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Have you ever heard a widely spoken saying that you should come out of your comfort zone to make a success? But, we believe, sacrificing all the comforts does not secure the success rather brings failure. Sometimes a little comfort can stable your focus on your goal. In this article, we are going to make a clear view of the best hunting rifle sling for you. We suggest you should never downsize the comfort of sling what you get using the best one. At the end of the article, you will have all the facts to justify why we have said to do so.

Whether you are a professional law enforcement or army person and your profession requires you to carry a rifle. Besides, you can be such a hunter who hunts in the forest or kind of places full of danger. Whatever you are, if you carry a rifle then using a sling is essential. A quality sling will assist you to balance the weight of rifle on your shoulder while going through a rugged place.

You may have the hard tasks to choose the best one and that's why in this article, we have included all the necessary information such as best features of hunting rifle sling, list top ten with details and much more to make it easy for you.  One thing I must mention, this list doesn't contain any leather made slings. I have reviewed leather rifle slings in a different post - "7 Best Leather Rifle Sling Reviews: A Complete Guide of Buying and Maintaining Leather Sling".

At first, we will look at our list of best slings for hunting rifles with our verdicts and then we will talk about how you can choose the most suitable one for you. We will end our review with some general Q&A session.

Our top

Before diving deep into the our reviews lets first see our top 3 slings:

BEst sling for money

STI 2 Point Rifle Sling

  • Easy installation
  • Easy adjustament
  • Extremely durable
  • Cheap rifle sling
best alternative

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling (Upgrade)

  • easy adjustment
  • Comfortable
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather and resistant

10 Best Rifle Sling for hunting

Here, we have made a list of top 10 rifle slings for you. Throughout the article, you will get the details about these slings to make it easy for you to decide. 

This rifle string is one of the finest hunting rifle slings out there, made of thermoplastic non-slip rubber that keeps it on your shoulder snugly. Also, it can withstand extreme cold (up to -20 degree) or any other natural adversaries. For this reason, it doesn’t dry rot or breakdown like neoprene made gun slings. Its scent resistant feature makes it particularly unbeatable in the hunting area. Also, this sling is quite and shock absorbing. A great advantage for hunting purposes.

Ultimate rifle sling: best hunting rifle sling

Ultimate gun sling is suitable for rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader and crossbow; a perfect choice for a serious hunter. This USA a made gun sling offers a lifetime warranty with one-year satisfaction guaranty. It also comes with a heavy-duty USA made swivels. Installation is very easy. You can wear it on one shoulder, ready barrel down or up.

Here's a video review on Ultimate Rifle Sling:

It’s true that you will find many high-quality rifle-slings out there especially built for outdoor sports but all of them has some drawbacks as well. Hunting in USA is mostly done in winter. So, it’s very important that your tools can withstand extreme cold for a long time. Ultimate Gun Sling has the ability to tolerate any types of extremeness. It’s all rounder sling which has some additional advantages in all factors that makes a sling the best.  

ultimate gun sling
Ultimate gun sling

Pros and Cons of Ultimate Rifle Sling


  • Gripping rubber material keeps it in place during optimum mobility
  • Cold resistant, shock absorbent and quite
  • It’s also impervious to scent
  • Low cost
  • It’s super comfortable
  • Life time warranty with one-year satisfaction guaranty
  • Suitable for different types of hunting weapons i.e. rifle, shotgun, muzzle-loader, crossbow etc.
  • After adjusting the sling, it holds its position, means the tension buckles doesn’t slip away easily


  • Couldn’t find any noticeable faults. Some might find it little small for very large guns.

Why Should You Buy Ultimate Rifle Sling for Your Rifle?

Because, this rifle sling is the ultimate sling for your hunting purpose. It has everything, all the features, that a hunter would want in his sling. So, if you are looking for a smart designed, comfortable, durable, long lasting hunting rifle sling than you can choose this one. I bet; you won’t regret!

If you go to the market, you will find that this is the most user-friendly sling among all other available slings. It has got fast adjusting features for that you do not need to apart your sling to change the length in fast. This high-quality nylon rifle sling ensures that it will remain grind resistant and will perform well in extreme tugging and detaching pressure.

Through this sling, you will have the facilities of carrying as well as you can get it in your hand while shooting. You can adjust it to extend up to 55 inches. The fact is important to ensure its quality that it has gone through 4000 pounds of durability test and got passed. That means you can pull it with a huge force and it will remain good as always.

Pros and Cons of STI 2 point Rifle Sling


  • It has passed in 4000 pounds pulling test
  • You can adjust it without any difficulties
  • It will make your rifle ready for shooting instantly
  • You can install it easily on your rifle
  • You can personalize with the help of the manufacturer
  • The fast discharging knob makes it fast and comfortable to move


  • It will not be suitable for you if you are big and frieze
  • Extra stripe tucks up over the body while using the rifle
  • You may seem the belt as tinny and feeble

Why Should You Buy Ultimate STI 2 Point Rifle Sling for Your Rifle?

This model provides fast-moving adjustment which is a very important fact while you are in a hurry to shoot. Users' experience says that this feature often proves its importance in the point of need. It can serve you for a long period because it is quite durable.

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling (best hunting rifle sling)

It is a 2 point sling that allows you to bind the sling with the rifle using the two connectors. The manufacturer of this sling has upgraded this model in two aspects in comparison with the previous one. As a user, you will get a grounding rubber tugging tab with it.  For it, you can adjust the sling very fast.

The second upgraded feature is that it has kicked off the plastic button and here it is using the quality anti-rust metal as the quality buttons. It has got resilient store fillet which will help to do ease mounting and you can adjust it to shoot in rugged spaces. These upgrades features have increased its durability and user-friendliness.

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling (upgrade)

The heavyweight of the gun cannot make you uncomfortable during the shooting times. While you are in amidst of training you can get appreciable performance using it properly.

Here's and installation video of Viking Tactic Sling: 

Pros and Cons of Viking Tactic Wide Padded Sling


  • You can carry big size arms while walking to your shooting points.
  • It is extremely strong and durable
  • It is easy and comfortable
  • It can relieve you from the heaviness of the rifle's weight
  • It has included nylon which is weather resistant
  • The metal buttons are fully serviceable
  • It has two strong attach points


  • It will not work well with all types of a long rifle
  • In comparison with another sling including the same features, it will cost you high

Why Should You Buy Viking Tactic Wide Padded Rifle Sling for Your Rifle?

When you are using a long frame rifle it can be the best choice for you. it offers you to get a wide range of services at an affordable price. You may need to run for a long distance and the heavyweight of rifle can make you uncomfortable. It can relieve you of this issue.

Magpul is a popular name among the hunters especially in sling aria. They have been producing high quality products since 1999. Magpul’s slings are extremely efficient, durable and convenient. This two-point sling is one of their great products made with heavy-duty polymer. Though it’s a dedicated two-point sling can work equally efficiently a one-point sling with optional adapters.

This sling is easily adjustable to any kind and length (48-60 in. ± 5 inch) of weapon i.e. long or short rifle, shotgun etc. It has 1.25-inch-wide webbing with 1.85-inch pad. The slider’s adjustment range is 10 inches.

Like other Magpul sling, this USA made rifle sling can withstand heavy uses in extreme cold and rain makes it very suitable for hunting.

Pros and Cons of Magpul Two Point Sling


  • Efficient and easy adjustment
  • Can withstand any kind of extreme weather condition
  • Water resilient
  • Smooth slim slider
  • It’s a professional sling


  • Setting up the sling could be a difficult job as they didn’t include a easy installation manual

Why Should You Buy Magpul Two Point Sling Rifle Sling for Your Rifle?

When you are using a long frame rifle it can be the best choice for you. it offers you to get a wide range of services at an affordable price. You may need to run for a long distance and the heavyweight of rifle can make you uncomfortable. It can relieve you of this issue.

This one isn’t just a high-quality hunting rifle sling but also a survival tool. Wondering how?

Well, the dynamic design of this adjustable paracord rifle sling makes it an extremely useful survival tools as it can be used as a tourniquet, kernmantle rope, shoestrings, belts, suspenders, hoists etc.

Well, TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling is especially designed for hunting and other outdoor sports. It’s suitable for all types of guns, rifles and shotguns. It, even, can be used as a cross bow sling. This sling is made with high-quality nylon having durable metal buckles and swivels ensures easy and solid adjustment. It is more than 17-inch long and adjusts with any gun from 30 to 44 inch long. This sling is also very comfortable, lightweight and sturdy.  So, in short, this sling is just a perfect sling for hunting purposes.

Pros and Cons of TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling


  • Comfortable, durable and lightweight
  • Suitable for guns, rifle, shotgun and even crossbows
  • Can be used as survival tools i.e. tourniquet
  • Can be utilized as clothing, belts, suspenders, clotheslines, pulley systems, ropes etc
  • Suitable for all types for hunters i.e. youth, adults, big game hunting, small game hunting etc
  • Have color options
  • Easy and quick adjustment
  • Doesn’t slip off


  • Only a part of the sling is paracord
  • Doesn’t have any swivel with this sling

Why Should You Buy TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling for Your Rifle?

One of the best gun sling for hunting. I think, for hunting purposes, mainly, it’s hard to get a better one than this if we consider its multi-dimensional usages.

Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling

BPI Outdoors is the parent company of Quake Industry renowned for their several world-famous brands. Quake is one of them. This model of Claw Sling system is developed by Quake Industries specially praised for their non-slip and odor resistant pad attached to their slings. This pad is extremely durable and allows up to half inch stretch. As they claimed their slings actually stays on position and doesn’t slip, tug or roll.

Quake 50000-1 Claw is specially built for hunters can withstand extreme cold or hot weather. I haven’t checked them personally but one of my fellow hunters told me that he’d used this sling even in -30-degree Fahrenheit without any difficulties. This thing is also U.V. resistant. Also, if it gets wet then due to hunting in the rain, it doesn’t hold water like foam of leather. So, it doesn’t rot for that.

 Besides, this sling comes with high-quality Hush Stalker II QD metal swivels which is extremely sturdy and durable. Easy to use and maintain. The design is also very smart, I must say. They put the swivels in such a way that it won’t have any direct contact with your gun to keep it scratch fee. 

Pros and Cons of Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling


  • Comfortable and durable padded sling
  • The sling is non-slip, grippy, odor resistant, silent and allows ½” stretching
  • Can withstand extreme cold and hot weather
  • Water resilient
  • Comes with strong, durable and user-friendly swivel
  • Quick adjustment


  • Large user could find it small

Why Should You Buy Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling for Your Rifle?

It’s a high quality rifle sling that do it work perfectly. It’s comfortable, durable, weather resistant and doesn’t slip. What you want more?

7 of 10 Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling

If, comfort is the primary want that you wish in your rifle sling then you may choose this hunting rifle sling. It will dramatically reduce the felt weight of your weapon, no matter what is the weight. The core material of it is soft, flexible closed cell neoprene. One side of this sling is made with nonslip gripping material which keeps it on place. So, you won’t have to deal with the irritating “adjusting on the shoulder” thing of a rifle.

Besides, it can also be used as a crossbow sling. Butler Creek sling comes with a high-quality swivel that enables it to quick and hassle-free adjustment with your gun. Butler Creek Comfort Stretch rifle sling has different color options. One of them is pink camo rifle sling which will be a great choice for women hunters.  

Pros and Cons of Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling


  • Tremendously comfortable. Actually, this sling is the most comfortable rifle sling of this list
  • Suitable for rifle, shotgun and crossbow
  • Easy installation
  • It has option of pink camo rifle sling
  • Cost effective


  • Swivel isn’t big enough for some guns

Why should you Buy Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling for your rifle?

This rifle sling is extremely comfortable. If your hunting place require long walk or climbing where you need to carry your rifle for a long time then you can buy this sling. Besides, it has many other advantages as I've mentioned below. 

The Allen Company has been working on hunting and fishing area since 1970 with dignity. They’ve covered almost all the department of hunting with their unique products. The Allen Company is producing not only for only hunting purposes but also, they are producing different hunting rifle slings dedicated for different games i.e. elk hunting sling, duck hunting sling etc. Unlike many other sling producing companies, they have many types and designs of slings to offer.

Although, I have titled their universal hunting rifle sling here, with which you can cover all types of games, I will try to mention some of their dedicated slings later.

First of all, let’s talk about the original Hypa-Lite model. This model is built for universal hunting which means you can hunt anything with it. Personally, I prefer this model because I actually couldn’t find much difference with other dedicated slings with it. So, why not go with the allrounder?

All the hypa-lite slings are made of high-quality light weight Hypalon. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber praised for its resistance to extreme temperatures, U.V. and water. The low density padded portion very comfortable. It’s also covered with non-slip textures so that I can’t drop from your shoulder during hiking or climbing. This sling has 3” wide pad with 1” wide web. It also comes with a durable swivel with it.

 Allen Company Gear Fit Pursuit sling (Stalker) for elk hunter is a dedicated rifle sling for elk hunting. It has all the feathers like the previous one with some additional features such as – it has Indicator and diaphragm call pockets, shell loops and accessory D-rings, Adjustable ladder-lock buckle. These added features, I think, make this one particularly best sling for elk hunting.

Allend Company’s hypa-lite has a dedicated version for Turkey hunters and named it “Shocker”. It has some extra advantages like slots for three mouth calls and two handy loops for extra cartridges makes it very convenient rifle sling for hunting turkey.

Sling for Turkey hunting (Shocker)

  Allen Company Gear Fit Pursuit sling (Punisher) for duck hunting is another nice sling especially build for waterfowl hunters. Like this turkey sling it also has extra pockets for duck calls and extra bullets.

Prowler is the dedicated version of hypa-lite sling for hunting predator. It covers all the features of original sling with some extra features like –

  • Indicator, Mouth call, and diaphragm call pockets
  • Shell loops, accessory D-rings, Adjustable ladder-lock buckle etc.

Sling for predator hunting (Prowler)

 Apart from these different models of slings it has also dedicated slings for deer hunting (Bruiser) as well. This Mossy-Oak break up country colored sling has some additional features like extra pocket for indicator or grunt call.

Pros and Cons of Allen Company Gear Fit Pursuit, Hypa-Lite Rifle and Shotgun Hunting Sling


  • Dedicated sling models for different games i.e. deer, predator, elk, turkey and waterfowl
  • Comfortable and durable pads
  • Comes with swivels
  • Extreme weather resistant


  • Seems less durable than many high-quality slings

Why should you this Sling for your rifle?

Well, this sling is undoubtedly of the best rifle sling which is dedicatedly built for hunting only. They also offer different models suitable for hunting different games. And, truly you’ll find some benefits and advantages while hunting with those dedicated slings as they demand. Especially the Stalker, with this price, I think this one is really the best sling for hunting Elks. Try it!

Allen Cascade Neoprene Rifle Sling with Swivels

Like other high-quality Neoprene made rifle slings this sling also ensures durability, comfort and longevity. But this sling is especially made for serious hunters. So, it serves all the purposes as a rifle slings that a hunter would want. Hunters needed to exposed in difficult weather for a long time. So, everything he uses should sustain in such weather like extreme cold or heavy rain.  

This sling will be a trustworthy companion of your rifle as it won’t slip off your shoulder during heavy activity. It’s water proof nature make it more resilience with heavy rain – so it won’t rot easily or become smelly when exposed to water.

Pros and Cons of Allen Cascade Neoprene Rifle Sling  


  • Heavy padding ensures optimum comfort
  • Non-slip material (Tacky “sharksin”) made secure non-slip performance
  • Comes with swivels
  • Cheap
  • Durable


  • This fastener couldn’t hold the adjustment for long time while hiking or climbing. So, not very suitable for hunters who need to take a long walk.
  • Not suitable for all types of weapon
  • Not suitable for big guy

Why should you this Sling for your rifle?

If you are looking for a good quality, comfortable and low-cost rifle sling for your hunting then you can choose this one. However, I should warn you, this sling isn’t suitable for AR.

S2Delta - USA Made Premium 2 Point Rifle Sling (best hunting rifle sling)

If you want to have the facilities of fast and one-handed movement for adjustments then it can make you granted. It is the premium type of 2 point rifle sling. The connectors can easily detach from the points in a true sense of fastness. In it, you will get a two inches length a shoulder band which will allow you to carry the heavy load of the gun and makes the rifle easily movable for you while shooting. One thing which can make you unpleasant that it is does not include padded formation.

The manufacturer has well thought of making the sling. You may enjoy the shooting but no lace or nothing will interfere in between your rifle and you. That's why they have included the thick sling point which remains connected with a rifle. Both the points of the sling are quickly adjustable.

Pros and Cons of Allen Cascade Neoprene Rifle Sling  


  • It is a premium level 2 point sling type
  • You can use multiple weapons just buying extra connectors for it
  • It offers a very good service in terms of money
  • It is quite well adjustable indifferent to size
  •  All the materials come from USA based suppliers
  • It looks great with the rifle
  • You can use it for a long time


  • It has no padding included for the users
  • It has got a complex design
  • Its 2 points connectors sometimes become unable to hold the rifles

Why should you this Sling for your rifle?

If you have any thought using or carrying multiple guns with one sling, then it can be the most suitable option for you. The price may be a little high than others but surely it's providing a satisfactory service to its users. You will find the adjustable movements and quality service using this sling in every situation.

Final Verdict 

After going so far, we can find the best rifle sling among all. If we talk about durability, climate resistance, high quality materials and if we also consider the phrase “hunting rifle slings” then Ultimate rifle sling will be the best option for you. This one sling is an all-rounder, you can say, fit all the kinds of hunting rifles, shotguns and suitable for hunting any kind of games as well.

In comparison with other slings, another thing you need to take into account is fast working adjustments. The fast-moving knob enables this sling to quick adjustments with the necessity of the arms. As a user, you will find your rifle becomes ready to shoot accordingly to your command at once. You may need to carry the rifle for a long time. These can allow remaining workable after covering the huge distance by coping with the heavyweight of the rifles. You can find it to use multiple weapons with the loops of the sling. As it is 2 point sling, two connectors can make good adjustments with the rifles effectively.

You may find it more comfortable than others because it can relieve you from the heavy load of the rifles. The price you are going to pay with your hard earn money will not go in vain if you purchase this sling for your rifle.  It ensures quality service for a long time.

If you are looking for a sling which is best for the money then the STI 2 Point Rifle Sling will be the best option for you. Among other slings, it ensures the most durability. You know that it has passed the 4000 pounds stressing test which indicates that it can remain in the quality shape in spite of facing huge pressure of pulling toward reverse. This is the only sling that has that facility.

While we are giving details of the top 10 rifle sling, some facts we need to take into account to finalize the best one. Every sling has its good aspects and bad aspects. You need to go through the details and find out which will be the best choice for you.

Best Hunting Rifle Sling

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best One?

Choosing the best sling for you could be a tricky one. Slings aren’t just a tool like a holster to sling your gun safely, it’s also like a normal clothing i.e. shoes. How? See, like any other dresses comfort and fashion is a big issue in case of sling. If it doesn’t comfort you, you won’t use it. If you don’t like the color or looks of it, you won’t use it. Each one has a different choice. You can’t just suggest something as the best for someone. It must fit and likable to him. So, for finding the best one you need to consider your priorities i.e. types and sizes of you gun, your body shape, color choice, weather you want to hunt etc.

In our review section we have already provided you the necessary details regarding the features of the top rifle slings. So, that you can select one for you from our list. These features includes the high-quality performance of the sling that you should look before purchasing a rifle sling. You may consider durability, easement, and many more. To guide you to the right one, we have discussed here some of the important criteria that you should look at before selecting the one for you.  What should you consider are- 

Types of sling: At first, you have to be sure what types of sling you are looking for. You just need to match your needs with the types to avoid confusion. The one-point sling will allow firing using the backward of your shoulder and it has got one connector. Whereas two-point sling has got two connectors in rear and front of the arms. At last, you may choose three points sling which has three connectors and your shoulder can carry the arms using these types of sling easily for a long distance.

Safety: A sling works as a holster for the rifle. It keeps it safe on position. But like holster it couldn’t cover the trigger. So, you should be very when it slung on your shoulder. It shouldn’t be directed to you or anyone else. Considering that, 2-point slings are more secure than single point slings.   As, in case of single point sling you will always use one of your hand to keep your rifle on right position.

Compatibility: You must have a sling which is the most compatible with your arms. According to the variation of your arms, you should choose the right one. Your rifle’s backing position and grabbing the rifle with comfort depend on this issue.

Durability: We seriously know the fact that your hard earn money should not go wasted. You will likely choose the durable one and in this matter, you may consider the materials and choose the right brand. Sometimes, getting the review from experience users and having a clear conversation with the sellers can help to find the best sling.

Climate Resistance: You know, the climate can impact almost everything. Throughout the year, sling needs to stick up to with different climate. It will be better for you if you select a sling that gets parched quickly and keeps little weight while remaining wet. Sometimes, a sling includes metal and you have to be sure that this metal is rust-resistant. Besides, the sling must resist extreme heat and cold weather.

Material: You may like leather coated sling but it will cost you high. But leather sling is the long-enduring thing. On the other hand, some professionals like rubber in the sling because it grabs the shoulder well and never slip off from the body. In some cases, metal can make a great impact on sling’s attachment or arms position.

Price: in generally, slings will not cost so high. You must meet your budget and get the best value for your price. The quality is the main facts to take into account. Talk to your seller whether they are providing a warranty or not. Warranty provided sling's price is high but you can get the best service surely for a long time.


1. What a rifle sling is?

Answer: A rifle a sling is such a strap made with leather, nylon, metals, and many more things to carry rifle conveniently. As a user of the rifle, a person often needs to carry rifles for the long-distance and sometimes faces extreme condition. In such a situation, sling relieves the users from the heavy load.

2. What is a single point rifle sling?

Single point sling uses a chest strap that goes diagonally over your chest from bottom to your shoulder. The strap attached to one point of the rifle and goes from the corset of the rifle. Single point sling is helpful for rapid draw of the rifle. But single point isn’t very convenient as it doesn’t stay in position and bounce around during movement.

3. What is a 2- point rifle sling?

In a two-point sling the strap attached to two points of a rifle. With this sling the rifle can be slung face up which known as hunter-style and face down position in one shoulder. Also, it can be carried diagonally across the back. Carrying a rifle with two-point sling is much safer.  

4. What is a 3-point rifle sling?

In a 3-point sling, the rifle sling has an extra sling with a primary two-point sling. The bottom end of this additional sling is fixed to the rifle and the other end is attached to the primary sling with a slider. So, a three-point rifle sling offers different carrying options. But, this sling isn’t very user friendly and convenient as it limits movement and comfort.      

5. Is it mandatory for a rifle user to use a sling?

Answer: Somehow it is mandatory to use a sling for rifle because you cannot hold the rifle all the time. Your hands need to be free while you are not using your rifle or doing something else with your both hands. On the other hand, you must have a sling for your rifle while covering the long distance.

6. How much a rifle sling’s length can be normally?

Answer: It depends on the type of sling you are using for your rifle. But on an average, a rifle sling can be about 24 inches to 56 inches long. 

7. What are the things you need to take into account before buying a sling for your rifle?

Answer: Before buying any sling for your rifle, at first you have to match your need for your budget. Beside you have to have clear knowledge on durability, types of sling, materials, price, and climates resistant of the sling.

8. How long-lasting a rifle sling is?

Answer: usually, you can use a rifle sling for a long period because most the sling has included leather, premium nylon, and rust-proof metal. By taking proper care of your sling you can use a sling over the decades. 

9. Is there any possibility of getting pain on the shoulder because of sling?

Answer: The probability of getting pain for the sling is very low. Instead, it helps you to carry the heavy load of the rifle. In this way, you can complete your haunting smoothly.


We hope you get all the necessary information to make the best choice of sling. Just keep in mind; you can get the best service with the right choice after considering all the facts very deeply. A sling can not only assist you in carrying the rifle but also ensures that your rifle always remains ready to use instantly. On the other hand, your hard earn will not go in vain, if you analyze all the pre-requisite before making any decisions.  You should feel comfortable while you are using your rifle. Besides, you have to have a concern that your rifle does not get slipped off from your shoulders. The best rifle sling can put an end to these issues for you.

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