optics 3-14x Day/Night Vision


# night and day use       # ultra HD 4K sensor       # ballistic calculator

# range finder      # dual stream video recording        # ultra low power profile 

# Recoil Activated Video

ATN has been famous for their wonderful night vision scopes for a long time. This one is their most upgraded night vision scope featuring all the amazing modern techs you may want from a NV scope.

Though they are naming it a rifle scope, ATN X-Sight 4k Pro is absolutely suitable for any modern crossbow. With this tremendous scope, I promise, your nighttime bow hunting will become more enjoyable. Let’s see why –

First of all, it has special crossbow reticle programmed in it to provide accurate measurement references. You just need to input some data such as bolt weight, crossbow speed, weather conditions etc. and zero it. Then, this scope will use those data to provide you accurate reticle – to shot your target accurately with your crossbow. Interesting thing is, you can save this setup and reuse them afterwards with the help of one shot program.

Now, the question is how it can just use some mere data to shot accurately? This is because, it has ballistic calculator. It’s pretty powerful. This calculator can calculate exact trajectory of the crossbow bolt to reach your target accurately. After setting your scope you just have to point the reticle and shot. For the ballistic calculator, you can either input the required data manually or this scope can collect these data using its rangefinder and sensor.

Yes, ATN X-Sight 4k Pro has very effective smart built-in rangefinder to measure the target distance accurately. Also, it has sensor for measuring barometer pressure, temperature, altitude etc.

This night vision scope has ultra HD 4K sensor ensures higher resolution images, faster optics with millions of vivid colors. Means, you’ll get lively images both night and daytime. As we are looking for a scope to see in the dark, you will be glad to know, it has enhanced HD night vision mode to provide you ultra clear images at night. Also, its powerful ATN IR850 Pro Long-Range Infrared Illuminator enables this device to capture ultra crisp images in complete darkness.

Have a look at this awesome hunting video with ATN X-Sight 4k Pro:

ATN X-Sight 4k Pro can stream and record HD videos in SD card simultaneously. Besides, X-Sight 4K Pro has unique feature - Recoil Activated Video (RAV). RAV will start recording videos automatically while making a shot. This will allow you uninterrupted focus in your hunting.   

The scope comes with an internal rechargeable battery. When fully charged it provides tremendous battery life which can go for more than 18 hours continuously. So, no worries in a long nighttime hunting. However, you’ll have buy 2 Lithium 123 batteries for the IR, as the package doesn’t include any.

 The package comes with quick detach mound, cope rings, sun shade, eye relief, charger cord, IR light and mount and a nice padded bag.

Pros and Cons of ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Crossbow scope:


  • It has powerful reticle program especially for crossbows
  • It provides clear view up to around 300 yards at night with the stock IR, but during daytime it’s unlimited
  • Provide colorful HD videos both in day and night
  • Ballistic calculator ensures extremely accurate shot at target
  • Smart range finder provides accurate range
  • Has one shot zeroing option
  • Stores HD videos in 64 GB SD card comes with this device
  • Automatically starts recording videos during a shot
  • Its sensor can automatically measure and use barometer pressure, altitude, and temperature for ballistic calculation
  • Suitable for different kind of weapons including crossbows, rifle and shotgun
  • Setting for on specific weapon can be saved here for future use
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Weather resistant
  • It has two magnification options. You can buy either 3-14x or 5-20x.


  • It has some issues with the software
  • It took some time to get used to with the techs
  • Little heavy

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

With your hard-earned money, you can get the best value for your payment using this monocular. At this money you can’t get a better one. After having that, every nighttime hunting expedition will be an excellent expedition for you.

2 of 7 ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra Light Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope Review

Also great


# 500 yards range      # lightweight          #slim             # 10+ hr battery life #video recording         #built-in IR illuminator            #3-inch eye relief                 # HD sensor              # 2-years guarantee

We recommend the ATN X-Sight LTV especially for its ultra light features and enormous battery life ensures full night hassle free hunting with your crossbow. When most high quality scopes are heavier and bulkier for a crossbow, ATN X-Sight LTV is perfectly fit and suitable for any types of x-bows for its easy mountable slim feature. And, that’s why we put it in the second position of our list of best night vision scopes for crossbow hunting.

Apart from this, The ATN X-Sight LTV will provide you a clear image in complete darkness with its QHD+ Sensor, HD screen and comfortable 3-inch eye relief. You can easily get a bright and clear image with the built in IR illuminator up to 300 yards, however, it could be much further nearly 500 yards if you use the ATN IR850 Supernova.

Its night vision mood allows enhanced and rapid target acquisition at night which is great for hunting a moving target. Like the ATN 4k pro, this device also offers option for video recording; however, you only get 720p quality video with no audio recording in this case.

In addition to all those features, ATN X-Sight LTV night vision scope offers one Shot Zero- allows for a fast and easier sight-in, multiple reticles options, user-friendly interface and a wide field of view to make your hunting more enjoyable.

Though it’s a strong-built product, you’ll get a two year guarantee from the ATN for any damage during that period. Also, you’ll get a long range 850 mW infrared illuminator and a quick detach mount with the scope.

Pros and Cons of ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra Light Day/Night Crossbow scope:


  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Less expensive
  • Long battery life (10 hrs)
  • Video recording option
  • Built-in IR illuminator and mount
  • QHD+ Sensor ensures a crystal clear image quality at night
  • Enhanced and rapid target acquisition in complete darkness
  • Fast and easier sight-in
  • User-friendly interface


  • No audio recording option

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

It’s cheap, slim, lightweight, easily mountable, easy-to-use, and nearly 500 yards of range at night – do you need any more reason to get one for you?

3 of 7 Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review

Best for the beginner

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope (SM18008)

Sightmark Photon XT

#night and day use          #higher magnification           # longer battery life #Lightweight            #User-friendly              #Durable

Whether you are searching for an excellent product for your hunting, security or any other nighttime outdoor activities, it can be quite useful for you. In this model, you will get a higher magnification system, which is extremely versatile, will enable you to see your target from a long distance.

Sightmark Photon XT has a built-in IR illuminator that provides clear view in complete darkness up to around 80 yards. And, for crossbow hunting, this range is more than enough. Also its light filtering lens cap, COMS sensor, makes it perfectly suitable for daytime use.

There’re two special features, I want to mention here, is its extended battery life and extremely lightweight. Long battery life gives this scope an upper hand on long time hunting. On the other hand, its lightweight feature, compare to most other brands of its class, makes it more suitable for crossbows.

Here in this video you can see the performance of this scope in the dark:

 Also, this scope has included two crossbow reticles options in it for two different speed crossbows. Its user-friendly operation, simple and sturdy design, and low price make it perfect night vision scope for beginner crossbow hunters. 

Unlike previous two devices it has no video recording option. Which I think, is ok, as it costs almost half of ATN night scopes. However, Sightmark has video output. So, if you want to record videos then you can buy an extra device for that. 

Pros and Cons of Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope:


  • Its built-in IR and COMS array makes it suitable for nighttime and daytime use
  • Ensures accurate shot
  • In complete darkness it provides clear view up to 80 yards with the stock IR
  • You can get longer battery life in this night vision scope
  • Very light-weighted in comparison with other brands
  • The price of it is quite reasonable.
  • Durable and strong construction
    4.6x42 magnification


  • It can provide a little grainy view on some occasions
  • No built-in video recording device
  • Its high magnification system can cause difficulties for low range crossbow hunting

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

The beginners who want to start their nighttime crossbow hunting, or experts who enjoys nighttime hunting but unwilling to pay more than 500 dollars for a night vision scopes can definitely choose this product. It’s very user-friendly and reasonably priced. On the other hand, the features of it are quite fascinating and useful for crossbows as well.

4 of 7 Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review

Best budget pick

Sightmark Wraith

# HD sensor            # 1080p HD video recording             # 8x digital zoom             #200 yards range at night           #4.5 hrs battery life          # IR included

Sightmark Wraith, though a little bulky, is a wonderful night vision scope nicely suited both rifles and crossbows. It’s actually an upgraded version of Sightmark Photen XT. This 2lb weigh aluminum made scope offers crisp black and white or classical green images in night vision mode and a full color viewing for day use. Because of its 1920x1080 HD sensor, you’ll be able to get an remarkable real life color quality view with video recording in 1080p HD. You’ll just have to arrange a memory card for that which isn’t included with this device.

Sightmark Wraith is a digital scope with an impressive 8x digital zoom (a 4x optical system for up to 32x ) which offers a clear view, even in night mode, up to 200 yards with the help of a removable 850nm IR Illuminator that thankfully comes with the package.

Another great thing about this night vision scope is its ridiculously easy operating system, such as you just need to hit the left arrow to switch to night mode! Apart from that, a long stay hunting at night with it would be very convenient for its long battery life with is about 4.5 hours with 4 AA batteries, though, this battery life could be extended with an external Micro USB port expands options for power. 

The box comes with: IR flashlight, Objective lens cover, Fixed picatinny mount, and a User manual.

Pros and Cons of ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Crossbow scope:


  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy
  • HD sensor  
  • 1080 HD quality video recording
  • 8x digital zoom – a 4x optical system for up to 32x magnification
  • 200 yards viewing range at night
  • Easy to use
  • 9 different colors for easier aiming and accuracy


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Special mount (picatinny rail) for crossbow will be required
  • Memory card not included

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

This versatile scope can be used for all types of game hunting including coyote, deer or hog. Especially if you’re planning for exciting nighttime predator hunting with your crossbow then this device could be a great choice at a very convenient price. 

5 of 7 Night Owl Optics Night Shot Digital Night Vision Riflescope Review

Budget pick

Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

Night Owl Optics Night Shot

#Built-in IR illuminator           # Weatherproof                        # night and day use # light weight                      # user-friendly

It’s another great night vision scope for the price. If you’re looking for a cheap night vision scope, which can also be used in day light without harming the lens, then you should check this out. It’s also very easy to use – easy to install and easy to focus.

Its built-in IR illuminator is powerful enough to provide amazingly clear view up to 60 yards in complete dark night. And, if you get little ambient light, moon light or starry night sky, then you can see without the IR easily. So, for short distance hunting with a crossbow, it’s an awesome scope despite its incredibly low price.

Night Owl is Weaver or Picatinny rail compatible. Therefore, if your crossbow has any of these rail systems then you can easily install it. It may seems little bulky at first glance, but actually it’s very lightweight that makes it a great point and shot for crossbows. It has three reticles to choose from. Hunters can configure these reticles in accordance with the hunting environment.

It requires 4 AA batteries. On tip you should always remember to get the best battery life from this scope – never use low quality batteries. You should either use high-quality alkaline or lithium batteries. With the IR on, the first one can run for around 7 hrs at low and 4 hrs at high IR. However, lithium batteries can serve better – around 11 hrs with low IR and about 7 hrs with hight IR.

Like any other great quality hunting gear, Night Owl Night Scope is extreme weather resilient for its thermoplastic cover. For this feature, you can use this scope in heavy rain or snow without damaging it. 

Here's a video on Night Shot:

Pros and Cons of Firefield Night Owl Optics Night Shot Night Vision Riflescope:


  • Clear view in complete darkness up to 60 yards
  • High resolution display
  • Water and extreme weather resistant
  • Light weight
  • Super user-friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • 3X magnification


  • You will need to dismount it every time for battery replacement
  • Field of view is narrow in case of close range targets 

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

It’s ridiculously easy to use and also very reasonably priced. So, if you want a night vision scope for close range nighttime hunting then you can buy this product.

6 of 7 ATN X-Sight-II Smart Day/Night Hunting Rifle Scope Review

Also Great

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video, Ballistic Calculator, Rangefinder, WiFi, E-Compass, GPS, Barometer, IOS & Android Apps


# night and day use             #crystal clear vision              # ballistic calculator               # range finder               # 1080p HD video Recording & photos     

# Recoil Activated Video

This is the older version of X-Sight 4K Pro. Some of the features of this scope aren’t upgraded like X-Sight 4K Pro. Other than this, ATN X-Sight II HD is already an awesome night vision scope for nighttime hunting. Hunters, who aren’t very much fan of techs but wouldn’t mind them either if it’s user-friendly, will love this device.

The features of this model are going to blow your mind at once. You know what; in this night vision scope, you will get crystal clear view of the objects because of its HD technology. It can happen similarly, whether it is day or night. With the millions of colors, features will be capable of seeing up to 1000 yards correctly at broad daylight. However, with the stock IR illuminator you’ll have a clear view up to 100 yards in complete darkness. The sight range during night can be increased by using more powerful IR illuminator.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has included a ballistic calculator that will give the right impact of the flight of arrows. So, in a long-range and angled shot, you will not face any difficulties.

In addition, its 1080p HD video recording capability, Recoil Activated Video (RAV) and Wi-Fi streaming in smart phone along with storing option in 64 SD card slot let you capturing all your hunting moments. 

Let's see how accurate this scope is in this hunting video:

Pros and Cons of ATN X-Sight II HD - Smart Day/Night Crossbow scope:


  • It has got a range finder, which will let you identify the range of the target in two clicks
  • You can get a zoom of the targeted prey smoothly with the magnification system of it
  • The manufacturer has included extraordinary features along with this model, such as Recoiled Activated Video, Wi-Fi, E-Compass, barometer, etc.
  • It can enable you to use android and IOS apps in this night vision scope
  • Water resistant
  • It has 5-20x Magnification


  • Its field of view can be a little narrow at a short distance
  • Battery life is short with 4 AA batteries. Better solution is to use rechargeable battery

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

From a renowned brand, this model has come to satisfy your needs. With this model, you will be capable of hunting at the deep of the night. It will take your nighttime hunting experience to a whole new level.

7 of 7 Firefield NVRS 3x42 - Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope Review

Budget pick

Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

Firefield NVRS

# lightweight               # durable titanium body                      # water resistant                      # quick power-up                # Incremental reticle brightness adjustment

If you’re looking for a more affordable night vision scope for your crossbow, the Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 is worth a good look. It’s the cheapest night vision scope of our list. But, despite its low price, it’s reliably a great scope for nighttime use. One thing is should make clear here, Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 is created for nighttime use only. Though you can use it in day light but then you’ll have to close the lens cover. Otherwise, bright daylight can harm the lens.

Technologically, being a generation 1 night vision scope, it’s not that advanced. But, that’s a good thing for most hunters, as this scope is very simple and easy-to use. With the stock IR illuminator it can provide clear view up to around 80 yards in pure darkness.

It has a standard crosshair type reticle, along with an incremental brightness adjustment system, helps to shoot accurately at your target in any light condition. Thought, this scope is primarily made for rifles, it’s totally compatible with crossbow if it has standard picatinny rail system. It’s also lightweight (weighing only around 2.2 lbs), compact and durable, makes it very suitable for crossbows.

Another great thing of this scope is, this scope is weather resistance – can be used in heavy rain, snow and subzero temperature (-22 to 104 degree Fahrenheit). Therefore, hunting with this scope becomes very convenient. You’ll need 2 AA batteries for running it. It features low power consumption ensures long battery life. 

Pros and Cons of Firefield NVRS Night Vision Riflescope:


  • It has come in an ergonomic design to get quick electric power up
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Can provide high quality image in complete darkness with the stock IR light
  • Very clear view up to 80 yards
    The manufacturer has facilitated it with incremental reticle glare modification
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Low battery consumption
  • It has 3x42 magnification


  • Sometimes, you may see a red squat while looking through the illuminator
  • Suitable for only nighttime use
  • No video recording option

Why should you buy this night vision scope for your crossbow?

This night vision scope is very user-friendly, reasonably priced, accurate and durable. If you’re looking for low-tech but effective night vision scope for your nighttime hunting at a very reasonable price then this one is for you.

Buying Guide: How to Select the Perfect Night Vision Scope for your Crossbow

best night vision scope for crossbow

The market is full of different night vision scope. In this case, you should be sure that you are going to buy a perfect one for hunting. In this case, you need to consider the following features to get the right the best one.

Mounting system:

It’s the most important factor during buying a night vision scope for your crossbow. You should check which types of rail system your crossbow has and then buy a scope that supports your rail system. However, most of our listed products support standard picatinny rail system.


At first, you need to focus on the clarity of the images that the vision scope provides in the dark. The perfect one will give you a clear vision of the targeted prey, and you can focus accurately in very low light condition without IR and in complete darkness with IR.

IR illuminator: 

It’s very important feature of a night vision scope, as IR illuminator is responsible for providing the supporting light for viewing in complete darkness. So, you should check the stock IR’s power, range and longevity.


Range is another important factor that determines the ability of the night vision scopes. Range defines the distance a scope can provide clear view. Our top pick ATN X-Sight 4K Pro has around 300 yards viewing range with the stock IR. However, for crssbow hunting most hunter will be glad to have clear view within 50 yards.


A heavy device can be very powerful but isn’t suitable for crossbows, as they will add too much load on your weapon. So, you should go for lightweight and compact scopes for your crossbow. Most of our suggested scopes are quite light-weight, however, among them Sightmark Photon XT is the lightest scope weighting only 1.4 lbs.


You will have the scope to zoom the image while hunting. It will help you to get the right timing.

Battery Life: 

The best one has got a colossal battery life. So, you will be tension free while hunting in a remote place. In our list ATN X-Sight 4K Pro has the longest battery life which is more than 18 hours. 

Associated features: 

It will include all modern technologies such as infrared, Wi-Fi, RAV, Sensors, Range Finder, Ballistic Calculator, and many more things. Here our top pick (ATN X-Sight 4K Pro) is the most updated scope having all the cutting edged techs you might want to have your scope.


The best one will come at a reasonable price. Besides, you can get the best value for money. However, the most budget friendly scope in our list is Firefield NVRS

Weather resistance:

 As you’re planning to buy a night vision scopes for your crossbow, most likely you’re going use it for hunting. And, who doesn’t know that hunting may involves exposure to extreme weather condition like rain, fog, snow, cold etc. So, you should always go for the accessories which can withstand extreme weather conditions. All the scopes of our list are weather resistance. 


Are red dot scopes suitable for crossbows?

Yes, it can be beneficial to focus on the target.

Can fungus damage the scope?

Yes, it can, and you need to clear the body of the scope regularly.

How long do night vision scopes last?

A perfect one can serve you for 5000 hours continuously.

Which one better for nighttime hunting – night vision binocular or night vision scope?

Actually, these two devices have separate purposes. While night vision binoculars are used for spotting, watching, or identifying a game animal, night vision scopes are used for shooting your target accurately. Scopes will allow your shot accurately - possibility of killing in one shot increases if you have a very nice scope. So they aren’t alternatives to one another. For successful hunting you must have both.

Does all night vision scopes are compatible with crossbows? What should I look for?

Not necessarily. Most of the NV shooting scopes are particularly designed for rifles. However, some of the high quality scopes have compatibility with different weapons. Here in our list, we’ve included only the scopes that are suitable for crossbows.
While buying a night vision scope for your crossbow you should first ensure they can be mount on your bow that is the “rail system”. If it can be mounted on your bow then you can use them.

Why do night vision scopes require IR lights?

Night vision scopes aren’t like thermal scopes – they need some sort of light for creating clear images in the dark. This light can be the low ambient lights such as moon light, star light etc. Even very low intensity lights are enough for most good quality night vision scopes. But, if there’s no light at all, then they need artificial IR lights for that. That is why night vision scopes require IR illuminators for creating clear images in absolute darkness.

Is the stock IR illuminator enough for crossbow hunting? Or should I buy external IR for that?

All of our listed night vision scopes have built-in IR illuminator. And, they are powerful enough to provide clear view up to around 60-100 yards in complete darkness. In general, that range is sufficient for crossbow hunting.
But, if you are planning to hunt beyond that range, which is very unlikely, then you can buy more powerful IR.

What is range of view in complete darkness of these NV scope?

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro can provide around 300 yards range of view in complete darkness. Rest of the products of our list has at least around 100 yards range.

Should I pick on from this list or go for really expensive scopes?

For hunting at night with our crossbow, I don’t think you should buy more expensive one than our top listed night vision scopes.

Can I use ATN night vision scopes for nighttime hog hunting?

Of course, you can use them not only for hunting hogs at night, but also any game animals you want.

What is the maximum distance I can hunt from with ATN X-Sight 4K Pro? 

It depends on your crossbows capacity, ATN X-Sight 4K Pro can provide around 300 yards of view at compete darkness.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have come forward to presenting all the needed information to help you to decide which night vision scope you should buy for your crossbow. You have already got the list of five best night vision scopes here. After having considerable and extensive research in the market, we have found that ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope will provide you the best services in your nighttime hunting. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro has it all: absolutely magnificent view at night, ballistic calculator, rangefinder, special database for crossbow profile, long battery life, and a lot of accessories.

However, if your want to buy a less expensive night vision scope, without sacrificing much qualities, then you can go for Sightmark Photon XT. This one is the best for the money. Also, it’s more simple and user-friendly. So, it can be the best choice for a beginner hunter too to make a successful hunting expedition.

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