Best Decoy Bags Reviewed: Find the Best Bags to Carry Your Duck Decoys!

best decoy bags for waterfowl hunting

What’s a decoy bag? Why would you need the best decoy bag for hunting? And, how could you buy the best one from the market? Want to know the answers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Just read this review article, and I can assure you, by the end of it, you will know everything about high-quality decoy bags available now in the market.

To make the prey come to the sweet spot for a clear shoot, hunters use decoys and calls. A decoy is a dummy of an animal or bird that attracts the real thing you want to hunt. And, if you planning to use one for your hunting then, you will face the challenge of carrying decoys to your hunting destination. Specially in case of duck hunting where you will have to carry a number of duck decoys with you, along with other hunting equipment. You can’t carry them all in a hunting backpack. You’ll need a larger space for that. So, in this scenario, you can use a bag specially made for carrying decoys. And, these bags are decoy begs! Obvious, right? Exactly it is such a thing that brings comfort to carry your decoys to the hunting areas.

Decoy bag vs Decoy Sled

Decoy bags are mostly used by the duck hunters for carrying duck decoys. After buying the right decoys and rigging system, buying a good decoy bag is crucial to manage your decoys properly. You may consider it as an alternative of decoy sled. Although with decoy sled, it carries lots of differences with it.  You can’t use sled in every scenario as for example - hilly terrain. So, you may become fond of a decoy bag by the utilities it is going to provide on your expedition. But, unlike decoy sleds you can’t carry large heavy decoys with bags.

Usually, a hunting expedition takes a lot of toils to make it successful for you. But you have to equip yourself with the right accessories to do so. How will it be amusing for yourself if you have a decoy bag? The question may arise like this. But the answer is so simple and obvious. Nothing can be better you get your hands free to carry other like rifle, blade, or keep your hand useful for hiking.

When you are going to hunt duck, deer, or any other animals, you need to carry lots of stuff along with your decoys. In that case, a decoy bag can be much helpful for you.  The challenges in hunting have not ended yet. You must take into account that while you are going to reach your targeted destination to hunt; meanwhile, you may need to cover a high terrain. The road may not be easy enough. You may need to go through forests, rocky grounds, remote places, mountains, or lakes. You know going through these places is hard. By resolving this problem, a decoy bag can play a vital role in this scenario and can make you feel free in carrying the goods or gears. Choosing the best is no easy task. So, we have gone through in-depth research and brought a detailed discussion for you in this article. Through this, you will get to know everything regarding a high quality decoy bag, facts to choose the right one, and much relevant information.

Top 10 Best Decoy Bags for Duck Hunters

In the market, various brands are attracting the customer with huge offers and features. All are claiming themselves as the best products provider in the market. But the question is, as a general customer, how can you be sure about which product will do the best for you? It is a tough job to do, and you may fall in confusion to choose the right one. In this regard, a trustworthy review can resolve these issues to cheer you up and make a confident selection. So, this article is for you, and you will get a list of the market's best ten decoy bags with details. We have made this after conducting detail research on the market to do so for you.

But before going deep, lets have a quick look at our top 3 choices -

Our top 3

List of top 10 decoy bags

DecoyPro 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag - Padded & Adjustable Shoulder Strap - Water & Dirt Drain System - Slotted Decoy Bags to Protect Duck Decoys

Your goal set behind on carrying the decoys can become successful while you use the right types of decoy bags. In this case, this model is a perfect choice for you. It’s specially made for duck decoys. With it, you can pleasantly organize your decoys. Not only that, but you also can carry your expensive decoys to the hunting place without harming any of them. You will get a scope to put your decoys separately in twelve excellent slots with these bags. The slots are sewn to the bottom of the bag so that the decoy line stays separate. Which means no tangling!

The slots are large enough for any size of duck decoys. The total bag size is 42.91" x 14.17" x 19.29" (109cm*36cm*49cm) and the slot size is 7.09"x7.09"x16.53"(18cm*18cm*42cm).

The most important fact that will amuse you entirely is that it has got superior quality materials to build. For that, it has become more useable for an extended period. It has got padded shoulder straps which ensures comfortable carrying for a long time. These shoulder straps will keep your hands free while carrying.

When you use your duck decoys, they become wet and dirty. This decoy bag has water and dirt draining system. So, when you put them in the bag after your hunting, they get dry easily which is good for their longevity.

In addition to all those features, it has large front pocket. Which is tremendously helpful for carrying extra hunting stuffs like decoy lines, decoy weights, game calls etc. Actually, it has everything that you can want from a high-quality decoy bag.

Best duck decoy bag

Pros and Cons of DecoyPro 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag with Padded & Adjustable Shoulder Strap:


  • It contains 12 separate slots to protect and transport the decoys
  • Slots are sewn to the base to keep decoy lines separate
  • The bottom of it is quite substantial because of which your decoys remain protected
  • The padded shoulder strap makes you feel ease and hands-free
  • It has water and dirt draining system
  • It has extra front pocket


  • The slots are suitable for duck decoys of any size. However, extra-large size waterfowl decoys like goose decoys may not fit properly inside the slots

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

To my opinion, this decoy beg is perfect. It has everything a decoy beg should have. But the price is very reasonable. Most of the bags of my top list are mesh system bags. They are good but they don’t protect your decoys like this slotted bag will do. This bag is comfortable to carry, durable and camouflaged. You can’t want more!

It’s another high-quality product from DecoyPro. DecoyPro is well known for their high-quality hunting products, especially decoy related products. 

The previous decoy bag was for duck decoys, here this product is dedicatedly made for large size goose decoys. As the goose decoys are large, it has provision for six large decoys with six separate specious slots. It prevents expensive decoys rubbing each other. So, they stay unharmed. The total bag size is  32" x 34" x 25 "(81.28cm x 86.36cm x 63.5cm) and the slot dimension is 11"x 16"x 25" (27.94cm x 40.64cm x 63.5cm).

The manufacturer has brought dust look in its design for which you can easily deceive the duck while hunting. To carry it with comfort, you will get a soft padded adjustable strap in it to keep your hand free for carrying rifle or other stuffs.

This bag includes a drawstring dust and dirt cover to prevent your decoys from getting dirty. This one is a great feature which makes it one of the best full body floating goose decoy bag in the market.

Like the previous duck decoy bag this one also has water and dirt draining system. So, they dry out easily.  Also, it’s internal locking straps keeps your decoys tight in their slots to prevent moving and getting damaged.

best decoy bag for goose decoys

Pros and Cons of DecoyPro 6 Slot Goose Decoy Bag for Full Body Floating Goose Decoys:


  • It’s a large bag with huge space for large decoys
  • It has got dust look, which enables you to deceive the duck into hunting
  • The quality materials have made it durable
  • It has got an internal locking system to fit the decoys tightly into the slots
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Has drawstring dust and dirt cover


  • Side of the bags are soft so you can’t expect them to stand while putting your decoys which may be little hassling for some. Thought, I don’t think it’s a big deal!

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

The answer is pretty straight forward, if you are looking for a bag to carry your large size full body goose decoys then it’s the best choice for you. Just get one; you’ll thank me later!

DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags - 2 Decoy Bag Bundle - Duck Decoy Bag - Goose Decoy Bag - Turkey Decoy Bag

Another great decoy bag from the great DecoyPro. This different from the previous two though. While the previous two bags were kind of expensive, heavy duty and slotted, this one is just a simple mesh type decoy bag. But, a great one.  You can carry any type of decoys, irrespective to size or kind, with this bag easily.

Amazingly, DecoyPro is offering two mesh bags in one buy. The price is also unbelievable. So, it’s not a wonder that this decoy bags are the most popular decoys bag right now!

It specious enough to transport almost two dozen of duck decoys or one dozen of goose decoys with it. The size of the bag is 36.81 inches x 29.53 inches.

Among all other decoy bags, it has got a unique feature that the manufacturer has named a drawstring closure tab. It facilitates the decoys to lock tightly in the pockets and secures them from being damaged. The materials are quite excellent, which the manufacturer has used to produce it. The outer materials are thick enough, and it has got a good quality strap to carry decoys easily.  

best decoy bag for the money

Pros and Cons of DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags (2 Decoy Bag Bundle) for Duck, Goose or Turkey Decoys:


  • It has thick quality material for long-lasting service
  • You will get a bundle package of two bags in this model
  • It can carry lots of decoys in a single bag
  • This decoy bag is extremely cheap
  • The manufacturer provides the lowest price in comparison with other decoys bags in the market
  • The drawstring closure tab is an eye-catching feature to use
  • It has got a camouflage looks
  • Unlike slotted bags this one can be used for carrying decoys of animals other than ducks


  • It has got a little bit of extra weight for which you will need to put effort to carry
  • The straps of it are not adjustable or very comfortable
  • No separate slots, so your decoys can be damaged

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

You can save money by buying this decoy bag. It is quite cheap but provides extra-ordinary service with its lots of features. The bundle package has got quality and can carry several decoys with it. If you just want a good quality bag for carrying your decoys at the minimum price possible then, you can buy this bag. It’s more effective than any other bags around.  

Bulk Decoy Club 6 Slot Full Body Goose Decoy Bag | Quality Bag

It’s another great decoy bag for carrying large size goose decoys. With the large slots, this bag can ensure protection and easy carrying towards your hunting place with your goose decoys. It has got six slots in it. The entire measurement of the bag is 11 inches in width, 11.5 inches in height, and 19 inches in length express its capacity in transporting the decoys.

You can take it to the targeted place by holding the Velcro handles. These handles enable you to put a firm hand to grab the bag quickly. On the other hand, the grommet holes allow it to drain out water and dirt from the decoys.  You will find that the bags have got surrounding sewing with straps to make it much stronger.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Decoy Club 6 Slot Full Body Goose Decoy Bag:


  • It has enormous slots to fit large decoys
  • The price is not so high in comparison with other models
  • You can grab it with the Velcro handles provided along with this model
  • The natural drain is possible for having grommet drain facilities


  • It has no cover-up, and that is why you have to keep it open all the time
  • The materials are not so good to make them long-lasting

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

With the low price, you can have a big size slotted decoy bag if you purchase this model for your waterfowl hunting. For a short tour towards hunting, this bag would be a nice choice. Besides, the features are so unique in comparison with the price you are going to pay for it.

This model also comes with a bundle package that includes two bags at the price of a single one. But the fact is that it can carry more decoys in comparison with other brands available in the market. The manufacturer has provided two different sizes in a single bundle.

It has got a camouflage that looks to deceive your targeted animals while hunting in the jungle or other places. You can have your hands free while carrying the bags because it has got back strap.  The closure feature of it is so nice to lock the decoys into the slots of the pack. Besides, this locking system protects them from being damaged. The manufacturer has used polyester to produce it for which you can use it for a long time.

Pros and Cons of Auscamotek Mesh Duck Decoy Bags M-L (2 Packs):


  • It has got a lot of lightweight in comparison with others
  • You will get two sizes of the bags in this bundle package
  • It is quite long-lasting and foldable bags
  • It has got the right size of slots to fit the decoys in the bag


  • The back strap is not strong enough to cope with the load
  • The bottom sewing is so bad that it can get torn

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

You can get a bundle of two bags at a low price. The quality of it is so admirable if you compare it with other brands at the same level of pay.

6 of 10 Auscamotek 12 Slot Duck Decoys Bag with Waterfowl Hunting Blind Camouflage Printing Review

Auscamotek 12 Slot Duck Decoys Bag with Waterfowl Hunting Blind Camouflage Printing

It just is an extra-ordinary decoy bag that enables you to carry 12 decoys in its slots. The size of it is so huge. You know, the bait should have a way to bring it to the hunting place quickly. This model has this feature. With its grabbing handle, you can take it to your destination.

Besides, it has got an extra shoulder strap to carry also according to your need. You may fit your decoys rightly because of its front pocket. On the other hand, this pocket allows you to drain dust and water. The manufacturer has used potential quality fabrics, which makes it a durable and long-term service provider.

best decoy bag

Pros and Cons of Auscamotek 12 Slot Duck Decoys Bag with Waterfowl Hunting Blind Camouflage Printing:


  • This model has got designed to deceive the prey
  • You will get a big front pocket to fit your decoys and get drained from water and dust
  • Its free bottom enables you to carry the decoys in an organized way
  • The manufacturer has included an extra shoulder strap to satisfy your needs


  • You can adjust the strap of the bag
  • The price is quite high in comparison with the other model of this brand

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

With unique features, it can satisfy your needs. You can have a big game hunting with this bag easily. The most important fact is that you can put many decoys in it and the design of it is so fascinating.

Redneck Convent Mesh Decoy Bag, Drawstring Decoy Backpack 2-Pack Decoy Bags Mesh Duck Decoy Bag, Turkey Decoy Bags, Goose Decoy Bags

This net style decoy bag can fulfill your lots of needs in a single way. You can use it to complete your multiple tasks to carry goods. In the above models, we have seen that the decoy bags can only take the decoys, but this bag is so different from them. It can make almost anything you need in hunting like gears, prey, and other things.

The size is so vast and can give a place for at least 30 decoys in it. It has got a nylon back strap to take it on the shoulder. The net enables you to see the right position of your goods or decoys in the bag.

Pros and Cons of Redneck Convent Mesh Decoy Bag (2-Pack) for Duck,Turkey and Goose Decoys:


  • It has got a significant capacity to carry the decoys for you
  • It also comes with a bundle package of two bags
  • The nylon shoulder straps enable you to carry it in your back comfortably
  • You can transport almost anything based on your needs
  • It has got drawstring closure to fit your decoys in the bag tightly


  • It has no slots to carry the decoys in an organized way
  • The mesh can get damaged with the load of the goods

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

If you want a decoy bag for multipurpose use, then it can be the right choice for you. It can serve you to carry lots of goods according to your needs. 

You may need to have a bag which includes lots of features to provide you better service. It is a durable bag along with big size to carry many decoys or goods. You know, it has the facilities for you to use it in multiple ways.

On the other hand, it has got four adjustable shoulder straps to make it fit on your shoulder. You will get a bag of camouflage look to deceive your targeted prey in hunting. It has also got a net which allows you to see the things in the bag. 

Pros and Cons of REEKGET Adjustable Shoulder Strap Camo Hunting Bags - Mesh Decoy Bag for Duck, Goose and Turkey Decoys:


  • The manufacturer has provided four adjustable shoulder strips with it
  • You can use it to carry various types of goods along with the decoys
  • It is quite big, and you can carry it quickly to the hunting place
  • It is quite durable and can provide you service for a long time


  • The bottom line of it is not so keen to adjust with the load
  • It has no pad in the shoulder strap, and that is why you can get hurt while carrying

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

In multipurpose use, it is the right choice for you. It has got a camouflage design, which quite a fantastic feature for hunting. On the other hand, you can take a heavy load with it. 

Rig'Em Right Tanker XL Decoy Bag

You them, every duck hunter knows them, Right? Rig’Em Right is famous brand for their popular decoy weight system. But they also produce other duck hunting accessories. Tanker XL Decoy Bag is one of them. Like its name, it actually a huge bag, made for carrying a large number of decoys. Its dimension is 40 X 24 x 24". As they claim, it can hold up to 48 duck floaters in the open position and 36 when closed!

Made with heavy duty material, this bag is very durable and long lasting. The shoulder strap is padded that can be carried comfortably to a longer distance. Also, it has two man carrying handles. The design is very simple, and you know, simple is the best.

Pros and Cons of Rig'Em Right Tanker XL Decoy Bag:


  • They are most useful when you are using Rig'Em Right Decoy Anchor System
  • Has large space to hold a huge number of duck decoys
  • Comfortable straps
  • It has option for two people to share the weight


  • There’s some objection about the quality of the fabric

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

It’s a high-quality, heavy duty and durable decoy bag for carrying a large number of duck decoys in it. If you are using their (Rig’Em Right) decoy weight system, then you should use this bag for your decoys.

Rig'Em Right Gunslinger Decoy Bag

Our last reviewed product is another Rig’Em Right decoy bag. This Rig’Em Right Gunslinger Decoy Bag has some unique features. For example, it has a Unique shoulder-style carry design makes it easy to toss if you stumble, saving the rest of your gear from getting soaked.

It’s large enough (24 x 20 x 24") to hold 24 duck decoys at a time. Made with heavy duty material ensure durability and longevity. Shoulder strap is padded which ensure maximum comfort while carrying a large number of decoys to your hunting ground.

This decoy bag can withstand rough usages. It’s quiet extreme weather resilient as well. Easy to clean; so, you don’t have to worry too much when it gets dirty.

The bag is easily foldable and can be kept in any place. It’s ideal for small spreads, run-and-gunning, or hunting from small boats or canoes.  

This decoy bag is special suitable for Rig’Em Right decoy weight system. If you have that, then you will get the maximum benefit for this bag.

You can load your decoys faster and also deploy them fast while using this bag. Which is great, if you are planning for a quick hunting.

Pros and Cons of Rig'Em Right Gunslinger Decoy Bag:


  • Unique design makes it easy to toss. So that, you can save your bag by tossing it to a safe place in minimum time when necessary
  •  High quality, heavy duty material
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • You can close the opening of the bag to prevent the ducks from the dirt or extreme weather


  • Little expensive compare to other decoy bags of our list of top bags

Why should you buy this decoy bag?

It’s very high quality, nicely built and heavy-duty decoy bag that can be used for any kind of waterfowl decoys. So, if you don’t mind to spend some extra bucks you can definitely buy this bag for your hunting.

Bulk Decoy Club 6 Slot Full Body Goose Decoy Bag | Quality Bag

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Decoy Bag

If you are looking to buy the perfect bag, then you have to consider some facts before doing so. In the market, you will get lots of bags that may look appealing to you. But the features are the key to satisfy your needs. So, anyone needs to know the facts what he or she should consider in buying a decoy bag. It will diminish your confusion regarding the pockets and help you to choose the right one for you. After in-depth research, we have brought a list of the facts which should be available in the a fine decoy bag.


At first, you should take into account the strength of the bag. It depends on the material of the bags. You should keep in mind that a durable product can serve you for an extended period. On the other hand, it expresses the stress taking capacity of that particular bag. From our research, we have come to know that most of the market's decoy bags have used nylon fabric to make those bags. You just need to ensure that these fabrics are good enough.

Transportation Quality

It is so vital to consider transportation quality.  You know, it becomes possible when the pack includes a lightweight, padded, sturdy back strap, and adjustable part of the bag. Your hunting place may be so far, and you may need to carry other goods with you. That is why your hand should be free to bring other gears. In that case, you must consider the transportation quality of the decoy bag. 

Loading Capacity

The right bag should have adequate space or slots to fit the decoys in it. You may need to carry many decoys with you, and the perfect one will enable you to do so. In addition, it should allow you to organize your baits.


You should look for a decoy bag which has got a camouflage design. It will facilitate you in hunting by deceiving your prey. On the other hand, this must come with a foldable feature for which you can adjust your decoys based on your needs.  


You must take your budget into account. Your hard-earned money should get the best value from the product which you are going to buy. Your budget is the key to selecting the right bag for you. So, you should match your budget with the price of the decoy bags.


1. What is the best thing a decoy bag should have?

Answer: The best thing a decoy bag should have is the durability and the capacity of carrying the loads.

2. Can I use a decoy bag for other purposes?

Answer: In the market, you can find some multipurpose decoy bags. These bags can enable you to use them for other purposes based on your needs. 

3. Is the camouflage looks so important?

Answer: Of course, it can deceive the prey while you are on hunting.

Final Verdict

We have conducted in-depth research to find the best decoy bag for you. But, before our final verdict, one thing I must mention, although we’ve come up with an ultimate suggestion for you, all the decoy bags of our top list are great. You can choose any product from this list.

Anyway, our final choice is DecoyPro 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag with Padded & Adjustable Shoulder Strap. We’ve concluded that it is the best duck decoy bags among all the top 10 decoy bags of our list. So, considering all the aspects, it’s the ultimate choice for carrying duck decoys. You can get enough space for 12 ducks to carry them separately in individual slots. This bag allows maximum carrying comfort, durability and well-being of your expensive decoys.

However, if you’re looking for the best goose decoy bags for carrying large size decoys then you can go for DecoyPro 6 Slot Goose Decoy Bag. This bag is as perfect as the previous one. It just made for larger decoys.

 If you are looking for the cheapest decoy bag then DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags can be the best choice for you.  The main reason for saying this is that it is so cheap in comparison with other decoys bags. You can transport lots of decoys with this. It can deceive the prey with its camouflage design. The manufacturer offers this model in a bundle package of two bags. After considering these facts, we can assure you that this bag can fulfill all of your needs at the lowest possible price.

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