Best Bow Quiver for Hunting Reviewed: Find Yours From Our List

Best bow quiver reviewed

What is a bow quiver? Why should buy the best bow quiver for your hunting? How can you select the perfect one from all those quivers for your bow hunting? To know all these, you should continue reading this article…

You know what’s a quiver, right? Well, you must also know that different types of quivers are exist for the same purpose of keeping arrows safely.

Bow quiver is one of them. It’s actually a modernization of traditional quivers. It directly mounts on the limbs of a bow and hold the arrows tightly with clips to keep them steady. Now-a-days they are the most popular type of quiver among the bow hunters and archers for its several unique advantages.

Unlike traditional quivers, bow quiver keeps the arrows safe and steady. So, the arrows don’t rattle during movement or fall off from the quiver. Also, it doesn’t have any direct contact with the user’s body to hinder any type of movement during hunting.

How nice it can be when your skills bloom with right gear up. According to the professional bow hunter’s point of view, equipping with proper gears is the pre-requisite of getting the desired success. You know, in the hunting expedition, you will need various types of equipment to make it fruitful. In this continuation, we collect lots of gears like bows, hunting arrows, hunting bow gloves, decoy sleds, and many more things. Similar to these associated gears, an arrow quiver can play a vital role in hunting and professional archery. What a fantastic thing is it! The best hunting quiver is the thing to reduce your efforts in many ways.

Before getting those benefits, at first, you need to ensure the quality of the quiver for you. In doing so, you just go for getting the right information to select the most suitable one. As a professional archer or hunter, you may invest your valuable time, effort, money, and some other things as you are keen to fulfill your desire. Whatever the cost is, you are never afraid of spending money on collecting essential gears that are mandatory for hunting. It is evident because these are the essence of the productive expedition.

Let's make a tour to have a bow quiver. Wondering how we can propose that. Yes, we are saying that because you should have an arrow quiver for making your hunting expedition as a beautiful journey.

Our top 3

We'll give you a list of 10 top bow quivers. But before that, let's have a quick peek at our top three suggestions-

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black

  • Tremendously durable
  • 3 bright battery run green LED light
  • Ambidextrous
  • Braided hanging rope

MATHEWS HD Quiver Lost XD 6 Arrow

  • quietest
  • Lightweight
  • Accommodate long arrows
  • Foam inside hood

List of Top 10 Best Bow Quivers for Hunting

Bow quiver

Key features

Our rating


Tight Spot 5

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable
  • Absorbs vibration
  • No foam 



  • Quietest
  • Accommodate long arrows
  • Lightweight
  • Foam inside the hood


Trophy Ridge Lite-1

  • Durable
  •  3 LED light
  • Ambidextrous
  • Braided hanging rope


G5 Outdoors Head-Loc

  • Quiet Exo-flex Hood
  • Can hold broadheads
  • Tree mounting brackets
  • Hold  6 arrows


Trophy Ridge 5 Spot

  • Lightweight
  • Very quiet
  • Quick detach
  • Hanging rope
  • Adjustable gripper


Kwik 3 SS (Kwikee Kwiver)

  • Broadhead friendly 
  • Dual arrow grippers
  • Lightweight
  • compact


Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5

  • LED light 
  • Adjustable mounting system
  • Fast and quiet attach
  • Hanging rope


Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5

  • LED light 
  • Adjustable mounting system
  • Fast and quiet attach
  • Hanging rope


Perfect Hunt 5

  • Quickly detachable clips
  • Lightweight
  • anti-rattling mount
  • Reasonable price



  • Lightweight and compact
  • One backup mounts
  • Quiet
  • Low price


There’s actually no straight answer to the question of – which one is the best. It’s depends on so many factors. If you are an experienced bow hunter then you must already have a choice. And, you know the fight for the first place is always between Tightspot and Methews.

Both of these two are awesome quivers. There’s no doubt about that. They have some exceptional features that you won’t get from other cheap quivers. And, if you are planning to keep your quiver on the bow during a shoot then you must select one of these two.   

So, when you are only concern about the “best” then, you must put these two brands on the upper place of your top list. Now, the problem is these two quivers are expensive compare to many other popular quivers. And, you may find it pretty wired to watch them in the same list. But the truth is, in spite of their low price, there are some other arrow quivers exists that aren’t much behind from the Tightspot and Methews.

 Let’s check them out just after Tightspot and Methews -
Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer

As I’ve just mentioned- I had to put one of them on the top spot. As, both of them are great you can just choose one from the Tightspot and Methews. Before that, let’s see why this one is one of the best compound bow quivers ever.

This quiver is super light, only 9.9 oz (280 gm). It’s so lightweight that you won’t even notice it as an extra part of your bow. As you’re planning to keep them on the bow while hunting, it’s a must have quality.  Tightspot quiver consists two quality carbon rods with a hood and gripper. The hood keeps the arrow head inside it and the arrow gripper holds the arrows. The gripper can hold the arrows tightly which actually eliminate any chance of losing or dropping any arrow during intense movement.

The quiver is super quiet. It has quick draw system which allows you to take your second arrow fast and quiet from the quiver. You know, during a close-range hunting, this one is a pretty necessary feature.  

Tightspot quiver absorbs vibration after a release acting as a stabilizer which increase will increase your overall performance. 

It has amazing adjustability to balance your quiver with your bow. This one feature unique and you won’t get from Methews.

Tightspot arrow quiver is compatible with all types of bows. You don’t have to worry about the arrows also. It can hold most types of arrows. Tightspot comes with all the hardware to mount it on a bow.

Pros and Cons of The Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer:


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has unique adjustability to make your bow more balanced
  • Quick draw features keep arrows close to hand enables fast draw from the quiver
  • Quiet
  • Acts as a stabilizer by absorbing vibration Can hold any types of arrows
  • Compatible with most types of compound bows and recurve bows
  • Can be used with crossbows
  • Hold arrows tightly
  • It has no foam inside the hood where the arrow head stays. So, the tip doesn’t get dull.


  • It is sight mounted. Many hunters don’t like that
  • Little expansive
  • It doesn’t have any hanging loop or other thing to hang them on the tree stand

Why should you buy Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer?

This thing is for expert hunters who really don’t want to compromise their hunting performance for few extra bucks. And, if you love to keep your quiver attached to your bow during hunting then you can’t go for a cheap quiver without compromise your performance. It’s a hand down one of the top bow quivers that you can use in your hunting.

MATHEWS HD Quiver Lost XD 6 Arrow

Another great product from Methews. As we all know, Methews bows and other hunting products are always impressive and their quiver shouldn’t be any less. Methews HD quiver has some awesome features that makes it one of my most favorite compound bow quivers. Especially, if you are using a Methews Bow then you actually have no better choice other than a Methews quiver.

Methews quivers are the quietest quiver ever. They have added Harmonic Damping in both the body and the HD SpiderClaw which make it deadly silent. Even during a release, intense movement or drawing an arrow - it stays quiet.

Methews quiver can hold any types and lengths of arrows. It can be mount and adjust vertically to accommodate longer arrows. Also, it has detachable blade protector to safeguard broadheads.

Another thing that you may like, it has foam inside the arrow protector to fit expandable arrow broadhead and fixed blades.

Methews HD quiver can be easily detached from the mounting bracket and hang it on a tree stand. Unfortunately, like the Tightspot, it also doesn’t have any system for hanging. But you can easily make a loop with cords or something to hand it on a hook, if you want to.

It can hold 6 arrows at a time. It can grip arrows tightly so that they won’t move during intense movement.

It also very lightweight and compact. Comparing to many quivers including Tightspot, Methews quivers are smaller. Also, its camouflage design makes it visually more appealing.

Methews quiver mount on the riser which is a good thing to my opinion. All the required hardware for mounting it on the bows are included with the package.

Pros and Cons of The MATHEWS HD Quiver Lost XD 6 Arrow:


  • Quietest quiver ever
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • Can hold any types of arrows including fixed blade or mechanical broadhead
  • Can accommodate long arrows
  • It holds arrows firmly
  • Drawing arrows is very easy and smooth
  • Bow riser mount quiver


  • No adjustability
  • No hanging facility to hang it while on the tree stand

Why should you buy Tight Spot MATHEWS HD Quiver Lost XD 6 Arrow?

It’s an awesome quiver. I have said before, if you want the finest quiver regardless the price, then you have to choose either a Tightspot or a Methews. Both of them are almost equally great. However, in case you are using a Methew Bow then you should choose also Methews quiver. For other bows you can choose either.

As we have seen these two top bow quivers, let’s see some high-quality awesome quivers that you can get from much reasonable price-

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Camo

This marvelous arrow quiver is specially made for bow hunters by Trophy Ridge. Trophy Ridge, you must have known them, is doing awesome works in this field. They have provided us many nice products before, but this Lite-1 arrow quiver tops all other quivers, to my opinion. Yes, you can buy a more expensive one, but believe me, you won’t find a better one. Let’s see why!

First of all, Trophy Ridge Lite-1 is made with Ballistix Copolymer, a plastic substance which is extremely durable. And, this bow mounted quiver is compatible with any types of compound bows. Also, it fits most recurve bow it if has predrilled mounting hole. So, you don’t have to worry about whether this quiver suits your arrow or not. However, this quiver isn’t made for crossbows. But I know some people who are using it with their crossbows. They don’t have much complain about it. You can’t use it with long bows though! 

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 can hold 5 arrows at a time and these arrows can be of any types. It even has dual arrow grippers for fixed or mechanical broadheads. So, no worries about arrow types either.

It has another interesting feather which you might like. It has three bright green LED light on the top of the bead. They put this light for your convenience. You can use it as a flash light in the stand or as a trail light during night time hunting. These lights are run on batteries. If you don’t like them then you can just switch them off with an attached button on it hood.

Another thing is, it has no foam inside the arrow head protector. I think it’s a good thing, as my arrow tip stays sharp in it.

It has customizable mounting bracket fits the quiver higher or lower on the bow. When you lock your arrows in it, they stay tight. They don’t wiggle during any kind of movement.

The quiver also doesn’t vibrate much during a release. So, it’s very quiet. It has quick detached mechanism. You can remove your arrows easily and silently.

It has braided hanging rope for bow or detached quiver. You can easily detach the quiver and hook it on anything to your tree stand or other places.

Another thing that I must mention, this hunting quiver is also taken care of the right hand -left hand problem. Yes, it’s an ambidextrous quiver which is suitable both the right hand and lend hand bows.

Pros and Cons of Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black:


  • Suitable for most types of compound and recurve bows with predrilled mounting holes
  • Suitable for all types of arrows
  • Comes with full set of mounting hardware
  • It’s tremendously durable
  • Can withstand heavy usage in extreme weather condition
  • Quiet
  • Quick detached mechanism for the arrows
  • Price is remarkably reasonable
  • It has 3 bright battery run green LED light
  • Ambidextrous
  • Super light
  • It has braided hanging rope


  • This hunting quiver isn’t suitable for cross bows and long bows

Why should you buy Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black?

Did you see the long list of pros of this quiver? If yes, then you have already known. Let me make one thing clear, if you are looking for a bow mounted hunting quiver for your compound or recurve bow then you can easily consider buying this quiver. It’s an amazing hunting quiver, that you can get for an amazing price. 

G5 Outdoors 6-Arrow Head-Loc Quiver, Realtree

This quiver has some unique modern tech such as Head-Loc Rubber Compression Bracket system. Head-Loc quivers can reduce vibration as a rubber compression bracket keeps the quiver separates form the bows. So, this quiver doesn’t add any extra noise after a shot.

Its Exo-Flex Hood is also very quiet and lightweight. This thing has more vibration absorbing ability than a normal plastic. Also, this hood can fit with fixed blade and mechanical broad head easily. It can also fit most types of arrows. However, it’s more suitable for G5 broadheads.

There’s no foam inside the hood, only hard plastic, so it won’t dull your sharp arrow head.  

As this quiver has double power grip spreaders, it can hold arrows tightly. So, there will be no rattling to bug you off. G5 quivers sits very closer to the bow ensures higher balance as well.

This quiver comes with adjustable mounts for customizable fit and tree mounting bracket to hang it on. The camo look is also amazing. So, in short, it’s a wonderful quiver with such a great price.

Pros and Cons of G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver:


  • Very quiet as it has quiet Exo-flex Hood
  • Head-loc rubber keeps the quiver separated from bow results less noise
  • Can hold most types of broadheads easily
  • Provides extremely tight grip for arrows. So, no rattling!
  • Comes with adjustable mounts and tree mounting brackets
  • Great price
  • It can hold 6 arrows at a time
  • No foam!


  • Fitting extra-large head might be a problem
  • Putting in and out of arrows is little difficult

Why should you buy G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver?

Why not? It’s cheap but has great features like Head-Loc technology, Exo-flex hood, power grip double spreader etc. If you want a low-priced quality hunting quiver then you can select this one.

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver

It’s another Trophy Ridge made hunting quiver that can hold 5 arrows at a time. Like the previous arrow quiver, it’s also a gear quiver but with less price. It’s doesn’t have the LED light feature though!

Hunters can easily separate this quiver from their bow, with the help of its quick detach mounting bracket. 

This quiver also has braided hanging loop to hang it on the tree stand. So, it’s designed mainly for the hunters who are actually hunt from the stands. And, who actually doesn’t like to keep their quiver on the bow while shooting.  So, it’s a great quiver for them.

Like the Lite-1, it also has adjustable dual arrow grippers that enables it to hold arrows with different lengths securely.  

This quiver is very lightweight (9.1 oz). So, you can also use it on the bow as well during hunting. It won’t affect your performance. Also, it has no foam inside the hood, so the broadhead stays sharp.

Pros and Cons of Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver:


  • Lightweight
  • Very quiet
  • Easily detachable from the bow with the quick detach mounting bracket
  • Easy installation
  • Has hanging loop
  • It has Soft-Touch hood that eliminates noise
  • It is suitable for most kind of bows including recurve if it has mounting holesIt’s universal, means it suits both the right-hand and left-hand hunters
  • With the adjustable gripper you can keep different length arrows
  • Cheap quiver


  • Not very durable

Why should you buy Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver?

It’s a nice quiver. If you want a quiver to keep your arrows secure and keep it on the tree stand during hunting then, you can definitely buy this one. Also, it’s pretty cheap.

Kwikee Kwiver Kwik 3 SS 3 Arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting - Quick Detach, Lightweight, Quiet Shooting, Black

Kwikee is an old famous brand. Their quivers are very popular among the hunters for its cheap price and awesome quality.

The Kwik 3 SS 3 is very lightweight, only 5.6 oz. This 12-inch-long quiver is made with shatterproof polymer which can withstand heavy usage in the extreme weather. It has quick-detach system. So, you can easily detach your quiver from your bows whenever you want.

For its dual Arctic II rubber grippers, arrows stay secure on the quiver. It has Ultra-Lock bracket system to reduce noise by eliminating vibration. So, this quiver is very quiet.

This quiver is very broadhead friendly. The hood doesn’t have any types of foam. Rather, its rubber-lined head cover prevents dulling and removes potential premature opening of expandable broadheads in the quiver.

Pros and Cons of Kwik 3 SS - 3 Arrow Bow Quiver:


  • It can hold any length arrows
  • Broadhead friendly design
  • Quiet
  • Arrows stays secure for its dual grippers
  • It’s very light and tiny
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Keeping fixed blade broadhead in it is difficult
  • It can only hold 3 arrows
  • Grippers aren’t adjustable

Why should you buy Kwik 3 SS - 3 Arrow Bow Quiver?

It’s definitely a nice quiver to carry your arrows on your bow. If you don’t want to keep your quiver on your bow and just hang it on a tree stand during a hunt then you can definitely go for this cheap quiver. It’s very tiny and light weight. So, you can also consider it if you want to keep it on your bow during a hunt as well. But I would recommend you to spend some extra bucks to buy a better one for that.

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver

Well, another Trophy Ridge quiver! As I’ve already covered all the good things about Trophy Ridge before, I’m not going to repeat all that again.

This great compound bow quiver has built-in green LED lights to illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light. So, you can select your arrows knowingly even in the dark.

The adjustable mounting system makes it very user-friendly. You can keep your quiver as close to your bow as you want. This feature also makes it more suitable for limb-driven arrow rests.

 The fast and effortless mounting and detaching system is also very quiet.

The unique design of the soft-tough hood eliminates any extra vibration or rattling sound during a release or intense movement. It can hold arrows securely reduces any chance to lose your arrows in the woods during hunting.

Pros and Cons of Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver:


  • LED light to illuminate arrows and surroundings which makes it extremely useful for night-time hunting
  • Adjustable mounting system
  • Fast and quiet attach and detach system
  • No rattling or extra noise
  • Strong built to withstand heavy uses in extreme weather condition
  • Comes with a hanging rope


  • Heavy. Not very suitable for shooting while keeping it on the bow!

Why should you buy Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver?

It’s a nice quiver. The quality is awesome like any other Trophy Ridge products. But this quiver is mostly suitable for those who are planning to use it in low light condition like hunting in the night. 

Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver, Lost Camo

If you have it, you may feel the essence of a scientific movie. It happens because it has got a dashing look like an experimental arm for your bow. The most important fact is that you can clamp it up with your bow. In this way, your bow will get more perfection in the shooting.

It gets the position in the center gravity of the bow, and the fast shooting lever allows you to release the arrows quickly. You will find the thumb tab gripper with it. Using this thumb tab gripper, you can hold the quiver with the bow and make a perfect combination.

At the top of this arrow quiver, you can find a state bracket has included. It ensures the proper storing of your arrows in the quiver. Besides, it also reduces the vibration of the bow while shooting.  It is quite light, and you will not find any pressure to carry it.

Pros and Cons of Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver:


  • It has mounted at the back of the bow
  • You can adjust it according to your needs
  • It is excellent and light-weighted
  • You can carry it quickly towards the shooting places
  • It has got a state bracket to fit arrows perfectly
  • The manufacturer has designed it as an ambidextrous compatible quiver
  • It can reduce vibration.


  • It has got a low storing capacity
  • You may face hardship in repairing this quiver

Why should you buy Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver?

As a renowned brand of making archery related accessories, the manufacturer has provided a lot of features within a single quiver. You can get the best value for your money from this quiver.

Perfect Hunt 5 Arrow Quick Detach Archery Bow Quiver

Like the name suggests, this could be a perfect quiver for your compound and even crossbows. You will be amazed with its light weight, simplicity and solid feature. The mounting system is incredibly easy with an anti-rattle quick detach mount which come with this quiver along with screws and Allen wrench.

It can hold 5 arrows tightly so there’ll be no rattling sound when you carry your bow. It’s made with durable plastic to withstand heavy usages.

It doesn’t have foam inside the hood. So, no worries about the tip of your arrows. Also, this quiver can hold most types of arrows which is also a nice feature to have!

Finally, this bow quiver is unbelievably cheap for its great features and quality. 

Pros and Cons of Perfect Hunt 5 Arrow Quick Detach Archery Bow Quiver:


  • Suitable for most of the popular compound bows and crossbows
  • Quickly detachable with clips from the bracket
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Installation process is very easy
  • It comes with machine screws and Allen wrench
  • It has anti-rattling mount for quietness
  • Cheap


  • Without the quiver on, the bracket makes some noise during a release

Why should you buy Perfect Hunt 5 Arrow Quick Detach Archery Bow Quiver?

For its price. It is a great bow quiver with quality. And, believe me, you can’t get a better one from this amazing price range. This one is actually the best quiver with the cheapest price. So, you obviously consider this quiver if you have a budget constraint.

SAS 5-Arrow Archery Bow Compact Hunting Quiver Quick Lock Mounting

Another cheap but awesome bow quiver. This quiver is especially suitable for hunting. But, it’s also great for target shooting. It has all the good features a bow quiver should have like light weight, durability and easy installations. It can hold arrows snuggly and securely. So, there’ll be no rattling noise when you move or shoot.

In addition to these, it comes with a backup mounting brackets. Which is a good thing. If you somehow break or waste the first one, then you can use the backup mount.

Unfortunately, there will be no installation manual with the quiver. So, you may face little difficulties in the beginning. But if you install the brackets first then the installation process will become clear to you.

Its rubble made inserts to keep the broadhead sharp. Yes, this quiver can hold broadheads! And, also most other types of arrows i.e. carbon, alluminium or mechanical arrows.      

Pros and Cons of SAS 5-Arrow Archery Bow Compact Hunting Quiver:


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight and compact
  • You may shoot while keeping it on the bow
  • Comes with backup mounts
  • It can hold most types of arrows
  • It’s very quiet


  • Installation process could be little confusing as it doesn’t come with any instruction

Why should you buy SAS 5-Arrow Archery Bow Compact Hunting Quiver?

Again, the price is really really amazing for such a great quiver. This quiver is perfect for hunting. Unlike an expensive quiver, you can use this quiver roughly without worrying much about it. If you are looking for a good quiver with great value you can try this one.

Buying Guide : How to Buy a Perfect Bow Quiver for You

buying guide: how to buy the best bow quiver for you

Now, it is time to disclose all the key features which are so essential to consider before buying a bow quiver. You know, variety does not guaranty the quality. While you are searching for a quiver, then you can find lots of products are available in the market. The manufacturers vary with their offers. You can spend money, but how can you be sure to find the right one to fulfill your needs. Obviously, without a proper guideline, your cash can go wasted. So, we are here to resolve this issue for you. After an extensive, we have found some key features to select the greatest bow quiver. You just go for these features, and we can assure you will get the best value for money.

Type of your bow

First of all, you must make it sure that the quiver is compatible with your bow. The size, shape and mounting type of the quiver is crucial. Otherwise, no matter how expensive quiver you buy it won’t provide you any value. So, be careful about that while buying one.

Arrow type and size

You must know the type and size of arrows you are going to use your hunting expedition. Not all types of arrows are suitable for all types of quivers. Well, some of top quivers can hold all most any types of arrows, but not all of them can. So, be aware whether your quiver could hold the arrow of your choice.


 It’s another crucial factor that you should always consider while buying a bow quiver, especially if you are a hunter. Some low-cost quivers are very noisy as they can’t hold arrows snuggly or mount a bow steadily. So, they make rattling sound during intense movement which is a big no no for a proper hunting.  

Mounting type

Some quivers mount on the bow site and some mount on bow raiser or limbs. And, you may not like the both mounting types. So, select wisely.


The lightest quiver is the best quiver. So, keep that in your mind when you buy a bow quiver.

Storage Capacity and holders

You must consider the storage capacity of your quiver and also the holding clips. In case of capacity, as you already know, most bow quivers can hold not more than six arrows at a time. But, from three to six, you have to choose!


In case of material, fist thing you should consider whether the quiver has or has not foam inside the hood, where the arrow tips rests. Some like foam in there, but most doesn’t as it could harm the sharpness of your arrow tip. So, careful about that too!

Hunting is an outdoor sport. It would involve extreme weather condition like snowing, raining, sun etc. So, your bow quiver should withstand these types of scenario.


The finest arrow quiver must be ambidextrous. A renowned brand always designs a quiver in a way as it becomes suitable for both rights and left-hander archers. Every brand does not include this design. So, be sure about this before buying a quiver.


As always, you should consider the cost of the quiver. The features must justify the amount that the manufacturer has offered. On the other hand, you should match your budget with a price. For the apparent reason, the price should be affordable for you. But it also a fact is that the top arrow quiver can come with a little high price. 


What is a bow quiver?

A bow quiver is a bow mounted quiver for storing arrows. Bow quivers are modern version of traditional back or hip quivers. They are mostly popular among bow hunters who use compound bows for their hunting.

Why bow quivers are better than traditional quivers?

Actually, both type of quiver has their own merits and demerits. Bow quiver keeps the arrows safer and steadier than traditional quivers. So, the arrows don’t rattle during movement or fall off from the quiver. Also, as it doesn’t have any direct contact with the user’s body, it doesn’t hinder any type of body movement during hunting.

Does the bow quiver have any impact on performance?

A high quality bow quiver can make your bow more balanced and stabilized. Hence, it can contribute to your performance positively. On the other hand, a low-quality bow quiver can do the opposite. So, you should peek wisely.   

Final Verdict

Now it’s time for the final verdict as we have already discussed about the top bow quivers of different brands.

As, I’ve previously mentioned, in the case of “the overall best bow quiver” for professional hunting with compound bows, I would recommend you to either go for Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer or MATHEWS HD Quiver Lost XD 6 ArrowThough they are expensive, they will give you top quality.

However, if you are looking for a bow quiver which is cheap but great, then Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Black should be your ultimate choice. You will get superb service with a very reasonable price.

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