Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

Running into the wild with heavyweight arms is certainly one of the most adventurous experiences ever. But at the same time, it can drain your energy in the longer run.

As a solution to this, most of the hunters choose elevated standing positions. They spend hours and days at such a place.

However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand and most hunters are not even aware of them. But we want you to know all about what you’re doing. 

So, let’s start off with all the varieties of elevator stands that most professional hunters consider-

Varieties of Elevated Stands

If you’re new to the hunting world, an elevated stand refers to a standing place that can be set temporarily on a high ground or above the ground. Most hunters with bows and arrows prefer an elevated stand.

There are varieties of elevated stands in the market that can make you go all confused. Let’s check those options out so that you can choose on your own later on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

Hunting from a tree stand

Tree Stand

The tree stand is just what it sounds to you. It’s a stand secured to trees at an elevated height to help you have a better view and target. Tree stands are meant for deer hunting and that is why it’s also named as deer stand.

There are several types of tree stands too. Manufacturers categorized the tree stands too according to the purpose of their use. Let’s check them out-

A. Climbing Stand

A climbing stand is basically a hunting stand with two parts. One part is for you to stand on and another part is for you to seat.

Both of the parts are connected to a strap. If the bottom part of the stand falls, the platform stays with the rest of the stand instead of falling on the ground.

The whole stand is quite compatible and lightweight. You can pack it up easily on your hunting hours without an issue.

However, you should be aware of where you’ll be using this because there are a few specific trees that you can use them on. The most preferable trees for climbing stands are the tall ones without excessive branches and two trunks.

B. Ladder Stand

Seat, platform, and a ladder to climb; that’s what a ladder stand has. It’s more of a permanent solution because it’s a large thing to move around within the woods.

However, it’s way more stable than any other tree stands and quite easy to use. You can use it with another hunting partner too if needed.

C. Hanging Stand

Hanging stands and ladder stands are quite similar except for the ladder. You can either use a chain or a cable to connect the stand to a tree.

You will need to use a ladder separately to climb on the stand. They also use screw-in steps to get up the tree without an issue.

Tripod Box Stand

It’s a box one a tripod; yes that’s exactly what it is. Box stands have an enclosed platform making them look like a shed on a tripod stand.

The stands are generally made out of plywood walls and floors of metal or wood. You can make the tripods as high as you need and you will need to use steps or ladders to get in the box stand.

This type of stands are placed at the edge of your field. The box stand will save you from bad weather and keeps you safe from outside dangers most of the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hunting from an Elevated Stand
Well, don’t take the elevated stand for granted yet. They do have certain disadvantages as well as advantages and new hunters are often not aware of those.

We’ve sorted them into certain short points for you, let’s check them out.

Advantages of elevated stand

Extended vision to spot your target faster

Advantages of Elevated Stand

  • The best advantage of hunting from an elevated stand is it will offer you an extended vision to spot your target faster. 
  • Keeps you safer from any unwanted predators. 
  • More time to get the best shot with the wide view.
  • The height makes it tough for the animals to detect the hunter’s scent and movement.
  • Makes you more visible to other hunters. So, there’s no chance of you getting shot by another hunter. 
  • You get a great support of backstop for bullets or arrows. It’s because you’re shooting downward. 
  • Box stand will protect you from extreme weather. 
  • Provides a safer place for your hunting gears. 

Disadvantages of Elevated Stand

  • You should keep in your mind that most hunting accidents are associated with elevated tree stands. Climbing up and down could a risky business. There's a high risk of falling especially during extreme cold and/or raining due to slippery ladder steps. 
  • Some (tree) stands can be tough to carry around on your hunting adventures due to their heavy weight.
  • Most of the stands (except the box stand) are not protected from wind or cold. Also, even a box stand isn’t very suitable for a long stay during extreme cold weather. 
  • You get only a small amount of space for your movement. These could be a problem for taking a clear shot as you won’t be able to adjust your position. 
  • You cannot run after your prey if needed. 
  • Sitting on a stand for a long period could be uncomfortable as it will not allow you much movement to ease your body. 
  • You’ll need to spend a good amount of money for your stands and associated safety accessories. 
Disadvantage of an elevated stand

Climbing up to an elevated stand could be risky

Hunt Safely From an Elevated Stand

Your safety is the most major concern when you’re hunting on an elevated stand. It is without a doubt risky.

So, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for your safety when you’re on the hunt.

  • Double-check your elevated stand to make sure it’s strong enough to keep you safe. 
  • Avoid using the elevated stand after daylight.
  • Make sure that your stand and the tree that you’re using are compatible. 
  • Get rid of any branches that might become an issue for you in the future. 
  • Always keep your safety gear on yourself.
  • Carry your first aid kit with you all the time.
  • No matter how much you need to hit your target, always keep in mind you shouldn’t take a risky shot that might cost you your safety. 
Adequate safety precaution is important for hunting from an elevated stand

Adequate safety precaution is important

Hunting From an Elevated Stand: Precautions 

Before you even begin with the hunting, there are some things that you need to be cautious about-

  • Always remain cautious. Your carelessness can cost you serious injuries, even your life. 
  • Never miss to wear full body safety harness. 
  • Choose your stand carefully. Setting an elevated stand can be difficult and time-consuming most of the time.
  • Pack or wear the right clothes according to the weather. 
  • Always follow the three points of contact rule while climbing in and in of an elevated stand.
  • Never hurry while climbing. 
  • Always use a haul line for lifting hunting gun and gears. 


Advantages and disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand shouldn’t be the major concern of yours. Your safety on an elevated stand should be the major concern.

However, if you stay cautious enough on the hunt, you’ll surely return home safe and with your pray. Let’s hunt, shall we?

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