Hi, all. Welcome to our site www.huntersweaponry.com. This website is all about hunting – hunting tips, hunting guides and hunting resources.

Also, we publish authentic reviews on different hunting gears. The objective is to help you to find the best hunting gears available.


To find the best product we took help from professional hunters. Our procedure of reviewing is simple –

At first, we select a hunting gear to identify the best of its kind. Then we conduct a detailed online research on that product to select top brands available in the market.

For each product we categorize the key factors that actually determine the quality of the product. For that, we talked with hunters to know which factors they actually prefer in a certain product.

After that we buy those products for detail analysis.

Those selected products are then used in real hunting out by real hunters. These hunters volunteer in our review program. Later, based on some specific queries the hunters provide us feedbacks.

Based on their educated pointers we rate each quality factors for each product. And, finalize the overall rating of a product.

What our review contains?

Unlike many review sites we provide a detailed rating on quality factors. This analytical review helps our reader to understand which factors they should concern about before buying a particular product.

Our review articles contain detail and specific product features and also authentic associated pros and cons of each product. We try to cover not only the features but also their usefulness in detail.

When we finally recommend a product as the best one our readers will clearly understand why we recommend. We make our pick based on logic, analysis and pure holistic manner.

We always encourage our readers to provide their valuable opinions on our published articles. Your active participation will help us to review more products.

Happy, hunting!