7 Best Decoy Sled for Hunting Reviewed | Look What We’ve Found!

What’s a decoy sled and why should you buy one for your hunting? Which one is the best decoy sled at present? How can you buy or select the best one for you? If you are wondering then, this article is for you. Read this and you’ll find out the answers of those questions.

What if your passion meets with the right equipment?  You know, it brings impressive rhythm to your works. In any particular thing you may name, the right equipment is essential. Similar to this point, hunting requires some potential gears. Here, your presence reveals to us how passionate you are towards hunting. If you equip yourself with proper gears, then you may get your desire to hunt to become real. When you are up to go hunting, you always need to carry some tools with you. And, if you use decoys then you must carry it to your hunting location.

Not every decoy you can carry with your hand. Especially if you are planning to use any heavy decoy like coyote decoy or deer decoy then you just can’t carry them with a bag. Not for a longer distant. Not in a windy cold weather where you have to walk through deep snow.   In this scenario, a decoy sled is a must have tool which will make your hunting a lot easier. Therefore, enjoyable!

Also, you need to bring the prey back home after hunting them. In that case, you need a total transporter to do so. A high-quality decoy sled is such a thing to transport all the tools with it to the hunting places. Not only the decoys!

You know, the areas where preys are available may be a difficult destination to reach. Usually, we find that such a destination takes lots of toils on the journey. You may need to go through forest, canal, lake, or rugged places. In this situation, you will go to face hardship as a whole. A decoy sled may play a considerable role in belittling the misery. It can carry all the gears of hunting for you. In this article, you are going to clear your view regarding a perfect decoy sled with details. Moreover, we have listed all the good products with more information to lessen your dilemma of selecting the right one.  At the end of the article, you may have the proper information to consider the criteria to choose the products which suit you the most.

7 Best Decoy Sled for Hunting

As a customer, you may get lots of confusion while visiting the market to get the best  for you. It’s not your fault or deficiency but the presence of enormous verity in the market, which creates a dilemma. To enrich you with the necessary information, we have gone through extensive research to find a list of the best products of the market. Not only that, you are going to have proper details of those products. 

Our top 3

At first lest have a quick peek at our top 3 decoy sleds:

BEst  for the money

Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr Upsable

Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr  Upsable, 21 x 43 x 8-Inch
  • Huge capacity
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy  to pull over rugged terrain
  • Cost effective
best Alternative

Terrain Sport Sled

Terrain Sport Sled D54 (Black, 4.5-Feet)
  • large size and huge capacity
  • lightweight
  • suitable for multi-purpose task
  • Easy to pull

List of top 7 decoy sled for hunting

Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled

No wonder, we are all known that going through ice occupied land is not an easy task. Besides that, if you take decoys and other hunting gears, then it becomes mandatory to have a right transporter such as decoy sled to carry them. In that case, this is the right product for you. It has made with thick polyethylene. For that, it can take any hurdles generated from the ups and downs of the road.

Its cast runner brings power and fixity to the decoy. Though, it mostly has introduced for ice fishing, you may carry large size and number of decoys within it because of the availability of the space. It has got considerable boundary barriers, which creates that space for tools and preys. The total measurement of it exactly goes to 55 inches by 24 inches altogether.  

Body build up emphasizes the strength, and that is why it can take lots of stress on the off-road.  The manufacturer has designed it to load attachment to drag by a vehicle on the ice-covered road. On the other hand, the manufacturer has provided a configured hull for you to draw the sled to the destination.

Pros and Cons of Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sleds:


  • It has got polyethylene body build-up because of that it is quite strong and durable
  • The price of it is so much affordable in comparison with other brands
  • The size of it very spacious to carry heavy loads for you
  • You will get an excellent grip to draw because of its tag rope
  • It is quite easy to clean. 


  • Mostly suitable for ice-covered areas

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

For frequent use in the ice-covered area, it will be your best option. On the other hand, the strength and massive loading capacity make it an automatic choice for you. If you want to select the best sled for carrying your decoys, considering all the aspects, then you can go for this sled.

Terrain Sport Sled D54 (Black, 4.5-Feet)

Similar to the above model, it also compatible with snow or ice-covered area. But the most important fact you may like is that you can not only transport decoys but also skating with it in the snow. That is why it has got a name with the sport. You can go for duck hunting, fishing, and transporting the goods to the area wherever you like. The manufacturer has used polyethylene to make it. For the existence of this material, it has become even more robust and stable.

They capitalize on a five-gallon spacious level for which you can carry a vast amount of goods with you. Moreover, you will also get a thick rope with it covering the sled to draw forward. The grip is good enough, and you feel no hassle in pulling the boat. You may be amused knowing that you can use it even in carrying a Christmas tree.  So, you can use it as an all-rounder transporter in your usual hunting or some other works.

Pros and Cons of Terrain Sport Sled:


  • It has got a large size and huge capacity
  • You will find reliable and durable for the existence of polyethylene materials
  • It has got very lightweight
  • The thick rope will allow drawing the sled quickly
  • You can use it for the multi-purpose task


  • The bottom of it is a little weak for rugged terrain
  • The rope can tear up

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

It is an excellent performer for sporting and hunting. As a total transporter, it can amuse highly. So, if you want to get the best from a decoy sled, then you may note it on your top list.

Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr  Upsable, 21 x 43 x 8-Inch

This brand is substantial familiar with the hunting lovers because of making quality decoy sled. According to our study, we have found that it is very much durable and spacious as well. It has made with virgin crude plastics. That is why it has become so sturdy in comparison with other brands. The dimension of it is up to 21 inches by 43 inches, along with a height of 8 inches.

So, it will enable you to load and transport a large number of goods with it like firewood, ducks, and gears. On the other hand, you will get a tow rope with it to drag the sled on any ground. The cast bottom of it has made it possible to remain stable and unbroken even in rugged terrain. It is a big game hunting sled that is why we often see professional hunter usually uses it. It is the reason for the high price of this model.

Pros and Cons of Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr Upsable:


  • It has got huge space to carry lots of goods
  • It has made with virgin crude plastic, which makes it durable and sturdy
  • The bottom cast enables it to run through the rugged terrain efficiently
  • You will get a tow rope to drag it


  • The price of it a little high in comparison with other brands
  • Only suitable for professional people

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

As a professional hunter, you will find it as the right equipment for you. It can carry lots of goods, and it can prove itself as a very useful in hunting. You can not only carry a good number of duck decoys, but also you can bring back a lot of ducks with it after your successful hunting.

Beavertail Sport Sled

The world-renowned manufacturer has brought a considerable decoy sled for the duck hunter. It has come as a unique model of this brand. With it, you can carry a massive load like woods and gears to the destined place. The large size of it enables us to do so, and this size is mostly 64 inches length,  29 inches in width, and 11 inches in height. So, you can easily understand how big it is.

The manufacturer has used polyethylene to make, and for this reason, it has got rigidness and strength. You will find it excellent that it has got a unique feature like rotating-cast build-up, which enables it to seamless moving towards the targeted places. You can transport goods through rugged terrain even through the water with it. To cut the heaviness of the water, it has got a sharp edge in the front. Moreover, you can have a satisfactory performance with it in adverse weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of Beavertail Sport Sled:


  • It has got extreme thick polyethylene, which makes it durable
  • Its rotating-cast construction provides its strength
  • You can carry huge loads with it
  • It has got very lightweight in comparison with its size
  • You will have the scope to choose from a variety of sizes


  • It can quickly get scratch in its body
  • The tow rope is not strong enough

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

This brand has got fame for making quality products. With it, you can have the best performance that you desire. Besides, you may use it for multi-purpose based on your needs. It’s one of the best duck decoy sled you can find in the market.

Shappell Jet Sled Multi-Purpose Sled

You may need the decoy sled for hard ground like a forest, ice-covered area, water, and many more places. Based on your needs, you can use anywhere you want. The manufacturer provides it in the market as an all-round performer. Similar to other brands, it also uses polyethylene to build its body. Besides, the molded runner has included more rigidness with it. Because of these reasons, it has become one of the best durable decoy sleds you can have for your hunting.

You may often see that hunters frequently using it for deer, duck, and fish or other things hunting expedition. The most important fact to you should consider is that it is vast in size and you can carry a large number of goods using it. On the other hand, it has got camouflage, which can help you to cheat the prey on the hunting expedition. The muscular body build ensures that it will not get crack in moving through hard rock ground.

Pros and Cons of Shappell Jet Sled Multi-Purpose Sled:


  • It has got camouflage looks, which helps you deceive the prey
  • You will get the enormous capacity to transport a bulk amount of products with it
  • It can complete the multi-purpose task for a long time
  • The manufacturer has provided useable features with it
  • You can use it everywhere, based on your needs
  • You can clean it easily.


  • The tow rope so short of using
  • It has got heavyweight in comparison with other brands

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

As a hunting lover, you can fulfill your lots of needs with it beside carrying your decoys. The muscular body build-up can make you satisfied for an extended period.

Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled. Ice Fishing, Deer Hunting, Firewood, Work Cargo, 46"

Flexible Flyer has been producing sleds since 1889. Their reputation on making high quality sled made them very popular among the users.

This decoy sled is one example of their good products. It’s a cargo sled especially made for carrying decoys and hunting gears. This sturdy sled can also be used for carrying games after hunting.

It can hold holds 3 five-gallon bucket which means it has huge carrying capacity. It can easily give space to a large number of duck decoys. Or, you can carry a large sized decoy along with other hunting gears on it. Also, this sled is specious enough for a large size deer.

It’s built with tough, one-piece, high-density polyethylene (HDPE. Reinforced outer lip provides remarkable sidewall strength and stability. Perfectly suitable for carrying heavy decoys.

Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled is easy to pull as it’s molded grooves on bottom add strength and tracking stability on snow and ice.

Best decoy sled

Pros and Cons of Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled:


  • It has huge capacity
  • It has contoured hull which allows easy pulling by hand, snowmobile or ATV
  • Suitable for various types of usages


  • It’s made with thin plastic

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

If you want to buy a large size sled for carrying your decoys and other hunting gears then you can go for this sled. It’s a quite suitable for duck decoys.

Otter Sport Sled

It is is one of the best sleds you can have for your hunting. It has got genuine crude polyethylene to have the body build up. Besides, the rotating-cast runner has provided more strength to it. You will find it as a quite fantastic feature it that it has got one piece of the construction materials. That is why it has become more active and stable. The strengthened outer lips ensure that your decoy has acquired a large and sturdy wall.

The design of it is so unique in comparison with other models. If you consider the backside, you will find that the manufacturer has designed it to secure your gears and goods. On the other hand, the front side is quite edgy to run through the water. It can even perform in the hard ground like a rocky mountain or jungle. With its tow rope, you can drag the decoy sled easily towards the hunting place. It has got 54 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height. That means you can load a vast amount of products to transport using it.

Pros and Cons of Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled:


  • The manufacturer has used one piece of genuine polyethylene to make it
  • You will have the scope to transport a large number of gears using it
  • Its backside provides security for your goods
  • It has got thick and robust tow rope to draw the decoy sled
  • You also pull it using hand or other automobiles


  • You have to spend a little high in comparison with other dense, spacious decoy sleds
  • It is suitable for only professional hunters

Why should you buy this decoy sled?

The prime concern in choosing a decoy sled is the space it provides. A hunter needs a decoy sled to carry the loads. On the other, it is good to have reliable and durable. So, this model can be a perfect choice for you because it can fulfill all the conditions said above.

Final Verdict

After profound research on decoy sleds, we can assure you that the above-listed products will provide you the best support. To be more specific, you can choose Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled as your best option. It has got unique features in comparison with other decoy sleds. It’s the most durable, easy to pull, specious and useful decoy sled of this list. Which is why I prefer this sled more than other decoy sleds. Although this sled is primary made for ice fishing, it’s perfect for carrying decoys and other hunting gears. You can comfortably use it for carrying your game as well.

Terrain Sport Sled is also a great sled. I recommend this sled as the best possible alternative of Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled. It can perform for an extended period of time to satisfy your needs.

Shappell JSR Jet Sled would be the best  for the money. So, it’s smaller than the previous two, but still it can serve your need easily. You can consider this awesome sled for transporting your decoys to your hunting ground.

Buying guide: How to buy the best decoy sled

best decoy sled buying guide

Whatever products you buy, there are some facts you need to take into account to get the best one. These facts or features are the keys to decide if it will fulfill your needs or not. This point also goes with buying a decoy sled. When you are up to buy a decoy sled, you have to consider certain things before having that particular product. If you do so, your money will go wasted.

The market is full of competitors, and that is why you may have lots of options to choose the best one among them. But this availability can create confusion in your minds. In that case, you need to consider the following features before buying a decoy sled for your hunting expedition.


Before buying a sled for your decoys, at first you have to be specific about the type, size, weight and number of your decoys. If you are planning to carry a heavy decoy then you should focus on the strength and material of your sled. It should carry heavy weight easily.

On the other hand, if you are planning to carry a number of decoys i.e. duck decoys then your sled should have more space. Also, if you are planning to carry an expensive and sensitive one like predator decoys with call then it should provide adequate safety for that. Anyway, you got the idea!

Weight of the decoy sled

As a hunter, you will need to carry lots of things with you. In that case, you should use a decoy sled which is lightweight. If you select that kind of decoy sled, it will be handy for you. Then you can transport all the necessary goods efficiently, and you will not have to put lots of effort to pull the decoy sled to the destined places. 

Loading Capacity

You know the primary purpose of a decoy sled is to carry the heavy load. When you are going hunting, you need to transport lots of gears with you. Besides, after the hunt, you have to back carry the extra load of prey with you. In this case, a large decoy sled can be very useful for you. Then you will not need to use another transporter with you.

Cleaning Process

In most of the cases, you may find that the decoy sleds are quite easy to clean. But on the contrary, there are some decoy sleds which are hard to clean. You may need to clean it regularly because boats get dirty very often. So, you should consider this process as well.

Stability and Strength

Usually, a hunter uses a decoy sled to transport goods to rugged terrain, water, or forest. In that case, it has to be so keen to take the stress of the off-road journey. Besides, it carries a heavy load with it. You should examine the bottom side effectiveness if it can cope with the harshness of the ground. Similar things are applicable for the walls as well. Besides, you must take into account the material which it has used. In this way, as a hunter, you have to consider the strength and stability of the decoy sleds.

Hunting Place or terrain

You have already learned that different brands produce different decoy sleds based on the places. The features and quality also differ in this way. Some of the decoy sleds are all-rounder to perform in all kinds of situations efficiently. In that case, you should have a clear idea about the hunting place before buying a decoy sled. 


What should I look in a decoy sled?

Answer: The prime objective of the decoy sled is to carry the load. In that case, at first, you have to look for the storage capacity of it.

What is the perfect size of a decoy sled?

Answer: It depends on your needs. According to our study, the average size of a decoy sled is 54 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 10 inches in height. This type of decoy sleds can transport almost five gallons of weighted goods altogether.

How much can it cost?

Answer: It can cost you $50 to $ &70 on an average.

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