Best Night Vision Binoculars Under $500: A Crucial Tool for Hunting at Night

best night vision binoculars under $500

What is a night vision binocular? Why should buy the best night vision binocular for your night hunting and how can you select the best under $500? To know all these, you should continue reading this article.

Do you love hunting at night? Hunting in the dark is more thrilling and adventurous than hunting at broad daylight, you must agree on that. That's why hunting hogs at night or any other animal is very popular among the hunters. However, absence of light is a real problem at night. To deal with that, you should have some especial tools and gears for night time hunting. A high-quality night vision binocular is one of the most important tools that you would need for a successful hunting expedition. Why? Read on.

Previously, we have published another review article on the best binoculars. But here we are again on the same topic. However, this time we are not presenting ordinary binoculars, rather a specific types of binoculars which will allow you to see a long distance object at complete darkness. Yes,  it's "Night Vision" binoculars we are talking about.  

Night vision binoculars and monocular are used for viewing long distance objects in the dark. However, unlike thermal scopes night vision binoculars relies on at least some sort of ambient lights. It could be moon light or even the stars could provide sufficient light for a clear view with a high-quality night vision. In case of complete darkness, when there’s no natural light, night vision scopes use infrared illuminator. IR illuminators are like invisible flashlights. Naked eyes cannot detect it, but night vision can use it to provide a clear view for its users.

Thermal scopes use heat radiation to detect and object. Normally, a living thing provides more heat than the ambient which a thermal scope can detect. Normally, thermal scopes are too expensive for a normal night time hunting. Therefore, night visions become the most reasonable choice for hunting in the dark.   

So, we know why we are going to buy a night vision binocular – we want to see something, depending on our needs, from a distant place in the dark. Right? So, now the next important task is to get the right product to meet your needs. In this case, you should have some focus points to look over seriously. You know what; everyone wants to use the best products. In this case, they should consider some criteria, some constraints should be satisfied. For example, budget is a basic limitation.

So, through this article, we will inform you about the best night vision binoculars under $500 along with detailed description. After that, we hope you will be capable of getting the right product for you. Moreover, you’ll find a guideline to decide which types of binoculars will be more useful for your work – a complete buying guide.

Our top 3

We'll give you a list of 10 top night vision binoculars which will cost you under $500. But before that, let's have a quick peek at our top three suggestions-

Night Vision Goggles

  • 300 m range in the dark
  • Large 2.31-inch TFT screen
  • Waterproof
  • Strong IR illuminator
  • Clear views up to 3X magnification and 4X digital zoom

CREATIVEXP GlassOwl High-Tech Night Vision Binocular

  • 1300 ft range in the dark
  • No-glow IR illuminator
  • 3.5 - 7X optical zoom with 2X digital zoom
  • 2” Screen screen

List of Top 10 Best Night Vision Binoculars Under $500

You need not worry anymore. It is because; we have done extensive research in the market to find the best night vision binoculars. With the details, we will give you a list of products which have got a tag of price under $500. So, it will be quite more comfortable for you to buy one of them. Let's have a look at the list with details review.

Night Vision Binocular

Key features

Our rating


JStoon Night Vision

  • 300 m range
  • Adjustable 7 gear IR Illuminator
  • 3x fixed &  4x digital zoom
  • 2.31-inch TFT screen 
  • Record photos and videos


CREATIVEXP GlassOwl Night Vision

  • 1300 ft range
  • No-glow IR illuminator
  • 3.5 - 7X optical zoom with 2X digital zoom
  • 2” Screen 
  • Record photos and videos


Night Vision Goggles

  • 300 m range 
  •  2.31-inch TFT screen
  • Waterproof
  • Strong IR illuminator
  • Clear views up to 3X magnification 
  • Record photos and videos


Nightfox 100V Night Vision

  • Cheap
  • handy to focus
  • 110 yards range
  • 6 hrs battery life
  • Record photos and videos


Nightfox 110R Night Vision

  •  200 yard range 
  • Record photos and videos
  • Easy to use 
  • Cheap


Bestguarder NV-900

  • 2 inch TFT screen
  • High resolution images 
  • 400 m range
  • Record photos and videos


Solomark Night Vision 3.8-7.6X

  • 250 m range 
  • 7.6X fixed zooming
  • TV output
  • Records pictures and videos
  • Cheap


SOLOMARK Night Vision

  • 400 m range 
  • Clear view at 7X zoom
  • Less glare 
  • Records pictures and videos
  • Compact


Sightmark SM15070 Ghost Hunter

  • Wonderful clear view Up to 50-60 ft in dark
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with head mount
  • Records pictures and videos


Slsy Digital Night Vision

  • 400 m range
  • Strong zooming 
  • 6 hours continuous battery support
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with strap, USB cable, TV cable and a pouch
  • Records pictures and videos


This night vision hunting binocular shouldn’t be only into the category of “best night vision binocular under $500”. It’s really an awesome tool considering all price range. Yes, if you consider the performance and quality then it could easily beat any of those expensive binoculars! Let’s see why I am saying that -

Night vision binoculars should have an entire screen to make you enable to see things accurately. In this case, this model has got a substantial full display of 2.31'' TFT view screen which you can convert to a 3” large viewing screen with a convex lens in front of it. You know what, with its multi-coated optical procedure, the photo and video become purer and more authentic.

After that, we want to inform you about its performance. It has got the capability to zeroing the targeted things more than three times. Also, it has 4x digital zooming ability with a 25mm objective lens and 850NM Infrared Illuminator. These features will enable you to take outstanding clear 1280x960 px photos and 1280x960@30FPS videos in the dark.

On the other hand, you can get a clearer view because of its long-distance quality range up to 300 meters. With its super strong 7 gear infrared adjustment you can clearly see your target in even complete darkness.

Jstoon Night Vision Binocular uses 6 AA which can provide support up to 6 hours with IR illuminator on and without the IR it can run up to 17 hours continuously. I think it’s more than enough for hunting or any other types of night time activities.

That’s not all, this awesome binocular has up to 32 GB memory capacity! And guess what, a 32 GB microSD memory cards will come with the package. Besides, it has USB connecting option, so you can connect it to your laptop for rapid data transfer when needed.

Pros and Cons of JStoon Night Vision Goggles Hunting Night Vision Binoculars:


  • It provides clear view up to 300 meters range in complete darkness
  • It has 3x fixed zooming with 4x digital zooming capacity with clear image
  • Large crystal-clear display in 2.31-inch TFT (can be converted to 3-inch) large viewing screen
  • Huge battery support
  • It has got vast storage capacity to record and save the file into the slot
  • Adjustable 7 gear infrared illuminator system
  • Comes with 32 GB microSD memory card, case and durable strap


  • No notable drawback


This night vision binocular tops our list for a reason. And, the reason is – it actually the best product you can find under $500. The manufacturer of this binocular has truly focused on the visionary quality in the dark. So, you can have the best images of things with this model. Actually, it has everything that you can possibly want from a night vision.

CREATIVEXP is a well-renowned brand in providing optical things. They are quite keen to offer quality products to their users. You know what, the binoculars come from them are very useful in serving the customers.

GlassOwl High-Tech Night Vision Binocular has strong non-glow IR illuminator. Also, the zooming and focusing is reasonably easy. So, unlike many other low-quality night visions this one can give you a clear view in pitch dark without any ambient light.

Like any other fine binoculars, it has pretty strong zooming ability – 3.5 to 7X optical zoom with 2X digital zoom. So, you can have a good view of anything within 1300 ft with it. 

The spy gear is quite capable of providing high-quality images and videos in comparison with other models. Moreover, it has got a 2-inch built-in TFT screen for better display which you can concert to a 4” screen. You can also capture photos and clear videos in complete darkness with this device.

Pros and Cons of CREATIVEXP GlassOwl High-Tech Night Vision Binocular:


  • It can cover a very long distance to focus on the targeted objects
  • You can have it for your needs at an affordable price
  • IR illuminator is very strong to provide clear image in complete darkness
  • 3.5 to 7X optical zoom with 2X digital zoom
  • 4” viewing screen
  • It can capture and record clear picture and videos in the dark
  • It is perfectly compatible with any kind of weather condition
  • Long battery life


  • Little bulky
  • No clear instructions or manual


It’s a great night vision binocular. The image it provides without any natural light is just amazing. You can’t have a better night vision at this price. I’ll provide you the best value for your money.

In hunting, you should have a perfect focus on your target. You know what; in the dark, it can be quite tricky for you to do so. Keeping these things in mind, we can find this model as useful tools to focus clearly. It has an LCD screen which size is 2.31 inches altogether. This magnificent night vision can also capture 1280*960 HD images and record 960P videos in the dark.

Its infrared illuminator is also very strong which will allow you to view up to 300 meters. It has 7 levels IR adjustability for taking clear images in different lighting conditions.

Besides, Night Vision Goggles can provide clear view up to 3X magnification and 4X digital zooming. On the other hand, it has got a massive storage capacity up to 32 GB to save the file. Moreover, you will find that its battery can run for six hours continuously with the IR on and 17 hours without the IR.

Pros and Cons of Night Vision Goggles Binocular:


  • The manufacturer has designed it as a waterproof binocular
  • Clear crisp views up to 3X magnification and 4X digital zoom
  • Its IR illuminator is the best thing about it in comparison with other brands
  • 300 m range in complete darkness
  • 7 gear IR adjustability
  • The battery of this binocular can run for six hours without any interruption
  • 2.31-inch TFT (can be converted to 3-inch) large viewing screen
  • HD picture quality
  • Comes with a bag, strap and 32 GB SD card


  • It can cover the long-distance, but in that case, they will not be up to the mark
  • Its life expectancy is to shoot up to 2000 hours altogether


Its IR illuminator and batter capacity can satisfy your needs successfully. Besides, you will like its design and clarity. It’s an awesome tool for night hunting, security and surveillance, camping, night navigation, night fishing, wildlife observation and other night activities.

4 of 10 Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular Review

The widescreen monitor is the key in a night vision binocular, and this model has got that kind of screen. Besides, it can cover the range up to 110 yards. On the other hand, it can zoom in 6 times more than the standard view. You know what; this model is quite simple and easy to use. Moreover, it has come with eight AA batteries to supply power.

Pros and Cons of Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular:


  • Its eight AA batteries can supply power for 6 hours
  • The price of it is very reasonable
  • It has 110 yards clear view at night
  • You can find its convex lens is handy to focus on the objects
  • It has got life expectance up to 5000 hours
  • Clear image at 3x fixed magnification with a 2x digital zoom


  • It is not capable enough to cover the long-distance range
  • You cannot use it in every weather condition


It is effortless and straight forward to use, and you will love it for sure. The attractive central fact of this model is life expectancy.

Another model from the same manufacturer – Nightfox. Like the previous one, this night vision binocular is also awesome. But, it’s stronger than the previous model of 100V in every aspect.
For example, it has 1.5W infrared beam which ensures a great range - up to 165 yards with 7x optical zoom and 2x digital zooming capacity whereas the previous Nightfox 100V has only 110 yards range.
It uses only 4AA batteries which is half of 100V. However, it actually reduces the runtime of this binocular which is only two hours with the IR on and 5 hours without the IR.
It can also store photos and videos. You can max up the storing capacity up to 32 GB. It doesn’t come with any memory cards though which I think is OK for its low price. You can transfer the stored memory to your computer through USB port.

Pros and Cons of Nightfox 110R Widescreen Night Vision Binocular:


  • It provides clear view up to 200 yards in the dark
  • It can record photos and videos with play back option
  • Less number of batteries are required to run the device
  • Easy to use
  • Incredible price
    18-month warranty 


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Not very suitable for people with glasses
  • Not very suitable for profession hunters


It’s a nice night vision. It provides sufficient support to hunt in the night. And, if you consider the price then it’s one of the best for the money. However, if you are a professional hunter who loves to hunt in dark then you may not like it much.

The manufacturer has increased its durability because it has used a fiber optic plate to make this binocular. On the other hand, it has got an image intensifier tube, which is very rare in other binoculars. Besides, it can record photos and videos with preset settings. You know what; it has got eye-catching features like active infrared, duel tubes, convex lens. All of these features will satisfy your mind with service.

Pros and Cons of Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binocular:


  • It has got improved sensitivity to about 400 micro-amperes
  • It has built in 2-inch TFT screen that can be converted to 4-inch large viewing screen with awesome resolution
  • It provides high performance images at 4.5X optical magnification and 5X digital zoom
  • You will find an image intensifier tube in this binocular
  • The microchip slot will allow you to store up to 32 GB files
  • The manufacturer has made with fiber optic plate, which has increased its durability
  • 400m viewing distance in full darkness with strong IR illuminator


  • The magnification system is good enough
  • Sometimes you may find distortion in images


You will get satisfactory images at night, with its convex lens having infrared. Besides, its image intensifier can do good work for you.

This high-performance night vision binocular comes from Solomark, a reputed manufacturing company in this field. Solomark claims that it has 250 meters viewing rang in darkness with the associated 850 IR illuminator. However, it actually can provide clear view up to around 40 yards.

In daylight its zooming capacity will amaze you. With its 7.6x fixed zooming and 2x digital zooming you can get a very detailed view of an object from a distant place.

The display it provides are very clear. You can directly watch the images in a TV with a A/V cable. It has also video and picture recording feature. You can store data in a 32 GB SD card or transfer the data to your laptop with USB cable. 

Pros and Cons of 3.8-7.6X Light Weight Handed Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular:


  • Clear view up to 250 meters in the dark
  • 7.6X fixed zooming
  • It has clear display in it and also TV output
  • It can record pictures and videos
  • It has USB cable to connect computers
  • Cheap


  • The range isn’t that great in case of complete darkness


In case of relatively short range you can have awesome view in the dark with this device. It’s sturdy, light weight and very cheap. A great binocular for hunting at night.

I am not happy to put it that down in my list. It should go up. It’s really an awesome tool. The range is just amazing! You can have a clear and crisp view up to around 400m in the dark without a sweat. It has 7x fixed zooming and 2x digital zooming option. The IR illuminator is pretty strong to provide clear image in pure darkness.

It has video record and play back option in it. You can take and store pictures as well. It has up to 32 GB memory capacity. USB connectivity will allow you to transfer vide and photos easily to your computer.

Pros and Cons of SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars:


  • Tremendous 400 m range in the dark
  • Nice IR illuminator provides clear image in complete dark
  • It provides clear view up to 7X magnification in the darkCompact
  • It also provides a long-range view in daylight
  • It can records views and capture pic
  • Storing capacity is up to 32 GB
  • It has CMOS sensor that reduce glare


  • Resolution of the display isn’t very good


It’s really an awesome night vision which will provide you a long-range clear view in complete dark.

Sightmark has been in scope, red dot and binocular manufacturing field since 2007. Their products are very popular among the hunters for their high quality. SM15070 Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binocular is one of their best sellers.

This night vision binocular provides high resolution in complete darkness with its powerful illuminator. However, its range is comparatively shorter than many other night visions of our top picks. With the IR you will get a clear view for up to 150 feet. However, in shorter distance, like 50-60 feet, the image quality is just mind-blowing in even pitch-black night. You will be able to see every detail within that distance very clearly.   

Ghost Hunter 1x24 runs in 2AAA batteries which will support it for continuous 20 hours with IR on and 70 hours without the IR. I think this runtime is great for any types of night time outdoor activities.

It comes with head mount which will keeps your hand free. As a hunter, you know, it’s a great feature. This binocular is very compact, lightweight and durable.

Pros and Cons of Sightmark SM15070 Ghost Hunter 1x24 Night Vision Goggle Binocular Kit:


  • Within 50-60 feet it provides wonderfully clear view in the dark
  • Long running time with only 2AAA batteries
  • Lightweight, compact and durable construction
  • Comes with head mount, case and lens cloth


  • Not suitable for long range
  • Expensive


If you are looking for a night vision for a tremendously clear view in the dark then you can get this binocular.

Another product from the Sightmark. However, this product is just a little updated version of the previous one. The previous one has a 1x magnification but this one has 2x magnification. Rest of the features are similar to SM15070 Ghost Hunter 1x24 Night Vision. So, we aren’t going to repeat.

It’s another long-range night vision binocular with very strong IR illuminator. With it you can clearly up to 400 meters in the dark. Like most of the night vision binoculars it has option for taking photos and videos.

It’s zooming ability is nice - 7x magnifications with 2x digital zooming. Great thing is, it offers wide field of view for its 31nm object aperture.

It operates with 8AA batteries. Running time is also sufficient for all types of night time activities as it can run continuously for 6 hours with IR on. And, without the IR, it can go for 14 hours without a break.

This product is particularly great for hunting. It’s water resistant. It’s also resilience with other types of extreme weather condition. 

Pros and Cons of Slsy Digital Night Vision Hunting Binoculars:


  • Long range clear view in the dark with super strong IR illuminator
  • Zooming is also very strong (3.5X and 7X magnification, 2X digital zoom)
  •  It can take videos and pictures
  • 6 hours continuous battery support with IR on
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with strap, USB cable, TV cable and a pouch
  • Reasonable price


  • Works great within around 200 yards. After that view become blurry!


First of all, it’s a very nice night vision binocular with a very much reasonable price. The range is awesome in the dark at night. Also, it’s made with water resistant materials. No doubt is one of the finest night vision binocular for night hunting.

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Most Suitable Night Vision for You

best night vision binoculars review

On some features, you should focus on getting the best products. These features are the key player to make the device useful for you. Let's have a look at those features in the following lines.

Covering Range

At first, you have to focus on the covering range. You know what, very often, you will need to hunt where the distance between you and your targeted animal can be so vast. So, in this case, you should have a broad range covering the model.

IR illuminator

It is a very crucial feature for the night vision binoculars. With the help of it, you can have got perfect use of infrared. It will remove the light from the infrared and enable you to get clear images.

Battery Power

You may need to stay in hunting places for a long time. In this case, your binoculars should have a quality battery that can provide power for this time. Besides, it must be durable enough.


The view screen of the binocular must be comprehensive. On the other hand, TFT monitors and LCD monitors are two good things to see the images of the objects.


Your binocular must have a quality magnification system. In this way, you can zero the focused image based on your needs. It can be three times functional or six times functional. So, you should get a more functional magnifications system.

Field of View

It is an essential feature. You should consider how wide it can cover while you are hunting in the area. It will make your hunting successful. 


1. Which is better night vision or thermal?

Answer: if we consider recognizing, identifying, and harvesting power, then the night vision is better than thermal.

2. Can IR illuminator be useful?

Answer: yes, it removes the lousy light form the infrared and provides better images.

3. How can I veil my night vision?

Answer: By using a thermal blanket, you can hide your night vision form a thermal scanner.

Final Verdict

Now, at the end of this article, now we can hope that you have got all the necessary information. We have selected all our list of top 10 products are based on an extensive market research and buyers’ feedback. All of them are high quality products with very pleasant performances. You can buy any one from this list.

However, as we are going to make our ultimate choice, we would recommend you to buy JStoon Night Vision Goggles Hunting Night Vision BinocularsThis night vision binocular tops our list in a very hard compaction with other high-quality products for solid reason. It even can beat any highly expensive night vision binos in most of the performance measures. Price of Jstoon is also incredible. If your objective is to get a high quality and reasonable priced night vision binocular under $500 which will allow to get clear view in even complete darkness then you should buy this product.

You best alternative of Jstoon would be Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars. Though it’s little expensive than Jstoon, this model can provide you the best value for the money. Besides, it can cover a long-range and provide you clear images. With its IR illuminator, you can get quality photos and videos. It's a great night vision tool for night time hunting.

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