Best Bow String Stop and Dampener of 2021 for Compound Bow and Crossbow

best bow string stop and dempener

What is a bow string stop? And, why would you need the best bow string stop for your hunting? Also, how can you get one? If you are wondering about these questions, then you are in the right place. Please, continue!

Although bow hunting is one of the most ancient acts of human history, nowadays it’s a sport. Modern people don’t need to rely on successful hunting to survive. We can buy meat whenever we want from the local shops. Right?

Actually, we enjoy hunting with bows. That’s why still many hunters use bows for hunting instead of firearms. It’s more thrilling and challenging.

But present days bows and hunters aren’t like the old times. Now we are much more advanced. We have much more sophisticated tools. We almost solved all the problems associated with hunting with a bow. We like the challenges, but we don’t necessarily need to stay with problems. If we have a problem, then we solve it.

In this article, we are going to discuss an example of that advancement.

Why should you use a string stop in your bow?

We all know, after the release of an arrow, bow string starts and continues rapid oscillation for a moment, which makes a loud vibrating sound. Right? It’s a normal phenomenon associated with bows.

But, during hunting, this sound could be louder than you would actually want. It could scare your prey away and, you could miss your target for that. We don’t want that!

Most of the animals are very cautious about any alien sound, whereas a sudden loud noise is enough for them to jump away. It’s a real problem which should be solved. And, here comes all the different sorts of silencer for bow strings. Bowstring stop is a kind of silencer like that. It not only reduce the sound but also take the vibration which increase the performance

Bow string stop is a system of making your bow string quiet during a shot. It takes the impact of the sting and absorbs all the excessive string energy and vibrations. However, it doesn’t reduce the speed of your arrow.

In this article, we would discuss  bowstring stops, a way of quieting bowstring vibrations and noises. We will review different brands of bow string stop devices and methods to find out the best product for you.

Best bow string stop for compound bows

What’s a bow string stop?

Bow string stop is one of the many solutions to bow string vibration problems. It’s actually a device that can be attached to a bow. It has a rubber made part that stops the bow string oscillation after the release of an arrow. Hence, it stops the sound. It’s one of the most effective and popular methods for silencing bow string.

Generally, a bow string stop is a rod that mounts on a bow and has a string dampener. This dampener retrains the string from vibration after releasing an arrow. Different manufacturers are producing bow string stops. After in-depth research, we’ve come up with a list of top 5 bow string stops for compound bow and crossbows.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 string stop for compound bows:

Ketch's string stops are very popular among hunters and archers all over the world. Their compound bow string stops are handy, ensures the complete quiet release of an arrow. Among all the products of Ktech Design KBS1 is considered the best one for this purpose.

It's adjustable and bow-mounted. It comes with screws so that you can easily connect it with your bow. So, KBS1 is suitable for all most all types of bows that are currently equipped with a rear stabilizer. It's made of 100% CNC machined aluminum, which is very light weighted (10.4 ounces) and durable.

Ktech Design's string stop makes bows more balanced. It contributes to improving accuracy. It's pretty neat looking. Dimension is 13 x 5 x 2 inches. So, after installation, it looks great with your bow. I just love this thing!

Pros and Cons of Ktech Designs KTECH String Stop KBS 1:


  • Extremely effective at reducing residual vibration, it will make your bow quiet!
  • Durable and strong.
  • Make bows more balanced
  • Great looking
  • Adjustable
  • It fits most bows currently equipped with a rear stabilizer bushing


  • I couldn't find any. It does its job entirely.

Why should you buy this compound bow string stop?

It's just great! If you want to buy the finest string stop, then you can go for it. Do you want any more reason?

Another high quality, so as very popular, bow string stop system. Saunders has been in this industry since 1997 with an excellent reputation. The hunters hugely praise their products for their deadly quiet string stops that ensure silent hunting experiences.

It's a full set up of bow string stop— a patented design. I've personally used this system in my bow for some hunting. This system is so amazing that it almost reduces string oscillation after arrow release. It also confirms a faster release of the arrow from the string.

It has a rod that connects with the bow and a string stop. The dampener is designed in a way so that its recoil chamber traps the string during arrow release. During the release of the arrow, the string slaps and stuck inside the dampener. It absorbs all the excess energy of the string. It actually stops the continuous string slaps.

Saunders VUDU string stop is suitable for any bow that uses a 3/8-inch stock rod.

Pros and Cons of Saunders VUDU String Dampener 3/8" Cable Rod Mount:


  • Unique patented design that is extremely effective as a bow string stop
  • Absorbs excessive string energy
  • Increase speed accuracy of the arrow
  • Its dampener completely eliminates continuous slapping and vibration of the string
  • Ensures quietest shots


  • The soft rubber inside the dampener worn out eventually

Why should you use this string stop for your bow?

Just see the video and you will get the answer. It’s hands down best alternative of KBS1. If you want a deadly quiet hunting experience with a bow then buy this string stop.

It’s one of the best compound bow string-stops you can find in the market. Bow Rattler string stop actually will amaze you with its ability of reducing string sound and vibration. Very popular among bow hunters.

Like the KSB1 It’s also adjustable. It suits bows that has a minimum brace height of 7 to 8.5 inches. So, before buying this stop make sure that it will suits your bow.

Bow Rattler string stop is extremely sturdy can withstand heavy usages. It’s rear mounted.

Pros and Cons of Bow Rattler Offset String Silencer Black:


  • Great for making string quiet
  • Strong built
  • It’s very adjustable


  • It’s doesn’t fit on all types of compound bows

Why should you buy this bow string stop?

It’s a great product. If it fits your bow then it’s definitely one of the great tools you can have to upgrade your bow. It’s also comparatively less expensive than KBS1 with almost similar quality.

It’s another Ktech Design’s project. If you have a bow mounted rod then you can use it with that rod. It might look like string stop bracket but it’s actually a high-quality string stop dampener on a straight rod. It fits on existing 5/16” bow string stop rod.

It’s a great product that would simply make your bow string dead quiet and vibration free. It’s extremely easy to install. Light weighted, only 3.6oz with a harmonic stabilizer, 1.6oz with harmonic stabilizer lite and 1.0oz with harmonic damper. Product dimension is 7 x 7 x 7 inches.

Pros and Cons of Ktech Design RS1-LC RS1 5/16" Rod:


  • Fits on most bow’s existing string stop rod especially on Mathew’s new bows
  • Easy installation
  • Make bows quiet and vibration free
  • Good looking
  • Long lasting


  • It doesn’t come with bow mounted rod

Why should you buy this bow string stop for your bow?

If you already have a bow with a string stop but aren’t happy with the stop then you can buy this dampener to use it with the existing bow string stop rod. Also, you can buy it if your dampener has worn out.

This is another high-quality complete string stop kit. It’s also very popular. LimbSaver is a renowned name in bow industry. They are mostly expert in making bow stabilizer, stops and other bow accessories.   

Their bow string stop actually reduces slapping noise to its minimum. It also saves hands from getting slapped by the string after an arrow release. It’s made with vibration free NOVOCOM material. Also, its mounting system makes it suitable and adjustable for different types of compound bows. LimbSaver String Decelerator Kit is front and rare mountable.

It comes with string decelerator, cable rod, mounting brackets, and clamp – a complete package.    

Pros and Cons of LimbSaver String Decelerator Kit:


  • A complete bow string stop system
  • Very reasonable price
  • It fits different types of bows
  • Guard wrists from getting slapped by the string
  • Progressive resistance pillar reduces string vibration noise
  • Very easy to install


  • It’s not universal fit. It requires a through hole in stabilizer mount


If you want a less expensive, easily installable and effective bow string stop then you can choose this stop for your compound bow.

Best bow string stop for crossbows

Now, as we've seen all the high quality string stops for compound bows, lets discuss about crossbows. Here are the top 3 string stops for crossbows:

String stops

Brand/ Model

Our rating



Tenpoint SDS Crossbow String Dampening System Noise & Vibration Reducer (HCA-148)


Wicked Ridge Crossbow Noise-Reducing String Dampening Rods (HCA-13715-W)


SA Sports Empire Crossbow String Stopper Kit, Bronze

This cross-bow string stop is manufactured by Sports Empire (SA) especially for their cross bows. It generally fits SA Sports Empire Beowulf and SA Sports Empire Dragon crossbows but also other SA sports cross bows if it has required mounting holes. Dual mounting brackets actually is very effective in quieting cross bow strings.

The aluminum made body is light weighted but very strong.  String stop is rubber made that stops the string vibrations. It absorbs all the excess string energy and shocks and eventually reduces any chances of string damages.

Pros and Cons of SA Sports Empire Crossbow String Stopper Kit, Bronze:


  • Easily adjustable
  • Protects strings from damage
  • Ensures quiet shot
  • It fits many cross-bow models
  • Strong and durable


  • Fits only those cross bows which has mounting holes


If you have a SA cross bow then you have no better option than this product. However, it’s a great product and really does its job perfectly.

TenPoint HCA-148 Crossbows String Noise Recoil Suppression

It’s another great string stop for cross bows. This cable slot mounted string stop is made with high quality shock resilient rod and high impact rubber dampener.  It is especially made for most post-1999 TenPoint Crossbow Technologies thumbhole models except the GT Curve.

Tenpoint SDS (String Dampening System) is extremely effective in reducing string vibration. Make it dead quiet. It’s easy to install and impressively adjustable. They said it’s micro adjustable which is true. So, it fits most pre-2015 Wicked Ridge crossbows / All Raider CLS and Warrior HL models Horton Legend Ultra Lite.

However, it’s not compatible with RDX or NXT crossbows / RCX crossbows with built-in dampeners / Wicked Ridge Invader X4, Invader G3, Warrior Ultra-Lite, Warrior G3, Ranger or Lady Ranger models.

Pros and Cons of Tenpoint SDS Crossbow String Dampening System Noise & Vibration Reducer (HCA-148):


  • A great product for quieting cross bow string stop
  • It fits many cross-bow models unlike other string stops
  • It’s micro adjustable
  • The installation process is very easy
  • Durable
  • Very competitive price


  • No mentionable cons!


In case of buying a string stop for your cross the most important thing is compatibility. It’s a great tool for making your bow quiet. But, check the compatibility issue first. If it fits your bow then you can certainly buy it.

Wicked Ridge Crossbow Noise-Reducing String Dampening Rods (HCA-13715-W)

This one is a high quality but less expensive product for quieting cross bows. It’s made with high high-impact Zytel rods that absorbs shocks and vibration after a shot.

However, Wicked Ridge Cross bow string stop isn’t a complete system as it doesn’t contain any dampener. It’s only a bow mounted string stop road.

This rod is especially compatible with all the Wicked Ridge cross bows except Wicked Ridge Invader X4 and Wicked Ridge Warrior Ultra-Lite. 

Pros and Cons of SA Sports Empire Crossbow String Stopper Kit, Bronze:


  • Easy to Install
  • Reduces String oscillation
  • Compatible with Invader G3, Ranger, and Lady Ranger crossbows


  • Only suitable for Wicked Ridge Crossbows
  • It doesn’t contain any string dampener


Well, it’s the same like before. It’s a great string stop rod only if you have a Wicked Ridge cross bow. You will need to buy a dampener for it though.

Best bow string dampener

String stop dampener is an essential part of bow string stop. It mounts the end corner of the string stop rod. String stop dampener is normally a high impact rubber made tool that takes the primary impact of a string after a shot. It’s responsible for absorbing the shock and excessive string energy. By stopping the vibration of the string, it actually does the most vital job for the string stop. And performance of a bow string stop mostly depends on it. 

So, it should be a high quality, long lasting and durable product. Not all dampeners are quite sturdy to withstand too many shots. Also, not every one is good at stopping string’s vibration as well. Hence, selecting the best string dampener is important.

Here we present you out top 3 string stop dampeners. From these reviews, we hope, you would easily select one for your bow string stop.

Mathews Archery has been in archery products manufacturing business since 1992. They are very popular among the bow hunters and archers all over the world for their amazing products. This bow string stop dampener is one of their high-quality products.

It’s actually the original dampener that will get with their Dead End String Stop. But, here it’s only the dampener. If you for any reason want a replacement of your old one then you can buy this dampener.

It also fits to all other types of bow string stop rod that has 3/8” diameter. It definitely makes bow string quieter. Made with high impact rubber, this thing can absorb intense pressure of the string after a shot.

Pros and Cons of Genuine Mathews Solocam Archery Dead End String Stop Damper (Green):


  • It makes the bow string deadly quiet
  • Can absorb vibration and shock and increases bow string longevity
  • Durable and strong
  • Fits great to any bow string stop rod with 3/8 inch diameter


  • No cons at all

Why should you use this dampener in your bow string stop?

There’s nothing can go wrong with Mathews Archery. It’s a wonder full bow string stopper than can actually make bow string almost quiet. It fits perfectly to stop rod. One of the best string-stop dampener you can ask for.

It's another Mathews genuine dead-end string stop dampener replacement. There's nothing much to say about this. Like the previous one, it's also a high-quality dampener that does it's work perfectly. It's round-shaped but fits all most all bow string stops. Definitely, a great string stop dampener.

Gerber decoy is a well-known name in this field. No wonder their products would maintain high quality. This Texas rigging system is another example of their high-quality product that must satisfy most of the users.

Pros and Cons of Bossman Outdoors 4-Dot String Stopper:


  • Impressively quiet
  • Fits to all types of bow string stop rods that has a 3/8” diameter
  • It can withstand extremely weather condition
  • It’s amazingly sturdy and durable
  • It’s 4-dot system keeps the bow string perfectly aligned
  • Easy installation


  • Honestly, it doesn’t have any noticeable drawbacks.

Why should you use this dampener in your bow string stop?

It's better than most built-in string stop dampener that comes with the bow. So, if you need a replacement for your existing worn out dampener, then you can buy this one. It will definitely improve your performance by making your bow quieter, vibration-less, and accurate.

Previously, in this very article, I've reviewed LimbSaver String Decelerator Kits.
Now, this LimbSaver String Decelerator Node is a replacement for the dampener of that kit. Like the whole kit, it's a great product by LimbSaver. It can absorb bow string vibration and minimize string's slapping noise.

String Decelerator Nodes are designed to fit all 3/8-inch cable rods. It's made from LimbSaver's proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material), which effectively absorbs all the excessive string energy after a shot.
It's also reasonably priced. LimbSaver offers three color choices for you. One of them is a pink bow string stop dampener!

Pros and Cons of LimbSaver String Decelerator Node:


  • Low price
  • Effectively reduce string slapping noise
  • Can absorb vibration and make bow quieter
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy installation and fits perfectly on a 3/8" diameter rod


  • It’s less effective in quieting bows than the other dampener of this list

Why should you use this dampener in your bow string stop?

If you want a low-priced, high-quality bow string stop dampener, then you can have this one. It's a great product that does its task perfectly.

Final Verdict

Now, after all these reviews we've come to our final verdict. The ultimate selection of the best string stop for your compound bow that you can find in the market now. It' no wonder that our vote will go for the KTECH's KBS 1 String Stop. It's the best considering all the aspects and features. It will give a deadly quiet hunting experience with your bow. KBS1 is also durable, long-lasting, and a fantastic look.

However, Saunders VUDU String Dampener 3/8" Cable Rod Mount is also great. It would be your best alternative.

If you want an excellent string stop that will cost you less, then you can choose LimbSaver String Decelerator Kit, Black. This bow string stop, I must say, is best for the money.

In the case of crossbows, we have already said that it depends on the model of your bow. So, here our reviewed stops are all great for their own crossbows.

Mathews Solocam Archery Dead End String Stop Damper would be the best string dampener considering all aspects. However, Bossman's 4-Dot String Stopper would also be a great but more economical choice.

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